Revlon Nearly Naked, worth the hype?

5 Apr 2013

I have far too many foundations. Seriously, I have a box full. Foundations, in liquid and powder form, BB creams, tinted moisturisers, it's like a never ending box of bases that I try and get through with an end never in sight. So why oh why did I decide to buy not one, but two, Revlon Nearly Naked Foundations when they came out? Because everyone was going on and on and on about them of course...

It's true though. I said I wasn't going to buy any more foundations until I had used a few up but I got completely drawn in by the rave reviews this foundation was getting. And as Revlon was on buy one get one half price at the time, I figured, before even trying it and seeing if it was good, to pick up two!

So is this foundation really as good as everyone is saying? In a word, yes. I've been applying this most days, even over my favourite Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. At first I was a little bit miffed about the fact it doesn't have a pump, but it doesn't pour out too quickly (if you pour it at the right angle) so it doesn't bother me at all now. It also has a built in SPF20 so it's great for wearing out. Applied with my trusted beauty blender dupe, this foundation looks and feels amazing. It leaves my skin looking flawless and masks any imperfections so, so easily. From the first time I used this foundation I have been impressed - it really does make my skin look perfect. I am so happy with this foundation and the fact I reach for it more than my other, much loved and long raved about foundations, really says something! It's long lasting, even with my oily skin, applies easily and evenly, it's super easy to blend and looks natural, leaving a healthy, flawless finish. I am a big fan!

Have you tried the new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation? You can find it on the Boots website here and a 30ml bottle costs £8.99. There are ten shades in the range!