Double whammy OOTD

29 May 2013

Last week I popped into Nottingham for a little YSL event in House of Fraser. The event was for the new Babydoll mascara, which looks fab and has certainly made it on to my wish list. But it might be there a while as it's a pricey £25... After the event, which was in the early evening, me and my friend Emily decided to relax on the Old Market Square in the center of Nottingham with a yummy Starbucks for a good old catch up. Whilst there I decided I would take the chance and ask Emily if she'd be so kind as to take some outfit of the day photos for me whilst I posed awkwardly, hoping for at least one decent shot. She happily obliged so I just had to get her in on the action too. 

New Look Biker Boots £34.99 | Primark Leggings £3 | H&M Tube Skirt £3.99 | New Look Top £8.99 | Zara Mini Shopper £22.99

As the weather was, for the first time in ages, gloriously sunny and warm I decided on a pretty casual and laid back outfit for the day. My usual Primark leggings and a H&M tube skirt, both in black teamed with my New Look Biker Boots. A pretty common choice for me. I know a lot of people dislike leggings but when you're moaning about see-through leggings and knickers on show, consider us more curvy girls who are wise enough to cover our bums with skirts but find leggings more comfortable than squeezing into jeans... and I definitely fit into that category! My top is some sort of animal print, but gosh no matter how hard I try I just can't work out what animal! Either way it's light, a little bit something-something without being such an over powering pattern that it clashes with my tattoos. And of course, my newest fashion accessory (OK, and obsession) my Zara bright, vivid orange mini shopper. 

Emily's outfit was also lovely and casual and it was so lovely to just sit on the square and relax. A lot of pieces Emily was wearing were star finds in the Tophsop and Schuh online sales. It's spurred me on to give the sales a proper go next time, as usually I just avoid them as I find the crowds and rushing that surrounds sales all a little bit uncomfortable. But I'm determined to pick up some gems in the next Topshop sale! I have a few plans with Emily over the coming weeks so I am hoping to get OOTD posts out of each of our days planned together. Let me know if you'd like to see more double whammy posts with outfits from both me and Emily! This was also just a couple of days after I decided to re-join Weight Watchers, so I think it's good to have some full body photos of me to compare as my weight loss journey continues.

Topshop Cropped Jeans £40 | Topshop White Tube Dress £5 in sale | Topshop Navy Sleeveless Top with Lace Detail £8 in sale | Tesco White Frilly Socks £4 pack of 5 | Glitter Vans £25

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