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29 June

A picture of Apivita Skincare

You might have seen me mention once or twice that although I am British, my families background is Cypriot. Technically, I am a quarter English and three quarters Cypriot. Whenever I come across a Greek or Cypriot brand, I get so curious! I am a big fan of Korres, a brand which originates and produces it's products in Greece. I've shared their products here on the blog before, such as the coveted Korres Lip Butters and the Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening and Illuminating Face Mask and a few more products you can find in my Product Directory. But today I am going to share with you a different brand from Greece that I have been excited to try. I was completely drawn into Apivita when I found out that Greece is where they create and produce their products. Cyprus is one of the Greek Islands so anything to do with Greece instantly gets my interest. Apivita has only recently become a brand you can easily get hold of in the UK and they recently released some of their extensive beauty ranges in Marks & Spencer beauty halls. You may have noticed Apivita cropping up on a few blogs lately and they certainly seem to be going down well with beauty adorers and novices alike. I was kindly sent a package of products to try, all of which I have been trialing and testing out over the past four weeks. As the majority of these products are skincare products, I wanted to get a good idea of how they positively or negatively affected my skin so I could give you a thorough opinion on them. I have to say now, some of these products have become staples for me in my everyday routines, although there's a couple which I wouldn't miss tremendously. Let's get into the products shall we? 

A picture of Apivita Skincare

I'll start with my favourite of the bunch - The Apivita Shampoo for Oily Hair with Rosemary & Proplis*. This shampoo has an almost water-thin consistency and smells very refreshing with the scent of rosemary really pulling through, which I find quite invigorating. As I use this shampoo to wash my hair it leaves a slight tingle-like sensation; sort of the feeling you get when you use a mint or lemon/lime shower gel. I actually find the way it makes my hair feel is really quite lovely; it's therapeutic massaging this into my scalp and hair as it has a soothing, relaxing scent whilst also soothing my scalp as well which can sometimes be sensitive due to use of heated tools. I really like the packaging for this shampoo, which is a sturdy and uniquely shaped 250ml bottle with a cap lid which makes using it easy and mess-free. Apivita have a huge range of hair care products for both adults and children and each variety of hair type and hair concern. The Apivita Shampoo for Oily Hair with Rosemary & Proplis is yet to be added to the UK range, but you can find all other Apivita hair care products which start from a reasonable £13 each on the Marks & Spencer website

A picture of Apivita Skincare

Another product I have really adored using is the Apivita Lip Care with Pomegranate*. I am a bit of a sucker for a ripe pomegranate and if I could find a way to eat them without ending up with completely stained hands and clothes, I would have them all the time. As well as the taste, pomegranate is one of my favourite scents; it's sweet but not sickly and it smells fresh and fruity, I love it! I'm no stranger to a pomegranate lip balm and a firm favourite of mine is the Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil. The Apivita lip balm is firmer in consistency and I've found this means it takes longer before needing to re-apply as it doesn't slide over my lips or come off easily. The scent is beautiful; a true pomegranate scent and it's a lovely summery lip balm that I just can't seem to put down. Apivita Lip Care is available in six flavours/scents on the Marks & Spencer website and retails for £5.

Apitiva have an extensive skincare range and I am a big fan of their face masks being available in both sachet, travel sizes and full size varieties. A lot of the time I find myself curious and wanting to try a particular face mask but wanting to try it first or at least find somewhere where sachet travel sizes are available to buy to try them out before committing to a full size. Although Apivita is what I consider to be a very purse-friendly brand, it's still nice to have that option there. I've been trying out three sachet travel size face masks and eye masks. The Apivita Express Gold Moisturising and Revitalising Mask with Prickly Pear* smells oh so lovely and contains 92% natural ingredients. Prickly Pear works to moisturise and revitalise your skin whilst also enhancing the firmness of the skin, leaving you with soft, fresh and supple skin. This is a mask I have enjoyed on a morning when I've not had much sleep, as it's great at giving you that boost you need to wake up and get set for the day ahead. Another mask I have enjoyed using in the morning to waken and freshen up my eyes is the Apivita Express Beauty Dark Circles and Eye Puffiness Mask with Ginkgo Biloba* which just gives that boost to your tired eyes, making you look and feel more alive. It's a mask which works to diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness and leave you looking and feeling more awake and bright eyed. The Express Beauty Anti-wrinkle Eye Mask with Grape* is the final of the three sachet sized masks I have been trying. Containing grape seed oil and wild oat, these little wonder masks work to diminish fine lines and wrinkle. All of these masks along with the other sachet masks available from Apivita are available on the Marks & Spencer website and retail for between £3-£5.

A picture of Apivita Skincare

For the past few weeks I've really been enjoying using the Apivita Natural Serum with Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid* which is a hydrating serum. I love using hydrating products because although my skin is oily/combination, I also have a few dry patches pop up every now and then and over the past few weeks this serum has kept those nasty dry patches at bay, lovely! In a wonderfully bright blue glass bottle with ingredients such as geranium essential oil which moisturisers and heals the skin as well as aloe and triple action hydraluronic acid which moisturise and improve skins elasticity with a helping hand from chaste tree extract. It smells lovely and refreshing - almost very much like cucumber, and it feels lovely on my skin. No greasy feeling, no sticky product residue in the morning. I can't wait to use this for longer and see what it can do for my skin, but it's definitely helped keep away any dry patches! The Apivita Natural Serum with Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid is available on the Marks & Spencer website and retails for £29.50.

I've also been trying out some full sizes masks. Apivita masks come in tubes which are very light-weight, so great if you need a mask for your travels. Each tube is 40ml and the masks cost £13 each. I've been trying the Apivita Firming and Regenerating Mask with Royal Jelly* and the Apivita Hydrating and Cooling Mask with Sea Lavender*, which is unfortunately not yet available in the UK, and the Apivita Deep Cleansing Mask with Green Clay*.  I'll tell you more about that one, as it's my fave! is right up my street, as I adore deep cleansing masks. Usually always clay based, deep cleansing masks are great for unclogging your pores and getting rid of all the nasties on your skin which have built up and outstayed their welcome. With green clay which deeply penetrates the pores removing excess oil and dirt, unclogging pores and preventing future blackheads and propolis which helps to regulate the skin's oiliness, this mask has proved a firm favourite which I need a quick skin pick me up. Just pop it on for 10 minutes, rinse off with warm water and a muslin cloth and you're left with clean, clear and brighter skin. Really like this mask! You can find the Apivita full sized masks on the Marks & Spencer website.

A picture of Apivita Skincare

Have you tried Apivita? I'd love to hear your thoughts on their products if you have, and if you haven't, why not give one of these a go? 

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