Lime Crime Retrofuturist & Geradium

17 May 2013

I love Lime Crime.

Next to MAC, Lime Crime is very quickly becoming a favourite of mine for lipsticks. The only downside to that is that Lime Crime is an American brand not sold in any UK stores so any Lime Crime purchases I make have to be done online and I have to rely on swatches in reviews. There are two websites I buy Lime Crime from, Cutecosmetics or Cocktail Cosmetics! Lime Crime lipsticks are definitely more on the high-end scale of things, costing £11.50 each. But a great alternative to MAC, saving you a few pennies! 

I recently decided to pick up two new Lime Crime shades to add to my ever-growing lipstick collection, one of which is actually new to the limited UK websites which stock Lime Crime. Geradium, the shade which is new to the UK, didn't grab my eye at first. But the more and more swatches I saw sealed the deal for me and I decided to pick it up! A light and cheerful baby pink shade, I love this for a day time look and find it very flattering teamed with a subtle, golden smokey eye. A perfect pink for the warmer months ahead, I think this is a shade which would flatter any skin tone, even from the most pale of beauties to the darker vixens out there. 

Retrofuturist is definitely a colour that's right up my street! I love reds and this is a truly bright and eye-catching red. I actually find it a very, very close dupe for MAC Ronnie Red which was released for the Archie's Girls collection. So if Ronnie Red was a shade you lusted after but couldn't get your hands on, this would make a fab alternative as they are such a close match! I find this makes such a powerful impact when I'm wearing it and out of all the dozens of reds I own, I can't stop choosing this shade above all others! If you haven't tried Lime Crime lipsticks before, I'd definitely recommend them. I'm a big fan, and already looking to add more to my collection.

Why should you try Lime Crime?
So far, I haven't actually tried much from Lime Crime myself. I have four lipsticks, five nail polishes and two liquid liners. Lime Crime for me is an appealing brand because of the packaging, who doesn't love unicorns, and for the shades. A very imaginative shade range, products from Lime Crime catch my eye a lot. Next up on my to try list is their eyeshadow palettes, which they have some crazy confident colour themes for. But what I have tried, I can't fault them for. The lipsticks are just as good as any high-end brands I have tried, the nail polishes are some of the best I have ever come across and the liners stay put without smudging. Thumbs up from me for sure!

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