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18 Jun 2013

A picture of Makeup Atelier Paris products

One of the things I love the most about being a beauty blogger is the way you can stumble across such a variety of amazing brands that you wouldn't have heard of otherwise. Today I am hoping to share a brand with you which is very new to me and one I hadn't heard of until very, very recently, and I hope it'll leave all of you with that feeling of product lust to go and check them out. I'll tell you something - Looks can be deceiving with this brand and the products have really blown me away. It's exactly what I've been looking for - a fresh, colourful, playful brand to snap me out of my current makeup routines and give me a bit of oomph back into my life. Altier Paris are definitely a oomph inducing brand for me, let's find out why shall we?

What is Makeup Atelier Paris?
So I love finding new makeup brands, and Makeup Atelier Paris was introduced to be very recently. I like to find out as much about a brand as I can when I am introduced to them and Makeup Atelier Paris did not disappoint! Makeup Atelier Paris is a high-quality, professional makeup brand with products, shades and finishes for any look you could imagine. Originating from France, all of Makeup Atelier Paris' products are shipped all over the World to professional makeup artists and makeup lovers alike World over. Heading the brand is Helen Quille, who is constantly thriving to make an impact with her products, producing new, better products, colours and textures with each new product, making Makeup Atelier Paris a brand whose constantly with the times and current trends. Makeup Atelier Paris isn't just made for professionals, who need the products to create impact whilst still looking flawless and ready for the catwalk, but for everyday makeup lovers who want to be a bit more creative with their makeup all whilst using incredibly long-lasting, highly pigmented products. Makeup Atelier Paris offers multi-ethnic ranges, have a full range of cruelty free products and products which are multi-purpose and unisex. 

A picture of Makeup Atelier Paris products

So Makeup Atelier Paris sound pretty impressive, but do their products live up to their claims? I have been trying out two HD blushes, a highlight loose powder and two eyeshadow palettes. I picked shades and colours which I knew I would want to experiment with, as well as a few firm favourite shades I already feel comfortable and confident with. The Makeup Atelier Paris Eyeshadow Palettes (£25)* each contain five shades and are presented in rounded, slimline palettes. The lid of the packaging on these palettes is transparent meaning they are super easy to pick out when searching through all of your palettes. Transparent packaging runs throughout the Makeup Atelier Paris products which is fun and different to my usual products which are almost entirely in opaque packaging; I like being able to see the product as I use it. The T06 Jaune Orange Eyeshadow Palette (£25)* is a warm palette, with shades from pale yellows to warm, deep red oranges, it has all the shades of a perfect sunset. I gravitated towards this palette a lot lately, because I find the shades perfect for those few sunny days we're getting, when I want to have a creative eye but in shades subtle enough for a toned down day time summer look. Including a beautiful iridescent white shade which can look stark in the palette but absolutely stunning in the inner corner of your eye, to the more deep red burnt orange shade which is gorgeous for using in your crease, this is definitely my favourite palette of the two. All of the shades in the palette have a slight shimmer to them, although the darkest shade has a more frost, velvet finish. The T21 Tropiques Eyeshadow Palette (£25)* is a bit more fierce. The finishes of these shades are much the same as the T06 Jaune Orange Palette, although the darkest deep purple shade doesn't have as much pigmentation as the other more vivid, tropical shades. Definitely more a palette for a dramatic look, I also really like using a few of the darker shades with a slightly wet liner brush as eyeliners. Both palettes are equal in their soft formula, almost all of the shades have amazing pigmentation and I find them lovely to blend, although make sure you have a decent blending brush which is slightly dense for a really flawless blend. I've not experienced any fall out with these shadows and I really like the design of the palettes, they definitely stand out among my other palettes.

The Makeup Atelier Paris Sun Light Shiny Loose Powder (£16)* has just been the perfect product for me lately for achieving the most subtle, slight sheen of a highlight across the top of my cheek bones. In a pretty sturdy transparent pot with sieve like top, I apply the tiniest amount of this loose powder highlight with my Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush and it just leaves the most beautiful finish. It's my most subtle highlight with a beautiful golden touch to it, so for me it makes a nice change from my favourite shimmer-overload powder highlighters. This also doubles up nicely as a great shade for the inner corner of your eye as well as lightly swept across the brow bone just to make your brow bone stand out a touch more. I love it. The Makeup Atelier Paris HD Blushes (£14)* come in such a gorgeous array of shades that picking which ones I wanted to try the most was quite difficult! I ended up picking Rose Natural* which is a really pretty rosy red shade, and Mandarin* which is a zesty, bright coral shade. I'm new to HD blushes, so these took some getting to grips with. I find the easiest way to wear HD blushes, which have an incredibly thin consistency, is to apply a very small pea sized amount to the back of my hand and use a stippling brush to apply. These are powerful products, the pigmentation is incredible and once their on, their on; you need to be quick to blend. They remind me of the OCC Lip Tars; a tiny drop is needed for massive impact and a little goes such a long way! I love how these last all day with no need for touch ups, great for on the go and exactly the long-lasting makeup Makeup Atelier Paris promise. I already have a lust list of other Makeup Atelier Paris products I want to try, why not check out the Makeup Atelier Paris website and tell me what catches your eye?

A picture of Makeup Atelier Paris products

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*This post contains PR samples.