London #bbloggers meetup & evening event

18 Apr 2013

The start of the meetup at Selfridge's on Oxford Street, London!

Back in January Lisa from Lisaah-Jayne and I decided to throw a London Beauty Bloggers Meetup in Central London at Selfridge's on Oxford Street. We were massively surprised by how many people showed interest in coming along and we certainly got a lot more interest than we expected. What started out as a simple meetup at Selfridge's, giving bloggers the chance to meetup and talk beauty whilst shopping the infamous Selfridge's beauty hall, soon became more than any of us could imagine. Sophie from Candy Cane Heart and I had an exciting meeting in February with the wonderful SheSaidBeauty team who told us they wanted to put an event on for our meetup, how exciting! This post shares snippets of the meetup and the evening event at SheSaidBeauty HQ!

Kristina giving Milly from Mini Adventures the HD Brow look!

The meetup was at 3:30pm at Selfridge's and I was surpised by the turn out. As well as the 30 of us heading over to SheSaidBeauty HQ for the evening event, we had an extra 15 or so beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers pop along to Selfridge's to meet fellow bloggers and shop! I didn't manage to get many photos of the meetup as Selfridge's doesn't allow photography inside! But it was great to see so many faces I recognised as well as meeting bloggers I'd chatted to online for ages! I also got to say hello and chat to girls whose blog I adore reading, bloggers who I talk to regularly in the #bbloggers chats over on Twitter and meet newer bloggers! In the run up to the big day lots of people were nervous, many were coming alone having never met anyone before. But that is the beauty of blogging - Even those of us who had never met bloggers before had a great time and were soon put at ease. It really was lovely to see so many people there all with the same passion! I just wish we had longer together! We shopped the beauty hall for an hour before those of us off to SheSaidBeauty tried to find our taxi's (which was an adventure in itself!) 

The girls at the event!

When we arrived at SheSaidBeauty HQ we were greeted by the ever smiley and cheerful team, and handed glasses of bubbly and offered yummy cupcakes! We were then briefly introduced to the brands who had come to pamper us for the evening! We had the amazingly talented Illamasqua team, with exceptional makeup artists and lust worthy products, the fabulous HD Brows fronted by the gorgeous and massively helpful Kristina, a fab duo team for Millie Mackintosh lashes ready to add a bit of glam to our looks and the wonderful Filthy Gorgeous girls ready to pamper us with mini manicures. Heaven! 

Sophie from Candy Cane Heart, Kelsey from Burnt Cookie, Hannah from Bailey Cakes and Milly from Mini Adventures!

The whole evening was a perfect opportunity to chat to bloggers, network, get to know one another better and chat beauty, all whilst being pampered. There was an amazing mix of bloggers and girls there, and there was certainly some star struck moments! I for one was thrilled to finally meet Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3, whose blog and YouTube I have adored for a long, long time (and yes, I maybe did squeal in her face several times when I met her), Brogan from Brogan Tate xo who was one of the very first bloggers and YouTubers I followed and Zoe from The London Lipgloss who is amazingly lovely in person. 

Lisa from Lisahh-Jayne, Bex from Futures and Louise from Inspire Magazine.

As well as adoring meeting everyone and chatting beauty, like any beauty blogger, I loved getting the opportunity to get to to chat to some amazing brands one on one as well as being pampered. I adored learning more about Illasmqua from Rose, one of the nicest girls I have met and a true credit to Illasmqua, getting the infamous speckled eyeliner from their talented makeup artists and getting my skin matched to their coveted Skin Base foundation. I had some gorgeous ''Portobello' lashes applied by the Millie Mackintosh team and the lovely Kristina gave me some gorgeous HD Brows, and even gave me some tips and advice on how to get my brows that HD-perfect! I also had the most gorgeous shade popped on my nails by Filthy Gorgeous, Grunge, which I am determined to pick up and add to my collection! 

Luce from Bonjour Luce, Zoe from The London Lipgloss and Allie from Rush and Teal

Some cool things that happened on the night included ping pong table games, far too much bubbly and also a huge live screen displaying all the #LDNBBMeet tweets from Twitter, live! We got to see everyone's tweets from the day, tweets from people at the meet and the event and those who were just tweeting along with our excitement. It was pretty darn cool! (And I know want to do the same on my wall, somehow!) I really loved the whole day. I met some lovely girls and to be in a room with so many inspiring ladies whose blogs I adore and respect massively, well it was pretty darn lovely.

Laura from Lolaandbehold getting her nails done by Filthy Gorgeous! 

The biggest thank you to the SheSaidBeauty team for throwing us a truly pampering, exciting and fun filled evening, and to the wonderful brands Illamasqua, Millie Mackintosh Lashes, HD Brows and Filthy Gorgeous for treating all of us to some much-needed pampering! We also got to take home some fab goody bags at the end of the night which was amazingly generous of the SheSaidBeauty team, thanks so much! And massive thanks to everyone who came to the meetup and the event, I hope you had fun!!

You can find out more about SheSaidBeauty over on their website. It's the UK's number 1 beauty website and I love spending away my hours on there! 

Charlotte from Carlotta's Beauty Spot getting her makeup done at Illamasqua!

*All event photos courtesy of SheSaidBeauty