Tangle Teezer - Why it's NOT worth the hype!

24 Apr 2013

A picture of a Tangle Teezer

When the Tangle Teezer first hit the UK last year it was raved about so much that I saw beauty bloggers in swarms buying every single one they could get their hands on. Everyone loved this quirky new product and it wasn't long until I wanted to give it a go too. But it was actually nearly a year until I finally decided to pick it up. At £10.99, it's not exactly cheap. Particularly for a relatively new brand. A brand like Denman for example, I'll happily shed the cash for. But, eventually, I decided to pick it up this January and after a few months of giving it go after go after go.... I wish I'd saved my £10.99!!

Let me describe my hair for you. It's thin, limp and lifeless. When wet if not blow-dried or brushed a lot throughout the time it takes to dry, it can get knotty. I also play with my hair a lot, which can cause even more knots and tangles. So, surely a product which is advertised and supposedly designed to get rid of tangles, should be good with my hair, right? Wrong.

I am not one to shy away from writing a negative review. I think it's massively important that bloggers are always honest about their experiences with products. I didn't know whether to even blog about this as it just sits on my dresser and if anything, is more an annoyance to have but cost too much to discard. I really don't like this product. The reason I dislike it is because it is actually no better than any comb or brush i already own. It doesnt do anything miraculous. Its not special. I've seen no positives to using this compared to my paddle brushes! I think it has been designed and marketed perfectly, a cheap gimmick, to get as many sales as possible. I understand lots of people love this, and I'm probably getting death stares from Tangle Teezer devotees right now, but for me? This is just a complete gimmick. It was a waste of money and I would never recommend anyone buy it.

Woah negativity. But seriously - Don't waste your money.

You can find the 'infamous' Tangle Teezer on the Boots website for £10.99.

A picture of a Tangle Teezer