Forever Ink Tattoo After-care Review

3 Apr 2013

A picture of Forever Ink Tattoo After Care

Since I had my sleeve finished in March, I have been trying out two new tattoo aftercare products from Forever Ink. Now that my sleeve is practically healed, I can share my thoughts with you on whether these two beautifully packaged products are something I would recommend for others when looking after their tattoos!

The Forever Ink Ink Balm, available in Boots and costing £6.99 for a 30g tube, is a premium skincare product specifically created to care for newly tattooed skin. Designed to soothe, moisturise and support tattooed skin, it has a unique combination of anti-bacterial manuka honey and vitamins B and E which nourish and protect, helping to maintain a healthy skin barrier. A sheer, oil-free formula, it is kind and gentle to the skin and easily absorbed, leaving a smooth, matte finish. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin, it's free from fragrance, colour, oil, lanolin, parabens and alcohol. This is the product out of the two I have used the most, as it's the product most appropriate for the healing process. I really like this product, but I wouldn't quite call it a balm. It is definitely more of a lotion. However it does work to instantly soothe the skin and left my sleeve pretty pain-free whilst healing. It's a nice product to use, and it does work, but I think a bigger tube would be great. I easily used two thirds of the tube in the few weeks I was using it two or three times a day. If you get tattooed regularly, repurchasing this so often could prove expensive in comparison to a popular after care product such as Bepanthen which can last well over a year and several tattoos.

The Forever Ink Shield, also found in Boots and which comes in a 50g tube and costs £12.99, isn't really a necessity product. But it is an important product to consider when looking in to tattoo after care. Specially designed for everyday care and protection of tattooed skin, it's vitamin and antioxidant rich formula provides essential hydration combined with SPF45 to effectively defend against environmental factors that over time may cause gradual colour fade. It has a unique Ink Lock Technology formula which actively seals in tattoo colour to preserve and enhance lifetime vibrancy. A light, oil-free formula, gentle on the skin and ideal for everyday use, it's enriched with vitamin B, C and E, suitable for sensitive skin and free from fragrance, colour, oil, lanolin, parabens and alcohol. If you are someone who goes away a lot or spends time in hot, sunny Countries, a product like this would be a must for keeping your tattoos in as best condition as possible. Whilst I liked using this to keep the newly tattooed areas soft and moisturised, having not had any sun to test it out in, I didn't get to test it's full benefits. I do think it's slightly over-priced for what it is and the size of the tube, and a product like this would depend more on the individual than everyone - I have a vast amount of tattoo work but have never had any issues with blurring, colour bursting or fading. That said, it is extremely important to keep fresh tattoo work out of direct sunlight, and something like this would go towards helping look after your fresh tattoo work and even after it has healed. 

A picture of Forever Ink Tattoo After Care

Have you tried Forever Ink before? Is it something you'd consider trying out next time you get tattooed?