Benefit mascaras review

22 May 2013

A picture of Benefit mascaras

Mascara. I have far more than I need, yet I just keep trying new ones. I am a big fan of the Bobbi Brown mascaras and I adore the Maybelline Rocket mascara, so I am pretty easy going on whether it's high-street or high-end. So long as it does the job I want, I'm happy. But what can my perfect mascara do to make me happy? I want curls, volume and more curls! My lashes are very naturally flat and if anything they curl downwards more than upwards. Everyday is a daily battle between me, mascara and eye lash curlers. I long for the voluptuous beautifully curled lashes of my dreams, and often I am found lacking. Long gone are my teenage days where I was more than happy with a swish of clear mascara, no longer do I want to simply put something on my lashes, I want the mascara I use to really do something. So it was only natural that as a pretty raved about brand in the blogosphere where mascaras are concerned, I gave Benefit a go. I was actually sent these to try a fair few months ago now, but I am the sort of person who likes to finish up already opened mascaras first - with their short three month life span, I try and limit how many I have open and ready to use at a time. But having recently finished some mascaras I thought it was the perfect time to see exactly what all the fuss was about.

Benefit have four mascaras, although three of those are variations of the same mascara. There's the They're Real! mascara, which is a bit of a Benefit holy grail product as the UK's number 1 best selling mascara. This is the mascara which I've most been wanting to try for a pretty long time now as it seems since it's release last year it's just been a real hit with so many bloggers. Then there's the Bad Gal range. The Bad Gal range includes the mascara I will be reviewing today which is the standard non-waterproof black Bad Gal mascara. Then there is also a waterproof black Bad Gal mascara and a Brown Bad Gal mascara. 

They're Real! stands out for me mainly due to the packaging. Not only is the colour of the packaging a bit different (having only seen the dark silver metallic finish on Bobbi Brown mascaras) but the actual shape of the mascara is pretty stand out. It's nothing amazing, just a cool, sleek design which elegantly slopes down creating an almost genie bottle look. The selling points from Benefit for They're Real! is that this mascara gives you everything you'd want in your lashes, even to the pretty high standards of the best falsies, but whilst still looking completely natural and real. It works to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift and separate. Quite a promise! The wand is also designed to apply easily to all of your lashes both top and bottom, whilst a smaller, rounded bristled end is great for getting those pesky little lashes hiding away in the inner and outer corner of your eye. I love this kind of wand because I find getting those little lashes which usually my mascara wands miss, opens up my eyes a lot more. When using this mascara I've found it super easy to apply, it hasn't smudged on me as some mascaras can do (due to insanely watery eyes at times) and I haven't had any issues with clumping. It can be a bit of a pain to remove, but teamed with a cotton pad moderately soaked with my beloved Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover, it comes off easily and effortlessly without irritating my eyes. I think for me it's the wand that sells this mascara to me so much, and I think this mascara may even have made it into the instant repurchase pile. You can pick up the full size version from Benefit or Boots for £19.50, and Boots also offer a half size travel version for £9.50.

Bad Gal is more of your typical mascara. The tube is actually a fair bit longer than a lot of my mascaras but everything else about it ticks the standard mascara credentials box. It's sleek, the wand and bristles are standard and the colour is a nice jet black. I like Bad Gal. I also like the matching eyeliner. But as a high-end mascara and in comparison to They're Real! it just doesn't stand out for me. It's a good mascara, don't get me wrong. But in comparison to They're Real, it  lacks the ohh la la I look for in my lashes. The wand and bristles are fairly thick. I find it adds a nice sleek black look to my lashes and holds a curl well once I've attacked my lashes with my curlers, but it doesn't really add volume to my lashes which I suspect is due to the incredibly dense bristles. Bad Gal mascara is a couple of pennies cheaper than They're Real! costing £17.50 and you can find it both on the Benefit website and Boots website.

Quick mascara tips
Do you ever find a mascara which is just absolutely perfect and ticks all the boxes and then the dreaded day comes and it runs out? Often, in my experience at least, it's the brush and applicator which has stolen my heart and the mascara product itself not so much. A great way to keep enjoying that favourite mascara brush and applicator is to give it a thorough clean once it's all used up, then use the wand for other mascaras. Give it a go, you may just find your mascara applies perfectly with other formulas and your favourite wand combined.

A picture of Benefit mascaras

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