Have you met Kure Bazaar and Zoya?

16 Apr 2013

A picture of Kure Bazaar Corso nail polish

No matter how much or little makeup you own, I will bet you own your fair share of nail polishes. Long before I got into makeup, I was buying nail polishes by the dozen. So I am always excited when a brand I love brings out a new shade or collection. But I am even more excited when I find new brands!

Kure Bazaar and Zoya are both brands I have never heard of before, nor seen available in the UK. But both of these brands are now available over at Big Green Smile! There are 26 shades available in the Zoya range and 29 shades available in the Kure Bazaar range. I was kindly offered to try a polish from each brand and picked two shades I am just besotted with!

From Zoya I picked 'Caitlin', a beautiful muted lavender shade. Two coats and this is a beautiful opaque polish with an amazing chip-free finish. The Zoya polishes retail at £10.50 each. For Kure Bazaar I picked a cool toned nude in the shade 'Corso'. Such a beautiful shade, this too is pretty opaque but requires three coats for a beautiful finish! Costing just a touch more, the Kure Bazaar polishes retail at £14.95. You can find both Kure Bazaar and Zoya on the Big Green Smile website here!

I am so impressed with the formula of both these brands that I know it won't be long until I am adding a few more shades from each to my collection! Why not take a look at the shades available and tell me which shades you'd like to try?

A picture of Zoya Caitlin nail polish