Top 5 hair care products for happy, healthy hair

7 Jun 2013

A picture of my Top 5 Hair Care Products for Happy, Healthy Hair

Sometimes I can be really into my hair care products and looking after my hair, using different styling tools and attempting different looks and sometimes I can be the opposite. I think hair care is definitely something I flit in and out of love with, but since around the middle of April I have just been absolutely besotted with the hair care products in my life and as a result my hair has been much happier and healthier, making me feel happier and more confident too! Today I am going to be sharing with you five products which make looking after my hair and keeping it in tip top condition easy as pie. These are all products you use after washing, but don't worry, I have a few posts coming up with some products which have massively helped my hair get into the lovely condition it is now in through washing. So keep an eye out for a few more hair based reviews. Today's post is also in collaboration with another beauty blogger, Shona from Freshbeautyxox. I asked on Twitter this morning what kind of review people would like to see today and Shona asked for a hair care review. I then suggested Shona do a Top 5 hair care products video on her new YouTube channel. You can watch Shona's video here. As I said I will be sharing five products with you today and these are the five products I reach for every single day. Do I use them all on one day? Yes, sometimes I do. Sometimes I will just use two or three. But mostly, I use all five. Each has a different benefit and each produces different results. This is going to be a long one, so I suggest you grab yourself a cup of tea and a cheeky piece of cake and settle down for my hair 101...

The first product I reach for when I come out of the shower is the Ojon Revitalising Mist*. This is a fairly recent addition to my hair care collection and one I have been loving. Like the Ojon Rare Blend Oil, this is a product which has two phases and you shake it together really well before use, ensuring it's all mixed together really well, before spraying throughout your hair. This beauty is just wonderful and was actually made with Ojons' customers and wishes for the product to be available. A lightweight spray, with an easy to use spray pump that doesn't get clogged, blocked or sticky, it works to detangle your hair - perfect for straight out of the shower, tames flyaway hairs, re-hydrates and revitalizes  It's a leave in product, as are all the products I am sharing with you today. Ojon is a brand with a high-end price and an alternative to this is the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner, which would do much of the same as the Ojon Revitalizing Mist and retails for just £4.99 compared to the Ojon Revitalizing Mist which retails for £20. It's a great, high-street alternative although it is worth noting the Aussie one does leave a crispy 'I have product in my hair' feel whereas the Ojon one doesn't. I also find the Ojon one does more to keep my hair healthy for longer, compared to the Aussie one which is more of a quick fix on the day product. For me, the Ojon Revitalizing Mist definitely wins. You can pick it up on the Ojon website (there's a great offer on the Ojon website today - make any purchase above £15 and you receive a free mini Ojon Rare Blend Oil with purchase!) 

A picture of the Lee Stafford Split Ends Serum

The next product I reach for is the MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream. This product is such an absolute marvel product and it's one I use everyday without fail. I have had this for absolutely ages and it just never seems to run out, I still have well over half left and I must have been using this everyday for at least six months now. This just leaves my hair feeling so much stronger, makes both blow drying and straightening so much easier and also leaves an incredibly soft feeling to my hair. It doesn't make my hair greasy and it feels weightless and just utterly lovely in my hair. I use just less than one pump and it's more than enough for all of my hair. If you try just one product from MoroccanOil, this is the product you should try. It's incredible. You can find the MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream on the Feel Unique website for £22.85 with free delivery. A high-street alternative to this is a fab little product from L'Oreal and that is the Studio Line Silk and Gloss Hot Straight Cream. Although designed to do different things - MorocccanOil concentrates on really nourishing and hydrating your hair and keeping it in a healthy condition easy for styling, whereas the L'Oreal product is designed as a straightening cream, both of these can be used in the same way. Apply a moderate amount throughout your hair when damp and you're ready to go. The L'Oreal one (which I used for years and years and years through my teens, a classic favourite) is just £3.56 on the Boots website

If I have used a detoxifying or cleansing shampoo whilst washing, the next product I reach for is another one by Ojon and that is a firm favourite of mine, the Ojon Rare Blend Oil. This is such a cult product in the beauty World and I really do think it's deserving of the hype and rave reviews. This is probably my favourite hair oil, and I have a fair few. It's light, feels absolutely weightless on my hair and doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy with product or leave any greasy residue. It's just the perfect oil and one which has worked wonders for my hair. I thought I would use this up so quickly but it's actually lasting a pretty long time and I am impressed, as it has a price tag which could have made this a pricey favourite if it disappeared quickly. After shaking the bottle well to make sure all the oils are blended together properly, I apply a teeny tiny amount to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair, usually when my hair is damp if I am going to blow dry straight after, or sometimes I will apply this the same way, with a little less product, when my hair is dry. It's not a purse-friendly product, costing £29 on the Ojon website, but it's such a beautiful oil, the quality and benefits are clear and one which is deserving of it's high end price tag. An alternative oil to this which I adore is a very purse-friendly oil from Organix, the Organix Hydrating Oil. This is such a lovely oil but it can have a heavier feeling on my hair and it's easy to apply too much as it's a fairly thick oil in comparison to the Ojon Rare Blend Oil. Less is more, and I would only recommend applying the Organix oil to damp hair before styling. The Organix Hydrating Oil can be found on the Boots website for £6.99.

A picture of the MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream

Products I use to finish off my hair care routine come in two completely different forms; a serum and a hairspray. Both new additions to my hair care collection, I reach for these every single day. The Lee Stafford Split Ends Serum* was kindly donated to the #NottsBBMeet goody bags and I have used it every day since. A thick, almost transparent serum, I take one small pump of this (around a pea sized amount) before rubbing it between my fingers and then applying to the ends of my hair. It's perfect for dry, over-processed or damaged hair but I also find it an absolute dream with my hair which is in pretty good nick, fine and thankfully, not dry or damaged. I just feel like this really adds a lovely smooth finish to my ends which of course makes straightening dreamy and it prevents flyaways throughout the day too. Perfect. It's a fairly priced £9.99 and you can find it on the Boots website here. An alternative to this is the TRESeme Split Redemedy Sealing Serum which is almost half the price at £5.69 and available on the Boots website.

Last but not least! Every girl needs a decent hair spray in their life and I don't know about you, but I got pretty fed up of hair sprays which boosted fab results when in reality, they just turned my hair rock solid and make it impossible to style, forcing me to duck my head over the bath and shampoo that crispy hair spray straight back out! This is the complete opposite of those fail hair sprays and it's from a brand you will all of heard of, Macadamia. New from Macadamia, the Control hair spray* has become the only finishing, holding spray I reach for. I can use this in so many ways. When back-combing for volume, when my hair is up or simply all over to finish a sleek look. It has a medium to long-lasting hold although I would say medium is a better description. This isn't the kind of spray which will be heavy on your hair, leave your hair crispy and hard nor will it completely keep your hair in place all day long. What it will do is give you the control to style your hair how you like, keep it in place and keep those flyaway hairs at bay. More for everyday use than 'off on the town', this is perfect for me as it does what I need on a day-to-day basis. It's a little bit pricey for a hair spray at £17.45 and you can find it on the Macadamia website. A more purse-friendly alternative is the classic L'Oreal Elnett Satin Unfragranced Extra Strength Hairspray which you can pick up in Boots or online for just £4.

So those are my top five 'after washing' hair care products for happy, healthy hair. What are yours? I'd love any product recommendations as I recently had a pretty big chop and now have shorter hair! Don't forget to watch Shona's Top 5 Hair Care Products YouTube video too!

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