& Other Stories Marrabas Orange Review

20 April

A picture of Marrabas Orange blush & Other Stories

When & Other Stories first opened in London, in fact I think it was only this month or maybe late March, I kind of dismissed it. I didn't automatically dismiss it, but I did have a look on the website and if I am honest, I was a bit shocked by the prices of their makeup range. A sister (or is it mother, grandmother, daughter? It all confuses me) store of H&M, I wasn't quite expecting the prices I saw. But, none the less, when I was in London on Monday for the London Beauty Blogger Meetup, me and the girls decided to take a little wonder in to & Other Stories to see what all the fuss was about. 

& Other Stories itself isn't really a shop I would make an effort to visit if it wasn't for their beauty range. The clothes are, let's just say, not designed for those who like to eat excessive amounts, and the jewellery is far more for someone whose willing to part money for excessive mark ups. But their beauty range is pretty darn expansive in their London store (which I also believe is their only store) and I was more than squealing in delight, in fact probably having a happiness meltdown, when I saw as well as their own beauty range, & Other Stories stock an expansive range of theBalm! Heaven? With a cherry on top! Once I had gotten over the 'ooohhhing' and 'ahhhing' over pretty scents, theBalm being stocked and an amazing body scrub which left the back of my hand feeling beyond amazing, I headed over to the blush section. 

A picture of Marrabas Orange blush & Other Stories

I had a particular blush in mind, after seeing it in reviews, on Instagram and in YouTube videos, and that was the shade I ended up leaving with, Marrabas Orange. In the pan it's a delightfully bright orange with very subtle, warm peachy undertones. When I swatched it in store I was pretty impressed with how pigmented it was, but then my heart dropped a little bit when I picked up one of the & Other Stories blusher brush, which was cleverly on hand in the tester area, and found it was impossible to blend. I ended up with this horrendously bright orange patch on my hand that did not want to budge or blend! So why did I go ahead and buy it, might you ask? Well, I quite like my makeup brushes and I had a sneaky suspicion that with the right brush, this blusher might actually be a tale of love. And I was right! When used with my Real Techniques blusher brush, this blush is a dream. It's the perfect orange coral shade I have spent months looking for and I'm that impressed with it, that I am even considering adding a few other & Other Stories blushes to my collection. And can we also just swoon here at the packaging? Clear, simple, stand out, and the beautiful Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet quote embossed on the blush. This blush is a blush which has made a pretty positive addition to my makeup collection, and left me a pretty darn happy Tealady!

A picture of Marrabas Orange blush & Other Stories

You can find Marrabas Orange on the & Other Stories website and it costs £12! Have you tried anything from & Other Stories? Are there any pieces you want to add to your makeup collection? Let me know! 

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