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21 May 2013

A picture of some beauty books

Now that Uni is almost over for the summer it means I can happily swap my textbooks and journal articles for some utter indulgence in my favourite beauty reads. Beauty reads for me covers a whole variety of things; from books to blogs to magazines. You can find a handful of my favourite beauty blogs over on my Favourite Blogs page (which I update often so keep checking back for fab new reads) but today I wanted to share with you the five beauty books in my life which completely steal my attention of an evening and make me want to try whole new looks in the middle of the night because I'm just too excited to give them a go.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual - £20
The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is probably the first beauty book I ever came across. This is my favourite current read and I love sitting down with a cup of tea and my Makeup Manual reading and taking in everything Bobbi has to say. The Makeup Manual is great for beginners through to the more talented makeup artists. The majority of the book is aimed at learning more about our skin, our bodies, what foods and drinks help our skin as well as those which don't. What is essential for your makeup bag all the way through to more extensive makeup artist kits. There's tutorials for a huge variety of looks covering a massive array of skin types, skin colours and face shapes. This book has allowed me to pick up some great tips, learn more about my skin and the way our skin works and ultimately is filled with beauty tips for all areas of beauty making a fantastic read. You can pick it up from Bobbi Brown, online and in store, Amazon (where it is just £16 with free delivery), John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams

Lauren Conrad Beauty - £8.39
I mainly picked up the Lauren Conrad Beauty book after seeing so many people rave about it as well as the fact that I think Lauren Conrad is pretty darn beautiful. This is a book which I think is really appropriate for girls (and boys) of all ages, even from young teenagers just getting started with makeup. It's extremely easy to read, has some fab tutorials all whilst being packed full of tips and advice. It doesn't just cover makeup either, with extensive sections on hair, nails and skin. Very easy light reading, this is a great book for a quick read to add a touch of something more to your look. Available on Amazon at a steal of a price with free delivery, you can't go wrong really.

Bobbi Brown Living Beauty - £9.59
This was the second beauty book by Bobbi Brown that I picked up and I bought it on a whim when browsing Amazon where it is pretty purse friendly with free delivery. This book for me concentrates more on taking the beauty you already have and exentuating it. Covering looks, skin, foods, so many different natural looks and tips and advice, this is the kind of book you can read to really change aspects of your whole life for a better beauty regime and outlook. Possibly more for the older beauties out there, I still find this a really great read and particularly love the opening chapters which looks at classic, strong, powerful woman such as Vera Wang and Susan Sarandon on what they think to beauty. Bobbi Brown is very much about looking beautiful naturally and I think this book really encompasses that.

Liz Earle Skin Secrets - £15.99
As a huge fan of Liz Earle and their beautiful skincare products, it was only natural that when I found out about Skin Secrets, I had to add it to my collection. This book has got to be one of the most extensive and thorough books on skincare and beauty I have come across and I absolutely adore it. It's jam packed full of information on different skin types, how our skin works, how to best look after your skin at various different ages, as well as information on ingredients in products and even some yummy, good for you and your skin recipes. For me it's just the perfect book for a skincare addict like me. I picked mine up on Amazon with free delivery for £10.39 but it is also available on the Liz Earle website for £15.99.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful - £15.99
This is the newest beauty book in my collection and also the newest book to be released by Bobbi Brown. I picked this up in House of Fraser after my Bobbi Brown 10 Step Lesson and I haven't read a tremendous amount of it yet but I thought it was definitely worth mentioning as what I have read so far has been fantastic. The Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful book looks more at who you are as a person. It covers the basics of makeup such as '10 Step Beauty' which is a 10 step basic way to apply your makeup and look flawless at the end! There's tips on making your makeup last, of course skincare and body advice and tips on what is best to eat and drink and what's good to avoid, as well as lots of amazing tutorials and looks for all ages, face shapes and desired looks. You can also find Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful in John Lewis, Debenhams and on Amazon (where it is just £12.79 with free delivery)

I really love reading these books and it's a nice way to spend a few hours. My favourite has to be the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and the Liz Earle Skin Secrets. If you are a beginner to makeup or just want to pick up your first beauty book, I'd really recommend the Lauren Conrad Beauty book. If you're a skincare addict like me then the Liz Earle Skin Secrets is a book I would thoroughly recommend. For something less introductory and basic but still easy to read, any of the Bobbi Brown books are fab. If you have any beauty book recommendations I would love to hear them. Next up on my to-buy list is the Neal's Yard Remedies book which I have seen floating around a lot of blogs lately. I just can't get enough of beauty books. 

A picture of some beauty books

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