Smooch Gold Rush Duo Eyeshadow Review

18 May

A picture of Smooch Gold Rush Eyeshadow Duo

If there is something I love more than lipstick, it's eyeshadow. For me, the right eyeshadow can really transform your look and I think eyeshadow makes more of a difference to how my face looks in comparison to any other makeup product. Now I have to admit, I am a real sucker for a smokey eye or bold bright eyes and often my every day day time eyeshadow can be a look that most people would only wear for a night out - hey, what can I say, I like to go over the top sometimes! If I'm honest, I find more toned down eyeshadow draws away from my eyes and instead draws attention to features of my face I'm not quite so confident with. My chubby, rosy cheeks for example. But this duo eyeshadow from Smooch, with a beautiful golden cream with iridescent shimmer and a deep bronze gold called Gold Rush, has really made me tone down the makeup a lot for a more sunkissed, natural look. For someone like me who usually avoids more neutral eyeshadows, that is a pretty big achievement. Instead of going big and bold, since this eyeshadow duo fell into my hands I've been loving the more toned down look.

A picture of Smooch Gold Rush Eyeshadow Duo

I've tried a Smooch eyeshadow duo before, in shade Dare to Bare. I really liked Dare to Bare, but there was the tiniest chalky feel to the shadows the more you used them. With Gold Rush I've found this isn't the case (perhaps a change in formula from Smooch?) I've used this quite a lot now, opting for at least one shade from the duo most days and I have found the formula to be lovely and soft, very easy to apply and even easier to blend. There's a lot of colour pay of with this duo and I adore applying the lighter shade over my entire lid, particularly adding a touch in my inner corner, before using the bronze golden shade to add a touch of glistening glow to the center and crease of my eye. Both shades are shimmery, but neither so much so that you have a disco ball party every time you move your eyes. The duo always has really great lasting power, putting to the test the likes of both my high-street and high-end shadows and easily competing with the likes of my favourite for shadows; Urban Decay and Sigma. When you consider a NARS (oh don't they look similar in packaging?) eyeshadow duo costs £25, the Smooch eyeshadow duos are definitely worth a try at just a fraction of that price at £9.50 and with 18 duo eyeshadows to choose from, you're spoilt for choice! Will you give Smooch a go?

Why should you try Smooch?
There's a few things I really like about Smooch Cosmetics. The brand itself is a brand which sits nicely between high-street and high-end, with reasonable prices I think Smooch is a brand within anyone's reach. Smooch doesn't have the biggest range of products, but what they do have has a lovely variety of shades and great pigmentation and lasting power to go along with it! For me, my favourite thing from Smooch is their duo-eyeshadows and many of them could easily be a dupe for well known high-end brand NARS; not just in the way they are packaged, but in the shade range and shade combinations. The lipsticks are also some of the most long-wearing lipsticks I've tried. Smooch is a brand for anyone wanting to try something which definitely stands out from other high-street brands! You can find out more about Smooch and the slightly saucy history behind the start up of the brand on the About Smooch page. 

A picture of Smooch Gold Rush Eyeshadow Duo

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