Miss Patisserie Macaroon Gift Tin

6 Apr 2013

A picture of Miss Patisserie Macaroon Gift Tin

I can't help it. Sometimes I have to fit the impossible stereotype of being a woman and fall in love with all things pretty. Step in the Miss Patisserie Macaroon Gift Tin. 

The Miss Patisserie Macaroon Gift Tin contains nine beautifully colourful and eye catching macaroon melts which fizz slowly in your bath, releasing beautiful perfumes and nourishing cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Each one is pretty big, fitting into the palm of your hand easily. So you don't have to use a whole one all in one go. You can easily get two baths out of one, maybe even three! So the nine macaroons will last you a very long time! There's lots of different fragrances within the tin, such as sweet pomegranate, spearmint and eucalyptus, champagne, French lavender, juicy peach, coconut and citrus, cucumber, garden flowers and rose. And yes, they all smell as absolutely amazing as they sound!! 

A picture of Miss Patisserie Macaroon Gift Tin

This is perfect either as a lovely gift for a friend or family member (perfect for those ladies in your life who you know deserve a little bit of down-time and pampering and need a little bit of motivation to down tools and take a pampering bath!) or if you are like me, a perfect treat for yourself. The tin is absolutely beautiful (and reusable which is how I like my packaging!) and as soon as you open it, the scent of each of these beautiful macaroons hits you. None of the scents are over powering or too much, in fact as bath products go, each has the perfect level of scent to make you feel relaxed, soothed and enjoy your bath! I have to admit. I was actually pretty blown away by how beautiful these bath macaroons are. They are so detailed, so much like real life yummy macaroons. I love them! I have been using half of one per bath and boy oh boy, am I a fan. I'm already planning to order the Paris Macaroon Collection when I have finished using all of these!

The whole tin costs £18.50. That's just over £2 for each macaroon which has at least two uses. Super purse-friendly when you think about a Lush bath bomb often costing double that! You can find them on the Miss Patisserie website here! Will you be treating yourself or a friend to a Macaroon Gift Tin?

A picture of Miss Patisserie Macaroon Gift Tin