#NottsBBMeet - Evening Meal & Goody Bags!

14 Apr 2013

Our venue for the night - T.G.I Friday's in Nottingham!

If you read my post from earlier today, '#NottsBBMeet - Day Section', you will have had a little sneak peek at the wonderful day I and over 55 other bloggers had in Nottingham yesterday! This post is all about the evening meal event which I put on in the evening! The meal was at T.G.I Friday's in Nottingham and was for 30 of us! 

I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge, huge thank you to all of the team at T.G.I Friday's who made our evening amazing! Everything ran smoothly, we were given anything we needed and our waitress was a blooming star! It can't have been easy taking orders and serving 30 excited and talkative beauty bloggers, but we had a lovely evening, yummy food and delicious cocktails and all of us really enjoyed ourselves! So thank you!!

One of the tables for the meal! There were so many of us we had two long tables next to each other! 

Originally the evening meal was going to be just a few of us! Then more and more people showed interest and I was overwhelmed! I decided a table for 30 would be more than enough, and was shocked to see that even once those seats were filled, lots of bloggers kept asking to come and I had quite a long reserve list on hand! At first I wasn't going to arrange anything like goody bags or gifts for the bloggers attending, as it's something I've never done before and I had no idea where to start! But after some encouragement from some of my close blogging girls, I decided why not and gave it a go! 

Getting everything there was a right adventure! We managed to get 25 of the 60 goody bags in Jessie's car in the morning, and then with some gentle nagging I managed to get my dad and partner to agree to drive over later in the day with the remaining 45 goody bags and giveaway prizes! It must have been a funny sight for anyone around seeing me, my dad, my partner, Jessie, Sophie, Gemma, Charl and Charlotte struggling from the car park to T.G.I's with our arms and hands full to the brim with goody bags! The biggest, most massive thanks to Gemma from Button's Blog, Sophie from Candy Cane Heart, Jessie from The Bode Boutique, Charl from Ginger Girl Says and Charlotte from Lilmisschicks for helping me get all of the goody bags there and helping me set the tables! I really don't know how I would have done it without your help and you are all amazing and absolute gems! 

Some of the girls deciding what cocktails to have!

At the meal we all indulged in cocktails and at least two courses! I had my favourite Jack Daniels Wings to start and the BBQ Chicken Salad for my main, with lots of lovely and yummy cocktails in between! T.G.I Friday's is one of my favourite places to eat so I was super excited for the meal and everyone seemed to enjoy theirs too! We even had some girls who had never been to T.G.I Friday's before so it was lovely to see people enjoying it so much!

The 30 bloggers who attended the meal
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Nicola from It's Neecola (Read her post on the day here!) 
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Carmen from Maiden of Wood (Read her post on the day here/watch her YouTube OOTD here!) 

The girls travelled from all over the Country, some taking even over four hours each way just to come yesterday. I cannot, genuinely cannot, express how very much that means to me. Travelling so far and so long to the meetup and meal is mental! And I appreciate it so much!

A selection of some of the fab giveaway prizes which some of the girls won during the meal!

During the meal we also had lots of fab products to give away which had kindly been donated to us for that reason! With brands like Sunkissed Bronzing, Lulu & Boo, Make Believe, Antipodes, Ginvera, Enrapture and Neal's Yard Remedies! As well as a three month subscription to Lux Box!!

I actually had the giveaways all planned out... I would send a tweet with the brands name and the prize to be won, and ask the girls to retweet the tweet, then select a random retweet! But alas, the signal in T.G.I Friday's was all but gone and I couldn't get on Twitter half of the times I tried! So there was that idea out of the window! Instead I collected everyone's name cards (everyone had name cards at their places when they arrived, with their two goody bags in their place!) and put them in a huge box kindly given to us for the giveaways by the staff, and picked out winners at random! Everyone was super happy to win their giveaway prizes!

The box of everyone's names for the giveaways!

The meal gave everyone a chance to sit down and relax after six, yes six!, hours of shopping around Nottingham. I didn't stay seated for long - I kept getting up and checking everyone was OK and going and chatting to people! I think I was more worried about people enjoying themselves and their meals than eating my own! But it was lovely to have a quick chat with everyone and as the 'host' I wanted to make sure everyone was OK and having fun!

Bloggers deciding what to have for their meal and settling down for the evening!

And then there were the goody bags.....

I have gone on and on and on and on about these goody bags on Twitter! Telling you all when I had a new exciting delivery, when a new brand got on board, that I was super excited to give the girls their goody bags and see their faces! It was picture perfect when everyone walked in to see massive green candy pin-stripe bags in their places, even more so when they pulled out their chairs to find huge Liz Earle goody bags on their seats! Everyone was so happy and excited about everything they received and for me, that really made the past four months of planning (and let's be honest here, stress) completely worthwhile. That's all I wanted - To see happy, excited faces.

My goody bags

I am so grateful to each of the brands involved in yesterday's evening meal event. The support I received in putting this together for the girls attending is just mind blowing and I am still astounded by the sheer generosity by those involved. So a massive thank you to both the brands and where applicable, the PR's and PR firms involved in making this such a special occasion! Some brands sent us 30 of the same products, others sent a variety, so everyone's goody bag was different and no two were the same! All of the brands involved are brands I have personally worked with before, or Jessie and Amiiee have worked with before. So the goody bags were all products we each love and adore, from brands we love and adore! I thought it was a nice way to share things with those attending as everything is from brands I trust and would recommend! The photos are of my goody bag! Each of the goody bags each blogger received were worth over £400!!

So what was in the goody bags?
SheSaidBeauty kindly donated 'mini' goody bags for everyone with a variety of products!
SheSaidBeauty website - Twitter - Facebook
Make Believe kindly donated two different full sized products from their Enhance makeup!
Balance Me kindly donated two different full sized products from their skincare range!
Sunkissed Bronzing kindly donated three different full sized products from their makeup range!
Sranrom kindly donated their Urban Wellness Feel Good Room & Body Mist in full size!
Skinetica kindly donated their Anti-blemish in full size!
Lulu and Boo kindly donated a whole host of different products in travel sizes from their skincare and body care range!
Macadamia Oil kindly donated a Deep Repair Mask and Healing Oil Treatment in travel size!
Omovoricza kindly donated some sample sizes of some of their skincare range!
Premae Skincare kindly donated lots of different products from their skincare range in full size!
Abahna kindly donated the entire scent range of their hand creamsin full size!
REN kindly donated travel sizes of their Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask!
Organic Surge kindly donated their entire scent range of hand and nail creams in full size!
The Body Shop kindly donated their entire shade range of Love Gloss Lipglosses in full size!
Neal and Wolf kindly donated a huge array of their hair care range in full size!
Indeed Labs kindly donated their Nanoblur in full size!
Indeed Labs website - Nanoblur Twitter - Nanoblur Facebook
Good Things kindly donated their Total Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes in full size!
Dirty Works kindly donated a travel size of their Supreme Cream Body Butter!
Xen-Tan kindly donated a variety of their tanning products in travel size!
Glamglow kindly donated sample sachets of their two of their face masks!
Headline Colors kindly donated their brand new Sping/Summer LE polish range in full size!
Mandara Spa kindly donated their brand new Amber Heaven Exfoliating Sugar Scrub in full size!
Denman kindly donated a massive array of hair styling products in full size!
W7 kindly donated a mascara and bronzer in full size!
Smooch Cosmetics kindly donated the entire shade range of their new S/S lipsticks in full size!
The Vintage Cosmetic Company kindly donated their Eyelash Curlers in full size!
Lee Stafford kindly donated a massive array of hair care and styling products in full size!
Witch Skincare kindly donated their Blemish Stick in full size!
Witch Skincare website - Twitter - Facebook
Liz Earle kindly donated each blogger their own full sized goody bag containing three full size products!
Sigma Beauty kindly donated two brushes and an eye-shadow trio in travel size!
Q kindly donated their entire scent range of fine fragrances in full size!
Kiehl's kindly donated their brand new Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB cream in full size!
So...? kindly donated a variety of scents of their perfumes and also their brand new dry shampoos in full size!
Benefit kindly donated their POREfessional in full size!
Dr Organic kindly donated a massive array of sample sachets of their hair care, body care and skincare ranges!
Lush kindly donated a variety of products from the Emotional Brilliance range in full size!
Amie Skincare kindly donated their New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish in full size!
Bodhi kindly donated their brand new Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil in full size!
Cosmetics by Candy kindly donated Rimmel Glam Eyes mascaras and Sally Hansen emery boards in full size!
Cosmetics by Candy website - Twitter - Facebook
Ginvera kindly donated travel sizes of their Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream!
Apivita kindly donated a variety of full size products!

Closer look at what was in the goody bags!

As you can see, the brands involved were amazingly generous and it meant the entire world to both myself and all the girls attending to receive such wonderful products. We'll all be kept with enough to blog about for months and months! Thank you, everyone involved! And you can all expect some exciting reviews here on the blog very soon!

So that was my little (and extremely long!) post about the evening meal event and goody bags! What do you think to the day? Be sure to check out what we did in the day in my '#NottsBBMeet - Day Section' post too! Now to do it all again in London tomorrow for the #LDNBBMeet....

And thank you again to each and every one of you who came and made it such a special day!