Lush Sun Perfume Review

11 May 2013

A picture of Lush Sun Gorilla Perfume

One of the best bits of the Nottingham Lush Blogger Evening for me, was getting to play with the new Gorilla perfume range, testing scents, trying out different methods of putting the scents on and falling utterly in love with one particular scent; Sun. So much so that I just had to pick it up at the #NottsBBMeet when we popped into Lush.

Sun, which comes in a delightfully bright 'sunshine' colour and a gorgeous presented bottle with super cute packaging, is a fragrance like no other I own. Sun has it's own unique little story about how it came to be! "During the cold Winter, Mark Constantine longed for warmth. Mark travelled to the USA in Spring, compiling a soundtrack like Simon and Garfunkel's 'America' to listen to while driving down the New Jersey turnpike to Cape May. Visions came to him of a big orange sun on a lollipop stick... orange, tangerine and sandalwood grace this fresh scent". 

A picture of Lush Sun Gorilla Perfume

To me, Sun smells like fresh Summer days, fruit and sunshine. Both the scent and even the bottle itself, which is delightfully bright and eye-catching, work together to cheer me up and bring a smile to my face. It's the most unique looking perfume bottle I own, and probably one of the more unique scents, too. It has a very summery, fresh and fruity scent which I love, love, love as a daytime perfume. I actually really like the pipette for applying it and it sits proudly on my dresser brightening up my room. There is however one negative with this scent, and that is that on my skin it doesn't stick around for very long. That's fine if I have the bottle on me, as I can just apply a little more. If I don't have the bottle on me (which I'm never overly keen on carrying glass perfume bottles around) then I am often left in a little bit of a pickle.

Like all Gorilla perfumes, in comes in six sizes; 7ml, 25ml, 28ml, 43ml, 46ml and 92ml. I have the 25ml bottle which costs £18.50. Have you tried any of the Lush Gorilla perfumes? There's ten scents in the range and you can find them all on the Lush website.

A picture of Lush Sun Gorilla Perfume

My thoughts on the overall Gorilla perfume range?
Lush has two perfume ranges. A solid perfume range which has the tell-tale Lush packaging, and this new Gorilla range. Personally, I have never caught on to the idea of solid perfumes - the scent just doesn't seem to transfer to my skin! There's quite a variety of scents in the Gorilla range and although all advertised as perfumes I really do think they are very unisex scents. Some are scents I can imagine perfect for a girl, some more perfect for a guy, and many are the kind of universal scent which would suit anyone.

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