Products Not Worth the Hype # 1

8 Jun 2013

A picture of beauty products not worth the hype

I read a lot of blogs. In fact, blogs and YouTube are pretty much the only places I turn to for reviews. I hardly ever buy magazines, and if I do it's usually for the freebie. I don't even browse magazine websites, I find them all a little bit too cluttered. No, if I want a review of a product I turn to blogs, YouTube and Twitter. If there's a product I've spied which has caught my interest and I want to give it a go, I will read review, after review, after review. So I put a lot of time and effort into researching products before parting with my pennies, hoping that it'll all pay off leaving me with a product I adore and couldn't live without. Usually, that would be the case. But sometimes I pick up a product, give it a try and really regret buying it. So when I recently asked on Twitter whether anyone would be interested in a 'Products I regret buying' post and a lot of you said yes you would, I thought it'd be the perfect time to tell you about a few products I've been disappointed in, which haven't worked for me and I regret buying. Please remember that every product, whether makeup, skincare, hair care or body care, will work differently from individual to individual. If there's a product here which you love and I didn't get on with, that's fine. Everyone is different and these are just the products which didn't work for me.

Let's start with my most recent regretful purchase. OK, hands up. How many of you have lusted after Essie Mint Candy Apple because of the blogger hype? And hands up those of you who have caved and bought it? Now hands up those of you who didn't like it.... Oh, only me then? Essie Mint Candy Apple was on my radar for months and months, actually probably well over a year. I finally decided to pick it up a few weeks back after finally finding it in stock in Boots. Usually it's completely sold out and it says something about the popularity of the shade when it takes you a year to find it. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited to pop this on my nails, but that excitement didn't last long. The shade itself seems slightly paler than others I have seen in reviews, looking more like a pale mint blue than a mint green, and the way it applies is really not very good; streaky, an effort to apply, a good opaque colour but thick. It also chipped within two days! Usually I can wear a polish for ten days easily with no chipping and no problems. No, I am afraid Essie Mint Candy Apple is just not the one for me. (Boots, £7.99) 

A picture of beauty products not worth the hype

If you've read my blog for a while you'll already know that I am not a fan of the Nuxe Reve De Miel. I tried, I really did. I kept persevering with it and trying to make it work but I just can't. I think it's just really not very nice if I am honest. The scent isn't a pleasant scent for me, similar to that of Terry's Chocolate Orange. The consistency isn't much better and it doesn't do anything for my lips. This is being passed on to my best friend and fellow blogger, Hayley from Wife Life Beauty xo, as she actually loves the stuff! But it's just not for me. You can find out more about why this holy grail lip balm isn't to my fancy in my full post 'Nuxe Reve De Miel - Worth the hype?'. (Feel Unique, £9.50) Another product I will be passing on to Hayley is one which actually took me a while to realise just how very much I disliked it. The MUA Professional Eye Primer is often compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion and some claim it is just as good, if not better. In fact even I did a comparison post between the two and found little difference but overall I felt the Urban Decay Primer Potion was better. You can read that comparison post here. The more I used this eye primer the more I noticed things I disliked about it. It has a very thin, liquid consistency which just makes my eye lids feel greasy and the product feels heavy on the lid too. It doesn't do a whole lot to keep eyeshadow in place during the colder months of Autumn and Winter but in the warmer months of Spring and Summer it's just absolutely pointless. I won't be repurchasing this and I'll definitely be sticking to my old faithful, the Urban Decay Primer Potion. (Superdrug, £2.50)

If there's one product I hoped for a little bit more from it's the Sleek Contour Kit, but even that has been a huge disappointment. This is another product that I spent months and months thinking about getting, but it was never in stock when I was near a Sleek counter. I finally found one in a local independent beauty shop in my local town and was so excited to try it. I have enough contouring and highlighting products, so this wasn't a necessity purchase, but I thought having both a contour and highlight in the same palette would be much more travel friendly and great for on the go, just shove it in my bag and I'm set for the day. Much easier than carting around several products when it's all in this snazzy little Sleek Contour Kit. Except it's really quite horrendous. Horrendous is probably a harsh way of describing it, actually, as the highlight shade is actually pretty nice and it's subtle, with a lovely finish but can also be built up for more impact. No, it's the contour shade I'm not happy with. It's like dirt, dry mud, a horrid dark muddy shade that is just impossible to blend. They say less is more, well with this particular product I'd rather have none. I'll stick to my old faithfuls for contouring from now on. (Superdrug, £6.49)

A picture of beauty products not worth the hype

Bourjois are kicking up a storm with their newest releases and I am a huge fan of their cream blush range which I will be sharing my thoughts on in a review soon. When their new bronzing range was released a few weeks back I was super excited, I'd already see event and product reviews and one product in particular caught my eye - the Bourjois Bronzing Primer. People have compared this to the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, some say it's better, some say it's a more appropriate everyday product because of the more purse-friendly high-street price for the Bourjois one. I thought I'd love it, I hate it. I am pretty olive skinned, with a natural colour to my skin as I have a Mediterranean background. The Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, which I recently picked up and will be sharing my thoughts on soon, is so, so different to the Bourjois Bronzing Primer. The Bourjois Bronzing Primer is so, so creamy, it's far too soft and far too light. I go to pick up the slightest amount and half of it follows with it, hanging off of my brush in one big gloopy clump. It also has the worst orange tones to it I have seen in any bronzer, cream, mousse or powder, in a long, long time. I find it wet, heavy and greasy on my skin and I am just not a fan at all. A waste of money for me with this one! (Boots, £6.99) Another lip product I regret buying is one that I technically didn't buy, but which came with one of my old SheSaidBeauty boxes early last year (Yup, it's old, it's being chucked out after this post...) A Figs & Rouge Peppermint & Tea Tree Lip Balm, I love the scent but hate how it feels on my lips. Wet, greasy and slimey, that's what this feels like. And it doesn't even do anything to benefit my lips, either. Unfortunately I have a couple of these in different scents after lots of beauty boxes featured them. I don't like a single one enough to use them. (Boots, £4.99)

A product which I am disappointment didn't work for me is the Benefit Sugarbomb boxed blusher. I really like the Benefit boxed blushes, I find a lot of the shades really lovely and if I could afford it I'd probably have a few more in my collection despite this one not really working out. I liked the look of Sugarbomb because it has a combination of shades and when swatched with my finger the shade they created when blended together is just beautiful, like a subtle rose gold highlight. But this just doesn't translate onto my skin. When I've applied this blusher I may as well have not bothered, as it doesn't leave even the tiniest bit of colour on my skin. The pigmentation just doesn't translate and the blusher itself feels almost like finely milled glitter. A product I was disappointed to see it didn't live up to my expectations. (Boots, £23.50) The final product I regret buying is one from Stila. I don't have a lot of products from Stila and I actually picked this up from a blog sale where I think it cost me around £5. This is the Stila Custom Colour Blush and it claims to be a perceptive shade which when applied to your skin, turns the perfect shade of pink. What a load of rubbish. Don't get me wrong, the shade is OK if not a bit bubblegum pink, but it doesn't change or alter when on my skin nor is it the easiest shade of pink to work with. At least I got it in a blog sale and didn't pay the full price ey. (Boots, £13)

A picture of beauty products not worth the hype

So those are eight products I regret buying. Do you have any of these products? If so, tell me whether they floated your boat or disappointed you too. And if you've tried any other products recently which aren't worth writing home about, I want to know! Tell me your disappointing products, you might save me or someone lovely reading a few pennies. 

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