The night I went to the Big Brother launch

24 Jun 2013

Apologies for the blurry photo but yay! I'm in a diary room chair! 

On Thursday June 13th I was given an opportunity which made me squeal in delight. Big Brother, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I adore it, and I indulge in both the summer Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. For someone like me who studies psychology, a show like Big Brother is exciting, interesting. I love people watching and Big Brother makes people watching a piece of pie! I love watching people's mannerisms, body language and behaviours. I like noticing when someone is about to break, the way you can sense and read people's emotions no matter how quickly they change, the way personalities, friendships and romances develop. I love it! So imagine how utterly gobsmacked, grateful and excited I was to be given two VIP guest passes to the Big Brother launch. I've watched Big Brother from the very beginning, I've wanted to be on Big Brother for as long as I can remember and I've always wanted to go and be a part of the audience. My biggest dilemma? Not the fact I 'might' end up on TV, or the fact I would be on a live set. Nope, my biggest worry was what to wear. I went on the hunt for the perfect fashion inspired outfit... unfortunately it didn't arrive in time so I was left lumbered with an old ruffled navy blue dress from the back of my wardrobe! But at least that was the outfit sorted. So on Thursday 13th of June, me and Hayley from Wife Life xo began on our road trip to Borehamwood where the Big Brother set is over at Elstree Studios and had a night I definitely won't be forgetting any time soon...

When we arrived, at 7pm prompt (how we got there on time and managed to have a Nando's before hand, I don't know!) and were greeted with champagne and a room full of diary room chairs and canapes. It was all a bit ohh laa laa. Me and Hayley were a bit hot and bothered from our road trip so we spent most of the time outside speaking to a lovely security guy who works on the Big Brother set. We got to ask what his best memories from working on Big Brother were all whilst spying a few ex housemates that walked by. Before the show went live we were all escorted round to the set - it's so much smaller than I imagined, looking much bigger on TV. The main crowd and audience were down by the cat walk, where Emma was presenting, and we were all in stands by the stairs which lead into the house. We were so close to everything, it was just really exciting! I even danced and sang along to the music they played between breaks and took part in the audience games before we went live, I was just really enjoying being there and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation. 

Emma Willis did an amazing job. For her first year presenting the main Big Brother show opposed to her usual presenting job over on Big Brothers Little Brother, she was obviously nervous but she did a fantastic job. Also, can I just say, Emma looked absolutely phenomenal on the night. She was wearing the most gorgeous navy blue dress which hung to her pretty darn perfect figure perfectly and looked a million dollars. She's also really funny and despite the evident nerves at taking on such a role, she was wonderful. I know for long-time Big Brother fans, Davina will always be the mother of the house but I'm happy to see Emma presenting this year, I think she's done a fab job so far!
A picture of the Big Brother eye

I actually saw some photos of the house a few days before the launch night and I tweeted about how excited I was about the new house design, look and layout. I think of all the houses we have had so far, this has got to be my favourite. It has an old, rustic yet completely cosy feel to it. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out the whole house has been kitted out by Very. I didn't realise Very did anything other than clothes, but nope, everything in the house is from Very! There's an awesome page on the website actually which is dedicated to the Big Brother house and you can search each of the rooms, each of the items in each room, and find out exactly what they are, how much they cost and buy them yourselves! I love how the page lets you navigate from room to room, it's actually quite fun if you want to check it out on the Very Big Brother page.

So far my favourite house mates are Wolfy and Sophie, although Sophie has been a bit quieter than I expected her to be. I think Wolfy seems to be exactly the sort of person I could happily sit in a beer garden with. I was a bit gutted to see Sallie go at the first eviction, as I loved her attitude and zesty personality. I'd love to know who your favourite house mates are and what you think to the new house, the series so far and whether you have a favourite to win! I've been watching the show each night over on Channel 5 and of course, I've been checking the Channel 5 Big Brother website and official Big Brother Twitter @BBUK for all the latest news from the house! Also, if you fancy a chance at being in the audience yourself you can enter for eviction night audience passes on the this website.

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*I was kindly asked to go along to the Big Brother launch as a VIP guest on behalf of Very.