Origins Touch of Youth Facial review

27 May 2013

A picture of an Origins facial

Having popped along to the House of Fraser Origins in Nottingham back in April for a gloriously pampering facial which I adored, I have been super excited the past few weeks about another Origins facial, the Touch of Youth facial, booked in in my diary and taunting me. Thankfully, the day finally came around and I couldn't wait to pop into Nottingham, see my friend Tori (check out her blog Tori's Tales) for lunch and get a facial done by lovely Nichola at Origins. The previous facial I enjoyed was based all around my skin type, which is combination/oily. This time the facial uses the powerful Plantscription range, a range tailored to specifically target the appearance of aging, with its star ingredient Anogeissus, perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types as well as some of Origins most well loved star products. The facial was carried out much like my first facial; a quick skincare consultation (which is more in depth on your first visit) before heading to the beautifully relaxing treatment room and popping myself down on the bed ready for a luscious 45 minutes of pampering, talking all things Origins and skincare and giving my skin a real extravagant treat.

I popped along to this particular facial makeup free (which was quite an adventure in itself which I shared in my May 12 Lessons Learned post), so we started off with the Origins Well Off Fast and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover just to make sure my skin was bare and free of any products from that morning's skincare routine. A lovely and gentle makeup remover, I'm not sure it'd quite cope with my often bold, smokey eyes, but for those of you who wear less eye makeup this will probably work wonders for you. (£16, 150ml) Following this we used the Plantscription Anti-aging Cleaner which is really super gentle on the skin with a light foaming. It's star ingredients are Anogeissus which features throughout the entire Plantscription range, as well as Jasmine Flowers and conditioning Oat protein; these work together to dissolve dirt and impurities as well as dead cells. It had a pleasant, clean scent and really did feel gentle on my skin. I always double cleanse, and this is a cleanser I'd be happy to add to my routine in the mornings. (£25, 100ml) Next up was a real favourite of mine from Origins and a bit of a holy grail product for me; the Never a Dull Moment facial exfoliator. Gosh do I love this, it just has the most beautiful scent of papaya and it contains the perfect amount of crushed papaya to leave your skin irresistibly soft, smooth and supple. (£24, 100ml)

A picture of an Origins facial

What facial is complete without a face mask? For the Touch of Youth facial the two face masks used on me were the Drink Up 10 Minute Mask (£20, 100ml) which is great for hydration and popping some moisture back into your skin as well as No Puffery, an eye mask I've really been wanting to try.(£21, 30ml) . This was the perfect time for me to really relax and chat with Nichola about favourite skincare products, Origins favourites and the other facials which Origins provide. Cleansing, cleansing again, exfoliating and face masks all done we were ready to move on to my favourite part of any facial or my morning and evening skincare routines. Putting products on that stay on. This is where we really started to get into the Plantscription range.

The Plantscription  Anti-aging Treatment Lotion smells and feels absolutely lovely on the skin and it was so cool and refreshing on my skin which is down to it's cooling and soothing ingredients of Aloe Vera and Caffine. It's a product from the range which I really want to try and see how it works with my skin over a longer period of time. (£25, 150ml) Following this we used the Plantscription Anti-aging Eye Cream. I've only previously tried the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, which is a solid favourite of mine for my morning skincare routine. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Plantscription eye cream very soothing and cool, with a slightly thicker consistency that sunk into my skin beautifully and left my skin really hydrated and plumped, which is important for the delicate under-eye area. (£36, 15ml) Next up we used a product which I have had my curious beauty addict eye on for a while; the Plantscription Anti-aging Serum. This is a serious anti-aging fighter of a product. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines whilst hydrating the skin leaving it with a plumped and youthful look and feel. It's the consistency I like for serums, not too greasy or runny, not thick or too creamy. Just a perfectly light, powerful serum. Lovely. (£46, 30ml) The final product which ended my blissful facial far earlier than I was ready to give up the relaxation for, was the Plantscription Anti-aging Cream with SPF25. I've actually been using this at home now for around 6 weeks as my morning moisturiser and I really love it. It's been a bit of a star product for me recently and it featured in my April Top 5 too. It's consistency is just right where it moisturises and hydrates my skin without being too heavy on my skin and making my skin produce more oil. I find it perfectly lovely for use before makeup and with the built in SPF25, it's a bit of a fab sun-care skin-loving cream. (£46, 50ml)

A picture of an Origins facial

The Touch of Youth Facial was divine. As well as the products used throughout the facial, another difference to the Touch of Youth facial compared to a facial centered around your skin type is the way this facial is carried out. With soft, firm upward movements drawing your skin upwards rather than massaging the skin in circles. I actually find this a far more enjoyable technique to be used because my face isn't getting pulled all over the place. There's a couple of products from the facial that I am really curious about and have added to my skincare wish list, such as the No Puffery Cooling Eye Mask and the Plantscription Anti-aging Serum. Origins facials can be done in two ways. You can get a complimentary mini facial by an Origins counter in House of Fraser stores which is free and comes with three mini samples to take home and try. Or you can pay £10 for a treatment room facial. These are longer, more in-depth and the £10 is then redeemable against an Origins product. You can find out more in-depth detail in my first Origins facial post

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