Korres Makeup Review

2 Jun 2013

A picture of Korres makeup

I've been a fan of the Korres brand for quite a while now, having a fair few share of the lip butter range in my collection and having loved the few body care products from Korres I have managed to find in TKMaxx where there is always some great bargain on offer. I also adore Korres skincare and the Korres Instant Brightening and Illuminating mask is a favourite. But one thing I didn't know Korres did, is makeup. Over the past few weeks I have been trialing a couple of pieces from the makeup range. When kindly offered to try these pieces I opted for shades which fit in with my current colour obsessions, corals, oranges and peaches. This has meant that I have been able to slip these pretty beautifully packaged pieces right into my everyday makeup routine. Both have had a fair bit of use from me and this review might be a long one... First, let's get into the packaging a bit more. For me a product has to tick three boxes to really meet all of my beauty needs. Of course it has to do the job at hand, there's no point having a lipstick that transfers no colour or a hair treatment that leaves your hair feeling weak instead of strong. Secondly, the packaging. I like products to look good and I think Korres is a brand who easily falls into that category. The makeup range has the signature Korres packaging which runs throughout the brand and I like the bold, simplistic look with a touch of a masculine feel to it. I also love that the name of the product, finish and ingredients is both in English and in Greek. Korres is a Greek brand - but more on that later! The third thing a product has to do to please me is smell nice. But the most serious question here... am I the only one who finds it bizarre when makeup does have a scent?

The Korres Cherry Lip Gloss range has ten shades, all of which look very lovely and with a good colour range. Not many brands could have a range of lipgloss that I would happy to have each and every shade from, so Korres are already doing well there. So why cherry? Cherries originate from a region between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea (bit of a geography lesson for you there) and cherries have many uses. Apart from being a delicious and tasty snack (I particularly love snacking on frozen cherries, yum) they can be eaten dry or also used dry in herbal medicine. Cherry stones also contain a fair amount of oil which is super rich in all those vitamins and antioxidants we sometimes struggle to get ourselves and can be easily absorbed by the skin to be quite a moisturising property, and yeah you guessed it, these Cherry Lipglosses from Korres are super moisturising on the lip. When I first used this gloss I thought oh lovely, a lovely bright orange coral to nicely finish off a matte lipstick, perfect. But after more and more use, I realised there was so much more to these glosses. They really do leave my lips feeling softer after use, even with a matte lipstick on. With quite a thick consistency you'd expect them to be pretty messy but I've had no embarrassing gloss in hair moments and actually just really enjoy teaming this with my favourite orange and coral lipsticks. The shade is Orange which can look very vibrant in the tube but on the lips it's a more pinky coral shade. It's super pretty and it has the distinct scent of fresh cherries, so I'm a pretty happy Tealady all round. I'd love to add the shades Red, Coral and Light Purple to my collection. You can find all ten shades on the Big Green Smile website where they cost £12 each. Be sure to let me know which your favourite shade is! 

A picture of Korres Cherry Lipgloss Orange

I had a feeling I would adore the gloss but what I wasn't quite expecting at first glance of the shade in person, was to like the blush so much. The Korres Zea Mays Blush range has eight shades and as you might have already guessed, I opted for the Coral shade. This blusher is just... stunning. It really is. At first glance I thought oh, this is a bit of a dark shade? But like with so many beauty products, a shade can look completely different swatched and on the skin than it does in the pan and that is definitely the case with this blusher. A gorgeous almost amber coral shade this is the closest dupe to MAC Stereo Rose I have ever come across. It's exactly the same beautiful shade as Stereo Rose but without the intense shimmer, instead it has very fine, subtle shimmer which I think is the perfect amount. You could sweep this blush across your cheekbones or simply use it for a pop of colour on the apple of your cheeks and it wouldn't be overpowering. It's just a really beautiful shade. There's no fear of fall out with this blush either and the colour can be used subtly or built up for a more intense colour. I think it might be love. Just like Korres promises, it leaves a luminous effect with a smooth, even finish. The Korres Zea Mays blushes are a bit on the more high-end side of the price scale at £17.50 each and you can find them on the Big Green Smile website. I'd love to add the shades Orange and Peach to my collection.

A little more about Korres
Korres as a brand originates from Greece and was built up by George Korres who studied pharmacy before working at Greece's oldest homeopathic pharmacy which he eventually went on to buy, setting it up as a homeopathic-remedy-production lab. With an extensive knowledge of ingredients and their uses in over 3,000 herbal remedies, Korres Natural Products was born with a promise to produce safe, clinically effective and affordable natural skincare products with interesting design. George Korres uses local communities, organic farmers and agricultural unions to source many of his ingredients and so all products have a real true feel of Greece which is something I have massively noticed when using Korres products, despite personally being from just over the water, Cyprus. The story behind Korres and each product really is an interesting read so if you want to find out more about this brand you can find out lots on their website. My favourite behind the brand section on the site is the production page which is really in depth and has some really great ingredients knowledge. 

A picture of Zea Mays Blush Coral

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