A favourite scent - Lush Grass shower gel

4 May 2013

A picture of Lush Grass shower gel

When I went to the Nottingham Lush Blogger Evening back in March, I got chatting to some of the staff about a shower gel Lush used to do which I absolutely adored. At the time none of us could remember what the name of this discontinued shower gel was, but by the way I described it, I was recommend Grass as a replacement. Thankfully that night when I got home and wrote my write up of the event I was on the Lush website and found the shower gel I had been describing in the Lush Retro section - Tramp! I will be sharing a review of this soon. But today I am going to be reviewing the permanent Lush shower gel which was suggested as a perfect alternative.

Grass is a green and fresh shower gel that's 'like a roll in the hay, or a walk through a summer morning wood'. Packed with fresh wheat-grass to condition your body and even your hair, you can use Grass from head to toe. The star ingredient is wheat-grass. Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants and its history can be traced back 10,000 years. It is thought that early Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Chinese civialisations domesticated it from wild grasses found in Central Asia.

A picture of Lush Grass shower gel

Wheat-grass is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals perfect for maintaining healthy skin. Grass has a scent of freshly-mown grass, and this 'back to nature' gel leaves you feeling meadow-fresh, uplifted and leads you out of the woods and into the sunshine! 

I have quite a lot of shower gels so whenever I pop in the shower, I have quite a choice. But the Lush Grass shower gel has been the only one I will reach for if I have a shower really early in the morning, because it's so refreshing and is wonderful at waking me up! It leaves a gorgeous scent on my skin that lingers all day - and even leaves my bathroom smelling lovely all day too! I know sweet and seductive scents are always popular with Lush products - but this shower gel is the perfect thing to wake me up, make me feel upbeat and ready to face the day, and all whilst smelling like one of my favourite things; freshly cut grass. It also smells absolutely identical to one of my favourite bath products from Lush - the Green Bubbleroon.

You can find Lush Grass shower gel on the Lush website here and a 100g bottle costs £4.75, a 250g bottle costs £9.45 or a 500g bottle costs £16.75. 

A picture of Lush Grass shower gel

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