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9 Jun 2013

A picture of the KMS California Tame Frizz Kit

I recently shared a post with you all about my Top 5 Hair Care Products. I really enjoyed writing the post because all of the products mentioned in it were products I used every day on my hair and had really been loving. The products all work together to give me happy, healthy hair. But looking after your hair starts long before your styling and leave in products get to work, and that's during washing. I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to try the KMS California Tame Frizz range which was going to be newly launched in the UK, originally an American brand. At the time I had never heard of KMS California before, I think I had maybe seen a couple of their products in my local TKMaxx, but as I don't buy hair care from TKMaxx I never really paid them much attention. I have been using all of the products kindly sent to me for review for four solid weeks. I wanted to give them a proper try on my hair before deciding whether they were suited to my hair type or not. I have used these above all other shampoos and conditoners every day of the week. To those of you new to my blog, I have fairly fine hair which is prone to oiliness particularly at the roots and requires washing regularly if not daily. My hair is also recently short, just resting on my shoulders, and naturally dark (and a recent bit of help from a L'Oreal box...) My hair is also naturally curly and requires straightening if I want a sleek look. After giving them a real thorough trial, I have come to not only like, but love, these KMS California products.

Top tips for washing hair
Me giving you top tips for washing hair might sound silly, but you'd be surprised how many people I've talked to over the years who didn't wash their hair properly. Back before I decided I wanted to go to Uni, I worked as a fully trained hair stylist in a hair and beauty salon. Whilst studying I had to learn a lot about hair and ultimately learnt how to look after my hair. You need to wash your hair with shampoo twice, and then condition. When shampooing make sure your hair is thoroughly wet and apply a moderate amount of product throughout and massage in. Pay attention to your roots if like me, your prone to greasiness. When rinsing, ensure all of the products is out, otherwise when you go on to your conditioner or styling products, they'll already be product left on your hair making the products less effective. Move on to your second shampoo. Why shampoo twice? The first shampoo will only just get off product and dirt and grime from the environment, one shampoo simply does not get rid of all product and dirt and grime. Again rinse thoroughly and apply your conditioner. I apply my conditioner from my mid-lengths to ends, avoiding the root area, and leave on for a minimum of ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

A picture of the KMS California Tame Frizz Kit

So what's different about KMS California? There are so many brands of hair care available on the high-street that picking a brand to stick to can give you a headache. I personally flit from brand to brand, mainly John Frieda, Bumble and Bumble, Lush and Aussie. KMS California have ten different ranges, from the shampooing and conditioning process to styling products. Their ranges cover an extensive array of hair types, wants and needs and I have been trialing the Tame Frizz range. The Tame Frizz range aims to give you instant frizz control and makes your hair more manageable. For someone like me with naturally curly hair, a range tailored towards taming frizz and making my hair easier to style sounds perfect. The Tame Frizz Shampoo says it prepares your hair for 'frizz reduction' and the Tame Frizz Conditioner works to 'smooth and reduce frizz'. When shampooing I do find the Tame Frizz shampoo can feel very, very heavy on my hair. I tend to opt for lighter products because with fine hair which is prone to oiliness, anything to heavy will weigh it down and result in more oiliness, quicker. But despite it feeling heavy on my hair, once rinsed thoroughly it feels fine and my hair not only feels clean, but amazingly soft. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling as soft as if I have just used conditioner! So you can imagine how good the conditioner is going to be. I find the conditioner does exactly what it aims to do. It smooths my hair whilst reducing frizz and whilst on it is a really lovely conditioner to use; it doesn't tangle my hair, it isn't greasy and it rinses out easily, making it easy to ensure all product has been thoroughly rinsed out. Using these products alone leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and manageable. Big, big fan. I'll definitely be repurchasing.

A few other products from the Tame Frizz range I have been trying out is the Tame Frizz De-frizz Oil, the Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion and the Tame Frizz Taming Creme. All three products work to control your frizz, make your hair more manageable and easier to style, easier to use styling tools and leave your hair feeling great. No really, the whole range, it just makes my hair feel wonderful. Soft, smooth, easy to manage. There's few taming products which I have found that actually get rid of (or control, should we say) my frizzy hairs but this range does. Would I recommend KMS California now I have tried them? Yes I would! And I hope to try some other ranges from KMS California to see how those fair too! All of these products are available for a limited time only at KMS California salons. The Tame Frizz kit costs £29.50. However a quick Google search and you can buy these products seperately as well as other KMS California ranges and products. Some UK websites which stock KMS California include CheapSmells and Feel Unique

A picture of the KMS California Tame Frizz Kit

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