My 'The Diner' experience!

17 Apr 2013

So many people seem to rave and rave about The Diner, which there are seven of in London, so I thought as I have now been there a few times, I'd do a little post on my latest visit! The first time I went to The Diner was when I met Kelsey who runs Burnt Cookie for the first time. I was pretty excited to go; The Diner keeps popping up on everyone's Instagram and lots of people go on about it on Twitter! So you can imagine how excited I was to try it out for myself! 

Kelsey and Laura

As Sophie from Candy Cane Heart and I were in London early for the #LDNBBMeet (London Beauty Bloggers Meetup!) we had planned to go to lunch. Straight away I suggested we head to The Diner, as I wanted to go there again after my first visit which I really enjoyed. We were joined by Kelsey, the lovely Laura from Lolaandbehold and Sophie's friend, Amy. It was my first time meeting Laura and it was lovely to chat and get to know each other properly before the meetup and evening event, as we have chatted online for months. Safe to say she is just as lovely (and absolutely stunning) in person as she is online!

Amy and Sophie

It was also lovely to meet Amy, a friend of Sophie's, they went to school together so had known each other years. A girl with amazing style and impeccable hair and makeup, I was in lust! She's a super talented makeup artist, so there was lots of beauty chat and product recommendations. If you get a chance definitely check her out on her website here.

For this particular visit, I decided to break all my foody rules. I seem to have an absolute phobia of burgers. I have no idea why, but the idea of eating a burger in front of people terrifies me. But for the first time in probably well over a decade, I took the plunge, after deciding that the Diablo Burger just sounded too good to pass up! It was massive; The Diner's signature burger, it is full to the brim with an 8OZ USDA burger made from rib, sirloin, filet and chuck on a diner bun topped with bacon, jalapeno mayonnaise and US cheese. I had a side of Diner fries with it! I also tried some of Kelsey's sweet potato fries, and will definitely be sticking to those from now on because they were amazing! I also tried my first ever coke float! It wasn't quite what I expected, but I did really like it and next time I might try the cherry version! 

The food at The Diner is nice, although it's not amazing (although the sweet potato fries definitely were!) I think it's pretty reasonably priced for a central London establishment, but it is somewhere I'd only go 'for a treat' as you're looking at around £15 for a meal and one drink! The only one I've visited has been the Soho one and the staff there are really lovely! It's definitely worth a visit if you're down in London for the day and want somewhere nice to eat!

Have you been to The Diner? What do you think to it?