My thoughts on Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine

05 May

I think the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes have probably been the most controversial nail polishes to hit the beauty World in quite a while! Some people adore them and hold them highly as their favourite polishes, others haven't quite been so lucky and think they don't quite meet the standards we are all used to with Barry M.  But the negative reviews and comments on the Gelly Hi-Shine really did put me off trying them. Until recently...

Recently whilst in St Pancras waiting for my train home from a busy day in London, I popped into Boots for a 'quick visit and look around'. As you can imagine, in beauty blogger terms that means going in, having a look, and leaving with a lot less money than you walked in with. When I saw that Barry M had an offer of buy two get £1 off, I decided it was about time I picked up a few shades to try for myself. The shades I picked were Lychee, probably one of the most popular shades, Dragon Fruit, Papaya and Greenberry. So what do I think of these controversial polishes? 

On me, I find these just to be like most nail polishes. I don't really get why they are called Gelly polishes. They definitely have a high shine finish, and I don't need a top coat when I use these. My favourite of the four shades is actually Papaya, a beautifully bright and cheerful coral which is just perfect for this time of year and the Summer months ahead. I do find you really need to take the time to let these fully dry as they can remain quite tacky for quite a while. I find using my Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray really helps in the drying process and speeding things up. But other than that, I've had no reason to dislike them and certainly think I'll add a few more shades to my collection. You can find the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes on the Boots website and they retail at £3.99 each.

What do I like about Barry M?
I remember first trying Barry M Nail Paints when I was about 20. My friend had on this gorgeous navy blue polish which was so, so glossy and vivid in colour. So she told me all about Barry M and how they were her favourite brand for polishes, and obviously after that I had to try them for myself. Barry M has been my brand of choice for polishes ever since and I have quite a collection. I like Barry M because the colour range is fab, the price is great and there are often deals making it far too easy to pick up a few shades and save a few pennies (who doesn't love Boots offers?) For me at least these polishes stay put, don't chip and last well. I probably own more Barry M Nail Paints than any other brand and they are my favourite aspect of the Barry M cosmetics range.

*The pink shade is actually called Dragon Fruit. Sorry! My bottle didn't have the 'fruit' bit so I just went by the bottle!

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  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2013

    I'm not at all keen on the gelly polishes - yes, they're inexpensive, but I can't stand the formula or drying time of these!

  2. I love all the colours you picked up. I own Papaya and think it's really lovely, not as hyped as Lychee or Greenberry but I think I prefer it to those two. These polishes last really well on me which is why I like them so much, for £4 a polish that lasts a whole week without chipping is just amazing xx

    Angelica // OneLittleVice

  3. Greenberry and Papaya look gorgeous <3 Haven't tried them though, but I already have similar colours and finish doesn't really look special to me.
    X Deja

    Deja Zu

  4. I'm just about to paint my nails with Papaya!

  5. I haven't tried any of them yet, the colours look stunning though :-) Papaya would look lovely for this summer. I'll have to go pick it up :-)

  6. I've picked up and put down Lychee a few times. I think if they'd have been called "Jelly" I'd have let them off, but "Gelly" implies a perfect gel-nail finish which I can never see in all the blog swatches, which is why I have felt a bit harsh towards them. I'm still undecided. They do look really pretty and shiny in your pic tho. :-)

  7. I love my Barry M 'Gelly' polishes, though I agree that they aren't really like gel-nail finishes. I love the look of Dragon Fruit - think I need to pick that one up next time I'm in Boots xo

  8. I bought my first Gelly today in the Prickly Pear shade, which is lilac. So far I am loving the shade but I don't think that they are any different from the other Barry M polishes. But I do agree they need longer to dry.

  9. I absolutely adore the gelly polishes and have every colour in the range! I love the colour range and the fact you can get an opaque colour with just one coat x

  10. I seriously need to invest in these!! you picked up some gorgeous shades!! xx

  11. I love these Gellys! Greenberry is my absolute fave.

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  12. I've got 5 of these and love the colours, but have had a mixed experience with them as they seem to chip quite quickly...other than that I'm happy :D

  13. Hi doll ❤ I personally really like these nail polishes. For just under £4 and almost always on offer or on a separate deal how can you go wrong, seriously? As for the whole 'waiting' process some people have an issue with, I personally love the time I spend in the evenings having a little pamper, watching tv and having a bru whilst letting my nails dry and as for the 'gal on the go' invest in a rapid dry spray for nail paint as you can pick them up for cheap as chips these days too, saving you all the time in the world. I really can't fault Barry M's nail polish as they have amazing colour choices and are extremely good for the price.

    Lots of love, glad you enjoyed them too. I love Greenberry!


  14. I love Barry M, the gellys have been some of my favourite shades of late :)

  15. I've always been a big fan of Barry M for years now. The bright colours compared to other brands really attracted me to them so it's something I've brought and collect for a while now. I got the Pricky Pear colour of the jelly nails and I really liked, it didn't chip for 3 days which is amazing seeing as normally it's the next day there are some chips appearing x

  16. I love these! I have Prickly Pear and Lychee and really want to get my hands on Greenberry but it's almost always sold out x

  17. These polishes haven't impressed me, I find that they chip and peel off much easier than my other Barry M polishes. x

  18. AnonymousMay 08, 2013

    I really like the gelly polishes! on me they don't chip as much as my other polishes- I've had the lilac shade on for three days and no chips (and only a boots topcoat over the top!) Do agree on the drying time though

    Emily xx


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