My first Bobbi Brown blush

10 Apr 2013

After having my makeup done at a Bobbi Brown counter in House of Fraser, I fell in love with a couple of products used on me and just had to pick them up. One of them was a powder blush in the shade Almond. This really opened my eyes to blushes; before getting my makeup done at Bobbi Brown, to me, blush always had to be a 'colour'. Pinks, corals, peaches, reds, a colour which made an impact. After having Almond used on me I realised that a natural shade of blush  across your cheek followed by a pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks, created a far more natural and flattering look. And boy am I now hooked. 

I bought my Bobbi Brown Almond blush over on the John Lewis website and at the time it had a 10% discount so was just £16.20, although now it is back up to full price of £18. The blush itself isn't huge; a cute and sleek square blush in the typical fierce and professional packaging of Bobbi Brown products, it's not quite as generous in size as my MAC blushes. But the formula; soft, creamy and super easy to blend, with it's super pigmented colour and great long-lasting colour pay-off, makes it a blush worth the price. I find just the tiniest amount is more than enough for a sweep of natural colour across my cheek bones, and it works so well with any blush I then decide to use for a pop of colour - it's such a flattering shade that I've literally not found anything that I can't use with it. 

If you asked me a month ago whether I would buy a neutral, natural shade blush, I would have asked you what on earth the point in that would be... Now? I couldn't imagine not having this in my collection. So much so, that I also picked up a natural shade blush from MAC which I will also be reviewing soon. I'm really impressed overall with the quality of this blush and I would definitely branch out and add some more Bobbi Brown blushes to my collection! If you have any colour recommendations, I'd love to hear them!