#NottsBBMeet - Day Section!

14 Apr 2013

The meeting time and place, with Amiiee from It's Amiieeism handing out name tags!

Yesterday, after four months of planning, meetings, hundreds and hundreds of emails and dozens of phone calls. the Nottingham Beauty Bloggers Meetup and Evening Meal Event finally happened! It was an absolutely amazing day and today I am so excited to share with all of you little snippets of the day, what we did, who came and what everyone got! The meetup was arranged by me, Sophie from Candy Cane Heart, Jessie from The Bode Boutique and Amiiee from It's Amiieeism! This post is all about the preparation for the big day, and the day itself! And a post on the evening meal event and goody bags will follow!

Before the meetup and evening event could take place, there was lots of planning to be done! I had meetings with brands, numerous phone calls, visits to T.G.I's in Nottingham and lots of emails to sort our lovely table for 30. There were also fun things like little finishing touches for the goody bags - I spent Friday making shortbread biscuits in the shapes of lipsticks and nail polishes with my nephew and sister-in-law, for all the goody bags! It was my first time making shortbread biscuits so I am super chuffed with how they turned out (and tasted!) 

Making the biscuits, and how they turned out! I enjoyed mine this morning with a cuppa!

The meet up was planned for Nottingham, as that's where I am from! The majority of meetups and events in the UK all seem to be in London, so this is the second meetup now that I have put on in Nottingham, hoping to give those who don't have easy access to London the chance to meet fellow bloggers too!

Getting to the meetup was an adventure in itself! The wonderful Jessie from The Bode Boutique picked me up super early in the morning to pack her car with some of the goodies for the evening meal event, and off we headed to Nottingham! We made it there in one piece, just! And even had time for a cheeky Wetherspoons breakfast with some of the girls attending before we headed to the meeting point for 11am, which was the Lions outside the Town Hall on Old Market Square! (That's the Center of Nottingham for you non-Nottingham folk!) Some people had already arrived and the wonderful Amiiee from It's Amiieeism was being super organised handing out everyone's name tags which she had written up, with everyone's names, blog names, Twitter names and what groups they were in! I was completely overwhelmed with the turn out. I knew there would be around 40 people, 30 for the meal and 10 I knew off for the day. But in all we had over 55 people turn up! Truly overwhelming and I cannot thank everyone enough for coming!

Each Kiehl's group was welcomed with champagne and cupcakes!

One of the highlights of the day was visiting Kiehl's. Kiehl's is one of my favourite skincare brands and definitely one of my favourite shops in Nottingham, so when they offered to put on mini beauty blogger events throughout the day I was amazed and over-joyed! In groups of up to 10, beauty bloggers who were attending the meal and also a few who attended the day section, popped along to Kiehl's where they got to try out all of the products and get a one on one skin consultation. I was super chuffed to see so many people coming out with Kiehl's bags after treating themselves to some of the wonderful products!

I just want to say the biggest thank you to the wonderful girls in Kiehl's for yesterday. The little welcome message, the champagne and juices and cupcakes, everything you did is so, so appreciated and everyone loved their visits. You were amazing to us all and we all massively appreciate it! You are a true credit to Kiehl's!

The four different groups who went to visit Kiehl's!

Whilst the different groups took it in turns at Kiehl's, the rest of us went shopping and exploring everything Nottingham had to offer! This meetup was predominately a 'beauty blogger' meetup, as that's what I am! But we also had some fab fashion bloggers come along and some lovely lifestyle bloggers too! We made sure we visited all kinds of shops and didn't just stick to beauty! We split the shopping into sections, shopping the four main sections of Nottingham's extensive retail at different parts of the day! I particularly enjoyed visiting MAC, Space NK, Lush and Whittard of Chelsea!

Some of the fab girls who joined us in shopping the first part of the day where we visited the shops near the Broadmarsh shopping center! 

The best part of a meetup for me is meeting new people. Bloggers whose blogs we love to read, people who we talk to and get to know through our blogs and Twitter, friends new and old. It's the whole point of a meetup for me, and seeing over 55 people turn up, chatting, shopping and getting to know one another really brought a smile to my face! Beauty blogging and blogging in general is so much fun and it's always great chatting to people online, but getting to actually spend time in person with people is one of the best things for me to come out of blogging! I hope everyone enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers and making new friends as much as I did! 

The meeting point - Space NK shopping - Lush shopping

I think it's safe to say the shops of Nottingham dealt amazing well with hoards of beauty bloggers coming in in big groups! When we visited Space NK I think they got a little overwhelmed with around 15 of us in there at one time, and Lush did an amazing job when we bombarded them despite having had a power failure all morning! We turned up just at the exact moment their lights came back on - the power of bloggers ey!!!

Jessie and I, Andy and I, Gemma and I, Sophie and I.

As well as seeing people I have met before, I got to meet people I have been wanting to meet for months and months! Like Gemma who runs Button's blog and Andy who runs Pampered Prince! Just to name a few!! It was so amazing to finally meet you all!

Of course I just had to do some shopping too.... I picked up lots of lovely things! Some of which featured on my #NottsBBMeet Wishlist post, some which didn't! I picked up a loose tea in the flavour Very Very Berry, two instant teas in flavours Mulled Wine and Lychee & Mango and a house shaped tea strainer along with some hot chocolate and tea sachets from Whittard of Chelsea! In MAC I treated myself to MAC Fix+ and the 217 Blending Brush! In Lush I picked up Roots, Volcano, Fair Trade Foot Lotion, Sun Gorilla Perfume and Melting Marshmallow Moment! And in Space NK I picked up NARS blush in Luster, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square and NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg! 

The girls at the meal also surprised me by all chipping in to get me a beautiful Chanel lipstick in the shade 93 Exaltee as well as a Chanel Vitalumiere sample! ! I totally didn't expect that and was really overwhelmed with the thought and generosity which went into doing that!

Everything I bought plus my beautiful new Chanel lipstick!

So that's my little post about the day! Be sure to keep an eye out for my post on the evening meal event, the goody bags and giveaways, and to find out which amazing brands were generous in supporting our night!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came. The turn out was overwhelming, I cannot thank you all enough! If you've done a post on the #NottsBBMeet be sure to tweet/email me the link so I can add it to the bottom of this post for everyone to see and share!