My five favourite powder highlighters

10 Jun 2013

A picture of some of the best powder highlighters

Although I know we're all meant to like the matte look and everyone says avoid too much shimmer, personally I am a big, big, big fan of shimmery highlighters. Powder highlighters are some of my favourite products to use and experiment with and I tend to go for shades which have some warmth and depth to them, as against my olive toned skin very pale highlighters look stark and out of place. When I decided I wanted to do a post sharing my five favourite highlighters it took me a lot of swatching and umming and ahhing over which were five favourite worthy. I have quite a few powder highlighters, there's just something about them that draws me in... But the five I had picked are the ones I turn to the most and if I were to recommend any powder highlighters, these are definitely the powder highlighters I'd tell you to add to your collection.

First up, NARS Luster Blush. Yup, you read right - it's a blush. But despite being packaged and sold as a blush, I just find this a really flattering shade for a subtle highlight on my upper cheekbones. A gorgeous golden apricot with red undertones, it's a shade I reserve for when I have a bit more colour and want to add an extra something else to my look. It would look super flattering used as a highlight on tanned or olive skin tones, as the red undertones to the shade I find are really flattering those skin tones. I use my Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour to lightly dust this across the very tops of my cheekbones and I love the way it looks when it catches the light, as it has a gorgeous fine shimmer sheen. (NARS, £21.50)

A picture of MAC Double Definition

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know how much I adore theBalm products so it should be no surprise to see two of theBalm products in my five favourite highlighters. The formula of the theBalm highlighters is just utterly heavenly, with a buttery soft formula and no fall out, these powder highlighters are some of my absolute favourite to use. Easy to blend and incredible versatile, these are easily multi-purpose products too. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer seems to be doing the rounds of the beauty blogs at the moment and having loved this highlighter for a long time now I can whole heatedly agree with the rave reviews over this uniquely packaged highlighter. Recently hailed my favourite highlighter of all in my review My Favourite Highlighter, this has to be one of the most wearable highlighter shades I have ever come across. I love using this along my cheek bones, down the center of my nose, across my brow bone and even on my cupids bow. It's a shade which would definitely suit most skin types and it's also absolutely huge. If you decide to add any of these five powder highlighters to your collection, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer should be the one you pick. theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer* has the same buttery soft formula as Mary-Lou Manizer and lasts just as well, easily sticking around for a full day with no need for touch ups. Betty-Lou Manizer is a more golden highlight shade. Whereas Mary-Lou Manizer is a golden yellow highlight shade, Betty-Lou Manizer is a golden bronze highlight shade. It's one of the most flattering shades I've found for my skin as we make the transition from Spring to Summer and I also love using this in the center of my lids for a pop of golden shimmer. To apply these I love to use my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush from the Core Collection. This was never going to be a brush I used for foundation but for highlighting, it's the perfect size, shape and density to apply just the right amount, avoiding shimmer overload. (Beauty Chamber, £15 each)

A picture of theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

There's no denying it, I am a lover of all things MAC. Their lipsticks are by far my favourite lipsticks to wear, their lip pencils are the best I've ever tried and powders are pretty spot on. I own a few MAC Mineralise Skin Finishes and the two featuring in my five favourite powder highlighters are by far my favourite. MAC Golden Deposit MSF is actually one of the very first powder products I tried from MAC. I was completely drawn in by the truly golden, extremely shimmery shade. Like I said, I like a bit of shimmer, sometimes a bit too much, even though not everyone opts for the same finish and look. Just a flush of this using my Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour and this leaves the most heavenly finish! MAC Gold Deposit MSF is part of the permanent MSF range. (MAC, £21.50) MAC Double Definition MSF is my newest MSF addition and I bought it from a recent collection, In Extra Dimension. This has to be one of the most beautiful products I've ever seen from MAC, with a beautiful design to the product and the MAC logo embossed on the paler more rose toned highlight shade. The darker shade of the two is a pinky red toned bronze shade which is similar to NARS Luster, but feels more finely milled. The shades can be used individually or together and I've just really fallen in lust with this highlighter. It's absolutely stunning in every way. (MAC, £21.50, sold out

So those are my five favourite powder highlighters. I'd love to hear what your five favourite powder highlighters are, whether you own any of these yourself and what you think to them or any product recommendations.

A picture of MAC Gold Deposit

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