Another awkward OOTD

4 Apr 2013

By the title of this post you can probably excuse my awkward posing and facial expressions in these photos. But after getting so many lovely remarks on my OOTD Debut back in March, I decided to share another! 

The lovely Rosie from A Rose Like This took these photos for me when we spent the day at Panache HQ for our Learn the Fit course. We actually took a lot of photos but these two are the only ones which came out in focus (it was a very cold day, so shaky hands were unavoidable!) We also took some photos of Charl from Ginger Girl Says who has posted a OOTD post too! You can check out her post here

I'm hoping the more OOTD posts I do, the less awkward and embarrassing I will look in photos!

For this outfit I am breaking all the fat-girl rules and wearing a tight-fitting Aztec print and very bright dress from H&M with my Primarni black leggings and New Look biker boots. Nothing fancy, but something bright enough to cheer up a dull, dark and rainy day!

Have any tips for feeling less awkward in OOTD photos? Please share! I'd also love to know what you are doing to change your wardrobes up for Spring! I'm wearing brighter colours, more patterns and more dresses!