Hydraluron - Worth the hype?

12 Apr 2013

Out of all the skincare products I have parted the pennies with to try out, this is the one product which probably took me the longest to pick up. At £24.99, it's not cheap. Although I have other skincare products which cost more, the reason the price for Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Facial Serum put me off is that it's such a small, teeny tiny 30ml tube. £24.99 for 30ml? That's a lot.

If I'm honest, I wasn't sure a moisture booster was something my skin needed; with oily/combination skin, the last thing I need is more moisture. But this is where my assumptions about this product where wrong - I was worried I would give it a go, and instead of seeing miracles like everyone else, I'd end up with even more oily skin on the surface, struggling to control it. The changes I have found in my skin since picking this up in January and using it morning and night every day since has been quite the opposite actually. So what does Hydraluron actually do? 

A review of Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Facial Serum

Over time, Hydraluron serum increases the skin's hydration level and minimises the need for frequent tropical moisturising. The increase in moisture levels has been shown to increase skin elasticity and reduce skin surface roughness. Created by Indeed Labs, Hydraluron is to be used day and night in your skincare routine, after your toner, to give your skin the moisture boost it needs. A hydration serum inspired by Swiss inject-able hydration treatments, Hydraluron is a less invasive and more affordable treatment to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. 

Hydraluron uses a premium grade of hyaluronic acid from the Netherlands which can attract 1,000 times its weight in water, something found in younger skin and we naturally lose as we age. It also contains a bio-engineered strain of marine red algae which causes controlled and mild stimulation of skin turnover, allowing thorough penetration of the Hydraluron's hyaluronic acid. All sounds very scientific, right? So how does it make my skin feel?

A review of Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Facial Serum
I have had a love-hate relationship with this product. At first, I only applied it at night. Then after a quick chat with Caroline Hirons, she told me I should also be using this in the morning, which I started doing that very same day. But I still wasn't seeing anything in my skin which 'wowed' me. Funnily enough, just after I started using this product I had popped along for the Kiehl's Blogger Evening and during my skin consultation I was told my skin was actually in fab condition and really hydrated, so I started to wonder if perhaps this just wasn't a product I needed. I was really starting to lose hope, wondering why everyone raved about this product as if it was literally life-changing, and here I was cursing myself for letting go of £25. So then I stopped using it for a week. 

It was after a week of not using Hydraluron, that I realised how much I actually did like it, and how beneficial it really was to my skin. I noticed that without Hydraluron, my skin feel rougher. Without Hydraluron, my skin looked duller. And without Hydraluron, my makeup didn't go on as nicely as I had come to expect. So although the changes Hydralruon had made to my skin haven't been as life-changing or as dramatic as it has for some people, I have seen changes. 

I'm totally over the price and size now - I've had this since the middle of January, using it every day morning and night, just a pea-sized amount, and easily have half a tube left. That to me makes it worth the investment. Would I recommend Hydraluron? If your skin is dry, in need of a daily pick me up or just a little boost, yes. Definitely! If you already have great skin, perhaps try getting a sample of it from a friend to see whether it would work for you and your skin.