Kiehl's BB Cream review!

16 May 2013

A picture of Kiehl's Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

I have tried a lot of BB creams in my time, and I've never found a perfect match. Either the wrong shade, the wrong consistency or just plain disagrees with my skin, every BB cream I have tried so far has been a bust. The Ginvera Green Tea Nude BB cream is pretty darn good, but I have only tried a sample of that which doesn't last tremendously long. So image my utter delight when Kiehl's, a skincare brand I already adore and who has a couple of products in my holy grail skincare list, announced they were releasing a BB cream! As soon as the pre-lease reviews started pouring into my blogger reading list, I knew this was a BB cream which wouldn't let me down. And it hasn't. The Kiehl's BB cream was kindly donated to the #NottsBBMeet goody bags and I've been trying it out a few days a week since then! 

What's so special about Kiehl's?
Kiehl's was first founded in 1851 and their products contain high quality ingredients chosen to benefit the skin. Kiehl's has a huge variety of products covering skincare, hair care, body care and a few makeup pieces (in the way of this BB cream and tinted lip glosses and balms) Kiehl's was also the very first brand to make a skincare range specifically tailored to male skin and the ranges they have for men are just as extensive as those they have for women. Kiehl's is a cruelty free brand who has never tested on animals - although it is worth noting they are under L'Oreal. The various ranges from kiehl's cover a huge amount of skin types and skin concerns and cover all ages. They were also the first brand to list their ingredients on their product packaging.

A picture of Kiehl's Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

The Kiehl's Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream claims to be more than just a normal BB cream. It's ingredients work to instantly perfect the skin, visibly correcting the appearance of skin tone irregularities with continued daily use. It also has two massive plus points over other BB creams I have tried; it has an SPF50 PA+++ which is a super high SPF for a makeup product, and it also contains Vitamin C. It's only available in three shades; fair, light and medium (which I think translate to light, medium and dark respectfully) and I've been using the shade medium. Now, I'm not exactly very dark, but I'm not very pale either; I have a natural Mediterranean colour to my skin, and I find medium is the perfect shade for my skin tone. If you're lighter than me I would opt for the shade light and for you really pale beauties out there, go for fair. The consistency of this BB cream is quite thin, but regardless I find it provides a really lovely, even and light to medium coverage, which can be built up although I genuinely think there is no need for a higher coverage with this BB cream. It feels soft and weightless on my skin, works well with my naturally oily skin and lasts a good four to six hours before I need to powder, depending on what I'm doing. This is the kind of product you can pop on in the morning of a day where you don't have much to do but want a glowing, flawless complexion, and its the kind of product you can wear on a busy day out and about and it be more than enough to replace your regular foundation. The Kiehl's Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream costs £23.50 and comes in a 30ml tube, available in three shades. You can pick up this little beauty on the Kiehl's website.

Kiehl's, I am impressed.

A picture of Kiehl's Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

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