MAC Lip Pencil Collection

22 Apr 2013

Back in February I shared my MAC lipstick collection and before then, I didn't own any MAC lip pencils. Since then, I have added six to my collection and every time I use one I sit there and wonder to myself, 'Why did it take me so long to buy these?!'. A good lip liner will help keep your lipstick in place, will make your lipstick look more flawless and can also bring a new dimension of colour to a lipstick. 

As I enjoyed sharing my MAC lipstick collection so much, I figured I would share with you my MAC lip pencil collection!

I actually find it harder to pick a lip pencil than I do a lipstick. It has to be perfect for more than one shade, it has to work with my natural lip colour and it has to be a shade that ultimately I think is going to make my lipsticks look better, not just work well as a liner. A lot of the time when picking a new lip pencil I have bombarded Twitter with questions and asked for colour recommendations and suggestions, and every time I have had dozens of ideas thrown at me which has given me somewhere to start when in store swatching. I wanted a lip pencil for each colour 'range' of my lipsticks. So one for reds, darker reds, corals, pinks, purples and nudes.

For my true red shades like Ruby Woo and Lady Danger, I picked up Cherry. A perfectly bright yet not overly vivid red pencil which perfectly lines my lips for a red lipstick, and is a pretty darn close match, if not perfect match, for my true red lipsticks. For my darker, more deep, warm reds such as Charmed I'm Sure and Deeply Adore, I picked up Beet. It's the perfect red beetroot shade to compliment a warmer red lip, and also works well to darken up my brighter purple lipsticks if I want to change them up a little bit. For my pink lipsticks I found Hip 'N' Happy which is a perfect partner in crime for Pink Plaid and Snob! Boldy Bare is a really warm nude lip pencil and it's an almost perfect match for Velvet Teddy, but also works really well with my other nude shades. Magenta is the perfect shade for my purple lipsticks like Rebel, Up the Amp and Daddy's Little Girl and can work well to either brighten up a more dull, deeper purple, or add even more oomph to an already bright shade. And last but not least, Lasting Sensation. Beautiful teamed with my vivid orange lipstick Morange, but also perfect with my more toned-down coral shades like Betty Bright, Sail La Via and can even work great with Lady Danger. 

I adore my MAC lip pencils. They are soft, can be worn with lipstick or even alone with a pop of lipgloss. They don't have to be used with MAC lipsticks and work just as well with my high-street or more high-end lipsticks, and they are so super long lasting. For me, these six shades are the staple of my collection and if I add anymore they would just be extras - as each of these six shades can be used with any of the lipstick shades in my MAC lipstick collection!

Do you have any MAC lip pencils? What are your favourite shades?