Bobbi Brown 10 Step Lesson

19 May 2013

On Wednesday I popped into Nottingham to the House of Fraser store for a bit of pampering. I experienced another gorgeous Origins facial (post all about that to come very soon!) and after wards, I was treated to the pleasure of a Bobbi Brown make over. This is the second time I have had a makeover at Bobbi Brown - or as Bobbi refers to them, a makeup lesson. Bobbi Brown offers a variety of makeup lessons which can be done in store which are a fab way to pick up some tips and tricks Bobbi style. Each makeup lesson differs in time, area of the face and area covered. Each lesson is taught in a way which allows you to know exactly what products the Bobbi Brown girls are using on you, where, how and why. I've picked up quite a few tips and tricks from my two Bobbi Brown makeup lessons so far and each have been tips I have put into my everyday makeup routine, leaving me feeling as if my makeup is that one step closer to the flawless look I long for.

Instant Beauty
A 5 minute makeup lesson to refresh your look
Smokey Eyes
A 15 minute lesson to create the perfect smokey eye and smokey liner with tips on how to dust, smudge and line your eyes
Mini Lesson
A 15 minute lesson focusing on an area of your choice from lips to cheeks to eyes
Eyebrow Styling
A 15 minute lesson on how to define, control and shape your brows to instantly ad a lift
Teenage Beauty
A 30 minute lesson to teach you Bobbi's basics and find your own unique style
Secret to Perfect Skin
A 30 minute lesson covering skincare and makeup, teaching you how to get easy, perfect natural-looking skin
10 Step Lesson
A 45 minute lesson, Bobbi Brown's signature lesson, teaching you Bobbi's tricks of the trade and help create a complete beauty routine tailored to you

Makeup Face Lift
A 45 minute lesson on surgery-free ways to wipe away the years, with carefully chosen products to help you look fresher instantly
Evening Drama
A 45 minute lesson to show you how to create a different approach to your everyday look
Makeup Bag Detox
A 60 minute lesson where you take in your makeup bag and the Bobbi Brown girls will streamline it's content to the most essential, never fail products
Bridal Beauty
A 60 minute lesson to help you plan your big day. Helping you to create a special look that you'll love in person and in photos for years to come

The lesson I have had each time I have had my makeup done at Bobbi Brown has been the 10 Step Lesson. You can read all about my Bobbi Brown 10 Step Pretty Powerful Lesson in my review including all products used, what I liked the most and what I thought to the products. My first 10 Step Lesson was a more toned down, natural and subtle look whereas my second was with a gorgeous coral theme. All of Bobbi Brown's makeup lessons are completely complimentary and you can book in at your local Bobbi Brown House of Fraser counter either in store or over the phone. 

For my 10 Step Lesson on Wednesday I had my makeup done by Mary-Ann, the House of Fraser Bobbi Brown manager. A truly enthusiastic makeup artist with a real evident passion for Bobbi Brown, the whole lesson was fun, thorough and makeup conversation, tips and tricks flowed easily. I think dealing with brand representatives at makeup counters can sometimes be daunting, but I have always had the most exceptional service when at the Nottingham House of Fraser Bobbi Brown counter. 

For this lesson we decided to go for a coral look after I picked out some products I wanted to try and see how they were on my skin. We started off the lesson with some Bobbi Brown skincare - The skincare range from Bobbi Brown really has me lusting like the true skincare addict I am. All of the products smell amazing, I love the sleek, bold packaging and I am intrigued by how the skincare works to also act as a primer for Bobbi Brown makeup. The skincare products used on me were the Soothing Hydrating Face Tonic, the Intensive Skin Supplement, a beautiful serum I need to get my hands on, the Hydrating Eye Cream which might just be stealing my heart in the eye creams department and the Bobbi Brown lip balm which felt lovely on the lips.

Base wise we used the Dark Bisque corrector and the Warm Natural concealer. These are different shades to the ones I have for the Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer, but worked just as well. Following this we used a new holy grail foundation for me, the Long-Wear Even Finish foundation, a foundation I am utterly besotted with for the way it looks on my skin and lasts all day long. 

Next up we used the new Face and Body Bronzing Duo from the Nude Beach collection which added a lovely healthy glow to the look, followed by the Nectar Shimmer Brick for blush along my cheekbones with Calypso Coral Pot Rouge for a pop of colour on the apples of my cheeks. I really loved this colour, a perfect coral shade which is subtle and not overpowering. For my lips we used Jenna, a gorgeous deep red coral from the new Sheer Lip Colour range topped with Citrus lip gloss, a gorgeous bright coral which applies sheer and lovely for a pop of colour gloss on top of lipstick. For my eyes we went for a smokey look, which was fab for me as I adore smokey eyes. We used the Vanilla all over the lid for a base shade, with Golden Pink and Bark for the crease, all from the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick range. These lasted super well and far surpassed my expectations for cream shadow sticks. We used the Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Liner to line both my upper and lower lash line; this is my favourite gel liner and I hope to try more shades from the range as I've never found a gel liner to beat it. For my lashes we used the new Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara which has the tiniest little brush and bristles but applied left me with long, curvaceous lashes, and for my brows we used a dark shadow. 

Overall I was super happy with the look. I picked up some tips for applying bronzer and eye liner more subtly, and also loved having my brows done in far more natural way than I usually opted for. Despite having my makeover done so early in the day, my makeup lasted all day long and was even still perfect for a friend's birthday meal that night. I find Bobbi Brown makeup just really lasts amazingly well and it just goes to show the quality in the products as well as the time, passion and hard work put into each new product by Bobbi Brown. I would definitely recommend popping along for a complimentary makeup lesson at your local House of Fraser and if you are a Nottingham girl like me, I cannot recommend the House of Fraser Bobbi Brown counter enough - A truly relaxed store with dedicated and passionate staff. 

Let me know what you think to the finished look, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Will you be booking yourself in to get a makeup lesson with Bobbi Brown?

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