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28 May 2013

A picture of the best face masks

The Skincare Series is coming to a close and I have to admit, I find that a little bit sad. The Skincare Series has been a perfect opportunity each month for me to write a post about my favourite aspect of beauty, skincare, in detail. I've loved sharing each and every step - both necessary and added extras - of my skincare routine. Hopefully I've managed to point a few of you in the right direction of a perfect product for you, or at least shared a bit of useful information with you all on what products do what, why they are necessary and which products best suit which skin types. For those of you who are new to my blog, I have combination/oily skin. I very rarely get spots or blemishes and my skin is in pretty good condition for an almost 25 year old. My T-zone is my oiliest area, with my forehead also being quite dry and I have super rosy pink (OK, red) cheeks. This means I have to use skincare to control my oil, hydrate my skin to prevent drying, even out skin tone as well as all the rest. Skincare is my favourite part of beauty and as sad as it may sound - my morning and evening skincare routines are the favourite part of my day. 

Today I am going to be sharing with you something I absolutely adoring doing, and that's using face masks! Face masks have pretty much always been the aspect of skincare I have enjoyed the most. From my early teens where I was besotted by the Montagne Jeunesse sachet masks to my later teens where I opted for Lush fresh potted face masks. Now in my very-almost-mid-20's, I am reaching more for powerful, full of benefits and skin nourishing masks which leave my skin looking and feeling divine whilst also keeping my skin in as good condition as possible. 

A picture of the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

I have only tried two face masks from REN, but both have really impressed me. The REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask is a clay based detoxifying mask whose mission is to reduce those pesky pores, pulling out impurities and dirt and making them appear more refined and smaller in size leaving the skin purified, smooth and taught. I like this mask but find it works best just on my T-zone where the problems with my pores are (particularly my nose) and then use a hydrating mask on the rest of my face. This along with other pore minimizing products really works to help me feel happier about my pores. Lavender is also one of it's star ingredients, so this mask has a very soothing, relaxing scent to it. Perfect. (£18, 50ml) The REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is a pretty firm favourite of mine. It's one I had to work myself into liking, which you will know if you checked out my full review of this mask, but I really do adore it now. It just gives my skin a glow that I am yet to find with another mask. A potent bio active peel mask, this baby does everything you could want in a radiance product. It removes any old dead skin cells hanging around leaving a renewed and brighter complexion that looks healthier, plumper and more radiant. Even better still it helps to reduce the signs of aging and even gets to work on those pores and any congested areas. An absolute dream. (£30, 50ml)

A picture of Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask

More radiance boosting masks include the Balance Me* Radiance Face Mask and the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. The Balance Me Radiance Face Mask is new to my skincare cupboard after it was kindly donated to the NottsBBMeet goody bags. And boy is it an absolute beauty. A very thin consistency with a strong scent of Rosemary, one of it's essential scents along with Palma Rosa. This beauty is a triple-action mask, not only does it really deeply cleanse my skin but it works to exfoliate when being massaged off of the skin and leaves me with a glowing complexion. This has been a saviour during revision and exam period, to really keep my skin looking in it's best condition. (£18, 75ml / £4.50, 15ml) The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask works much in the same way, but it feels far more gentle on the skin. It has a really delicate, light scent of honey, not too sickly sweet but enough to get you in a really sensual and content mood. It moisturises all whilst deeply cleansing. Just the perfect skin treat. (£21.50, 75ml) Another radiance boosting mask is the Korres Instant Brightening and Illuminating Mask. This was love at first use for me and it's now a mask I reserve for very special occasions, as it seems incredibly difficult to pick up. It's a very creamy, thick white mask and it leaves my skin with an extra fresh looking brightness to it. Love. (£25, 40ml)

A picture of Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

Because I have oily skin and my pores can be a bit of a confidence beater, I use a lot of deeply cleansing masks. These are usually always clay based. Some of my favourites which I rotate regularly are the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask which will probably always hold first place for me in the mask stakes and one which I now use in rations - this bad boy is expensive! But the price is so worth it. Nothing clears my skin like this gem and it leaves me feeling like I have fresh new skin after use. (£57, 50ml) The Le Belle Natural Skincare Clay Masque is another firm favourite for real deep cleansing masks, as is the Lulu & Boo Seaweed Purifying Mask. Both feel soothing and cool on the skin and have super active ingredients which help to draw any impurities right down from into my skin leaving me with a clear and brighter complexion. The Lulu & Boo Seaweed Purifying Mask has a strange consistency, literally like a liquid seaweed, but feels so lovely on. (£20, 50ml) It smells really zesty and refreshing, as does the Le Belle Natural Skincare Clay Masque (£21, 50ml) which has a beautiful scent of Papaya which is a star ingredient. Both are great masks that I would happily replace when they run out. The Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask isn't a favourite of mine purely for the strong scent which reminds me of Vick's Vapour Rub - not a favourite scent of mine. But another clay mask, this really is a skin saviour when I do get that odd blemish and rids the pesky spots and blemishes with one use. (£20, 100ml) Another fab Origins mask which is clay based and perfect for keeping my skin blemish free is the Origins Clear Improvement Mask. This draws out all impurities leaving my skin clear and clean. I use it a hell of a lot and I still have loads left, which is something I love about Origins masks - they last ages! (£20, 100ml) I always like to follow deep cleansing and clay masks with extra hydrating products in my evening skincare routine to prevent my skin feeling dehydrated and dry. 

A picture of Origins Drink Up Intensive

And finally, my favourite kind of masks. Hydrating and moisture masks are a real firm favourite for me at the moment because popping on a hydrating mask before bed leaves me with super soft and supple skin in the morning. The Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask is perfect for popping on as the last step when doing a Triple Threat Facial (as seen, fallen in love with and regularly practiced from Vivianna Does Makeup post) It's a quick way to give your skin a real moisture (as in the good moisture, hydration, not bad moisture, such as oily skin) boost. (£20, 100ml) The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask is essentially the same as the Drink Up mask, but a mask you would pop on overnight in place of your usual night time moisturiser for an overnight hydrating facial and skin boost. This is a real raved about mask in the blogosphere and its easy to see why. Plus did I mention the totally mouth watering scents in Origins products? This one is my favourite scent of all. (£20, 100ml) But my favourite of all over night, intensive, hydrating masks? The Dr Jart+ Water-Max Sleeping Mask. This glorious skin renewing, skin brightening, skin hydrating mask is a holy grail could-not-live-without mask. I just cannot rave about this mask enough. Divine. (£26, 50ml)

So those are my face masks, all do different things, targeting different skin concerns and issues. I do a face mask roughly 2-3 times a week and about once every two weeks I do the Triple Threat Facial which is using three face masks in one go. I also really adore the Lush fresh face masks which I have reviewed lots of and you can find them linked below. A great tip I picked up for face masks is to apply them with a foundation brush. This masks them so easy to use, really makes sure the mask gets into every last nook and cranny and is also a lot less messy! Although I use my fingers for applying overnight masks. Do you use any of these? Are you tempted to pick any up? What are your thoughts on face masks?

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