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24 Jun 2013

A picture of the Paul & Joe Beach Baby Summer Creation Collection

I've only recently started to dip my toes into Paul & Joe after I was kindly sent some pieces from the new Beach Baby Summer Creation Collection. I've already shared my thoughts on the nail polishes within the collection and you can read my thoughts on those in the full review, Paul & Joe Summer Creation Review. I adored the polishes so much I ended up buying the final shade in the collection from ASOS and it's just as beautiful as the other shades. They've been regular choices for me recently whilst doing my nails and I adore the gorgeous bottles in which the Paul & Joe polishes come in. Paul & Joe polishes retail at £12 each and you can find them on the Beautybay website. Today I will be sharing my thoughts with you on a few other pieces from this gorgeous collection.

Of all the pieces, I think the Paul & Joe Pressed UV Powder, which I think just comes in the most amazingly beautiful packaging. It actually took me a minute to realise that the image on the packaging is two cubs. I absolutely adore this powder and the packaging is a massive reason why, it is completely unique to any other powders I own and I love how it stands out and catches your eye with it's detailed design. The Pressed UV Powder is available in two shades; Beach Baby and Summer Sand. I have been trying out Summer Sand which if lightly applied with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush leaves a beautiful finish, it's a very light shade which can be almost transparent if lightly applied. If you like a heavier coverage with your powders, then I would say this was a shade more appropriate for paler skins than my Mediterranean olive skin. One thing I will point out is that this powder has a tiny amount of shimmer to it which can translate to the skin when on. So long as you don't overdo it, you should be fine though and I've barely noticed it when wearing this powder. This powder has definitely trumped any others in my collection, if not only for the packaging, it is also a super high SPF powder which keeps you protected whilst also leaving your skin looking radiant and healthy. It is also perfect for popping in your handbag for on the go, with a sturdy case, a mirror and compact powder puff. You can pick up the Paul & Joe Pressed UV Powder on ASOS where it retails for £28.

A picture of the Paul & Joe Beach Baby Summer Creation Collection

The Paul & Joe Eye Gloss and Lip Gloss Duos have been a complete revelation for me. I'm no stranger to lipgloss, but eye gloss? I have to admit at first I was dubious and I didn't have very high expectations for these, but I have been pleasantly surprised. So much so I even bought my favourite shade combo as a birthday present for Hayley from Wife Life xo who I thought would love the colours (she did!) There's five available in the collection, each with two shades; one for your lips and one for your eyes. I think the colour combinations have been put together beautifully, with shades which I probably wouldn't have considered teaming but now that I have tried them as duos, I can see how beautifully the shades go together. I have been trying Santa Monica; the lip gloss is a beautiful golden pale aubergine shade with slight shimmer that really livens up my nude lipsticks, the eye gloss shade is a pale rose gold shade with hints of warm browns running through it and a very slight shimmer. Nice is a bit more of a playful combination; the lip gloss is a beautiful, deep fuchsia pink shade, no shimmer, just a beautiful pink gloss, and the eye gloss is a sheer, iridescent lilac shade so sheer that although at first I was a little dubious, I now think it would compliment anyone, particularly brown eyed beauties like me. Maui is probably my favourite combination. The gloss is a beautiful coral with great pigmentation that I love wearing alone or teamed with a favourite coral lippy, and the eye gloss is a yellow golden shimmer. The glosses perform much like any other gloss, except I find their staying power to be just that touch better than my drugstore variations. The eye glosses are actually incredibly easy to use and dry very quickly, I think the shades are beautiful for warmer, sunny days where you want to add a touch of something-something to your look without going overboard, as the shades are so beautifully sheer (and easily build-able might I add) that they don't look out of place. The Paul & Joe Eye Gloss and Lip Gloss Duos can be found on the Beautybay website where they retail for £28 each.

A picture of the Paul & Joe Beach Baby Summer Creation Collection

I don't know about you but I just don't feel right if I'm not wearing eyeliner. I had a little thing a few weeks ago where I decided I would try a few different looks without eyeliner and at the time I thought it might actually be a new thing for me, not wearing liner, but I just can't do it. Whilst I love how awake my eyes look without liner, I feel more confident and think I look better and that my look is 'finished' when I wear liner. I love the Urban Decay 24-7 Glide On Pencil liners and I turn to my Urban Decay 24-7 Smoked Pencil Set for a bit of something extra when my Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner isn't cutting it. The Paul & Joe Eye Liner WP & Eye Crayon Duos are a beaut! In case you were wondering, WP stands for Waterproof Wonders. What's better than a gorgeous liner? A gorgeous waterproof liner, of course! Like the eye and lip gloss duos, these are available in five duo shade combinations. I have been giving three of the duos a go, Cyprus which has a beautiful khaki liner with tiny gold flecks of shimmer running through it and goes perfectly with the eye crayon shade, a deep mustard gold. Las Palmas comes with two beautifully bright yet sophisticated shades; the liner is one of the most beautiful emerald green I have ever laid my eyes upon and the eye crayon is a pale, shimmery silver blue. They go amazingly well together and I think this duo would look particularly fab on those with hazel or blue eyes. I've also been trying Santorini which yup, I can't help it, it's completely suckered me in and is a firm favourite not only from the collection but of all my eyeliners. The eye liner shade is a super pretty dark slate shade which you can just pick out hints of silver and deep purple in, and the eye crayon is a gorgeous green blue. Favourite combination by far. All of these are absolutely beautiful to use and you can find them on the Beautybay website where they retail for  £22 each. Just like the eye and lip duos, I liked these so much I picked one up from ASOS for a birthday present for Amiiee from Itsamiieeism

I love this collection and think it is one of the better summer collections we've seen this year. I am so impressed with all of the products I have tried and it's definitely spurred me on to take a closer look at the Paul & Joe range when next in Selfridge's. I think everyone will agree with me here when I say the packaging of Paul & Joe products is just breath taking, although it would be lovely if they could add the product shade names onto the packaging (which they currently don't do) I would love to hear your Paul & Joe recommendations, particularly lipsticks as I finally want to add one of their lipsticks, which have some of the most jaw-dropping gorgeous packaging I've ever seen on a lipstick, to my collection very soon.

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