Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub Review

9 May 2013

A picture of Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

I think it's safe to say that Lush lip scrubs are a bit of a cult product in the blogosphere and beauty World. Everyone whose tried them loves them, and those yet to try them can't wait to get their hands on them! This is actually the second 'flavour' I've tried. I've had the bubblegum lip scrub before and I adored it, but after a couple of months (and before the use by date) it just went... funny. It tasted (yes, it's impossible not to lick these off of your lips!) really odd and even lost the fragrance. So I ended up chucking it out and for a long time it put me off of trying another. At the Nottingham Lush Blogger Evening I decided to buy another scrub at the end of the night and this time the scent I went for was Popcorn! 

Popcorn smells, and tastes, delicious. It smells like popcorn (surprise, surprise!) but taste wise (come on, none of us can resist licking lip scrubs off of our lips!) is more like salted caramel. I use this morning and night, but instead of using it as it is which I can find a little dry and messy, I'll pop a little lip balm on first to help it move around and give my lips a really good scrub! I love using lip scrubs because it keeps my lips soft and smooth, which not only keeps my lips in good, healthy condition, but also helps lip colour go on perfectly! You can find the Lush popcorn lip scrub on the Lush website and a 25g pot costs £5.25!

If you wanted to get creative and attempt to make your very own lip scrub then this little tutorial over on Essie Button looks super easy! I plan on trying it myself one day, I just need to get my hands of some of the coconut oil and I'm set to go! 

What's my Lush story?
I've actually been using Lush products for over a decade now, after getting a piece of art and design coursework assigned to creating a window display for a Lush shop. I ended up doing a display all about their bath bomb Big Blue, with vivid blue and turquoise scenes of the ocean with bright, colourful fish and an enchanted atmosphere. Since then I have been pretty besotted with Lush, whose variety of products is really something! Some of my favourite and staple Lush products are the Brazened Honey fresh face mask, You've Been Mangoed bath melt and the BIG shampoo.

A picture of Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

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