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24 May 2013

A picture of Viridian beauty supplements

Over the past four weeks I have been trying out some products from a brand I personally had never heard of before. Always intrigued by any products which can help me look after myself both inside and out, I was really excited to see what Viridian could do for me, my skin and my body and was ready to give some products a thorough test. The three products I have been trying; beauty oil, beauty complex and nail and cuticle oil, have been tried and tested for four weeks and I finally feel like I know enough about the products, how they have worked for me and whether I would recommend them, to share them with you in a new post feature 'Brand spotlight'. 

So what is Viridian?
Viridian has been around since 1999 and I'm happy to say they are a UK founded and based brand**. A natural brand, Viridian was founded by quite the natural ambassador, Cheryl Thallon who has a long and successful history of working in the industry. It's Thallon's extensive experience and knowledge of the organic and natural industry which spurred her on to create Viridian. Viridian revolves around three main principles; purity, environment and charity. Viridian products include beauty supplements, such as the Beauty Oil and Beauty Complex, and beauty products such as the Hand and Nail Oil as well as a whole host of other products which are made with your body and minds best interests at heart.

A picture of Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil

I'm pretty addicted to nail and cuticle oils, creams and butters. I had actually run out of any oils and was relying on my much loved Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, so I was really happy to be able to give the Viridian Nail and Cuticle Oil a go. From the Ultimate Beauty range, this little bottle of oil has quickly become a staple in my hand and nail care routines on a daily basis. I just love it! Cuticle oils work to strengthen the nail and cuticle area, whilst also moisturising, supporting nail growth and generally keeping your mitts in soft, beautiful condition. I find applying this super therapeutic and I don't know why... maybe it's the scent? It has ingredients of so many essential oils you'd think it would turn you into an essential oil, but the scent for me isn't the usual aromatic essential oil scent. There's definitely hints of the top ingredient, organic jojoba oil, but do you know what this really smells like to me? Candyfloss. That's right, candyfloss. Performance wise I have found this almost good enough to eat cuticle oil has worked pretty darn well. My cuticles are moisturised, tidy and non of that raggerdy (yes, I just made up a word) look to them. My nails have shot up in growth since using this, and I can tell because I had gel nails done a week ago and already have half a cm growth from the cuticle! It's not messy like a lot of cuticle oils I've tried, either. Overall, a pretty good product in my eyes and the thing I love most about oils is that they last, and last, and last. This adorable 12ml bottle costs just £12.95 on the Viridian website, but I can guarantee you it'll last me at least 12 months.

A picture of Viridian Beauty Supplements

I've also been trying out the Viridian Beauty Oil and the Viridian Beauty Complex, both from the Ultimate Beauty range. I take quite a few supplements on a daily basis, trying to give my body what it might be lacking or might need more of. So I'm no stranger to popping things in my body in the hopes that it does something wonderful. But beauty supplements, now they are a supplement I have never yet seen any results from to make me believe they work. I'll be honest -  I started taking the Beauty Complex solid capsule supplements the day I got them. But the Beauty Oil took me a week or so to start using. I just wasn't used to that kind of supplement. The Beauty Oil gives you a balanced and rich source of fatty acids which are good for a healthy and happy body. It also has some pretty potent antioxidants such as Vitamin E. There's loads of different ways you can use this. You can add it to smoothies, salad dressings, lightly added on top of food in place of olive oils or simply take it as it is. I don't really care for the scent of this so popping it straight in my mouth as is wasn't really an option I wanted to take. So I've been adding this on top of salads. Have I noticed a difference? Not really... I have noticed quite big differences actually to my skin, nails, hair and general well being, but I think that's down to the Beauty Complex capsules. Again, not keen on the scent. A real earthy, muddy scent protrudes from these capsules but swallowed down with my usual daily vitamins and supplements and I'm set to go. After a good month of trialing them I can honestly say that yes, I really do think they work. Whereas with the Beauty Oil I just really can't say, the capsules have been taken daily for a good four weeks and in that time my skin has looked clearer and brighter, my nails and cuticles (of course with the added help from the hand and nail cuticle oil) have been stronger and in better shape and my hair? Lately my hair has been blooming marvellous. It actually makes me quite happy. So although I personally wouldn't repurchase the Beauty Oil which you can find on the Viridian website for 200 for £9.50 or 500ml for £19.66, I would definitely repurchase the Beauty Complex. The Beauty Complex comes in three sizes, 30 capsules for £9.50, 60 capsules for £15.90 and 120 capsules for £24.95, all of which can be found on the Viridian website. I can't wait to pick up another bottle of these, as I ran out a few days ago and have already seen a difference. I need these back in my life, pronto.

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*This post contains PR samples.