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22 Jun 2013

You might have noticed a few hair posts cropping up lately. I've been sharing my favourite hair products a lot more often with you all because I've found myself using more and more products over the past few months. You might have also seen me mention that I've recently had a bit of a hair chop, although not so much a bit and more quite a bit, like a lot. My hair was almost to the middle of my back and it is now sitting nicely on my shoulders, it's a lot of hair to lose. But the great thing about having shorter hair is experimenting with products and having to learn how to style my hair again. The last time my hair was anywhere near this length was when I was working in a salon as a hairdresser and I had a few firm favourite products that I couldn't live without back then, which I am very much so lusting over now. Old faithfuls, these products do exactly what they say they will and were my most reached for products 'back in the day', and they might be about to make a return...

A picture of a hair care wishlist

001. Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Conditioner. You can give me all the high-end conditioning treatments you like, nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to this bad boy. I actually have about two uses left in my current tube and this will be an instant repurchase. Matrix is an amazing professional hair care brand and there probably isn't a Matrix product I don't love, plus their products smell a-m-a-zing! Nothing makes my hair smoother, softer and easier to manage than this conditioner. I use it as a conditioning treatment - once I've shampooed my hair twice I pop this on for 15-20 and when rinsed out my hair feels heavenly. (Capital Hair & Beauty, £12.75

002. L'Oreal Tec Ni Art Volume Lift. This is an old favourite of mine and one I can't wait to get my hands on again. I apply this at the root throughout my hair when it's damp, sectioning my hair properly to make sure it gets to as much of my roots as possible, before massaging it in and blow drying. It gives me a subtle root boost which can easily be exaggerated for a more volumised look, I love it. (Capital Hair & Beauty, £6.50)

003. L'Oreal Tec Ni Art a-Head Clay. Sometimes, you just can't beat a good product and this is one of them. I love this for adding texture to my hair, for giving my usually sleek and straightened looks a bit more life, volume and style. A sticky, waxy clay, you need the tiniest amount of this. You can use it as is on your ends for definition or I also like to add a pea sized amount to the palm of my hand, mix with one or two drops of water and then use my fingers to lightly apply threw my hair giving me volume and a bit of a messed up look. (Capital Hair & Beauty, £7.70

What hair care products will always be a favourite for you? You can find a whole host of beauty and hair over on Capital Hair & Beauty if you fancy some professional products at reduced prices, I'm off to check out the professional beauty products... 

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