Alpha H Liquid Gold - Worth the hype?

17 Apr 2013

A picture of Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alpha H Liquid Gold has got to me one of the most talked about skincare products in the blogosphere and as a skin care fanatic  this is one product I really wanted to try! I've been trialing it for about six weeks now, using it roughly three times a week. And I don't know if I'm sold...

So what exactly is this product everyone raves about? Alpha H Liquid Gold is a skin resurfacing treatment which uses state of the art, low pH delivery system which works effectively to diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. It has a glycolic based formula which works like an overnight facial, brightening and reinitialize tired, ageing skin and helping to improve the complexion. It's best advised for those with mature, sun damaged, prematurely ageing or acne scarred skin. To use you would cleanse and tone as usual, apply your eye cream, then apply a moderate amount of the Alpha H Liqud Gold (which is in liquid form) to a cotton pad, before applying all over your face and neck but avoiding the delicate eye area. At first it can leave you with a little bit of a stinging sensation, but after more use this diminishes and is nothing to fret over. When I use this my skin looks brighter in the mornings, but that seems to be the only effect I see. Other reviews I have read and people I have spoken to who adore this have said their skin feels smoother, softer and scars have reduced. So it definitely works better for others than it has me. But at the same time, I kind of like using it, seeing a brighter, clearer complexion in the morning. I don't have massive skin concerns, but if I did I think I'd see more benefits.

The Alpha H Eye Complex is a lifting and perfecting serum which has been uniquely designed to be applied to lash level and over the entire lid to combat dark circles, dark shadows, puffiness, hooded lids and fine lines. It has natural flower acids from hibiscus petals to smooth and brighten the skin, whilst hyaluronic acid and tetrapeptides lift and plump the eye contour. Although advertised as a serum I would say this is more a gel, and once applied I found this just to be far too watery. Unfortunately I didn't see any effects from this and I can't say how it has compared to other people's experiences as it's also a product I've not really seen reviewed.

Alpha H was one of those products I always heard about, but didn't know whether it would benefit my skin. I have seen it work absolute wonders for so many people, so I definitely wouldn't say it was a bad product. And on the odd occasion I have a spot or blemish coming through, if I use this that night, by morning my skin is clear. Would I repurchase? I'm not sure. But I think it would take a fair few months to get to before I'd need to think about whether this was a staple product for my skincare routine. The Eye Complex on the other hand just didn't work for me, but I am used to massively intensive overnight eye-creams. Like with all skincare products - everyone's skin is different and it all depends on the individual. I think Alpha H Liquid Gold is one of those products people need to try to really see how it works for them! 

You can find the Alpha H Liquid Gold duo, which has both the infamous Alpha H Liquid Gold and the Alph H Eye Complex, over on QVC for a pretty darn reasonable introductory price of £28.50. If you decide to give this a go, let me know what you think, esp if we have a similar skin type! As it'd be nice to see how it compares for others!

A picture of Alpha H Liquid Gold