29 April 2013

Budget Beauty - Inspired by #bbloggers

A picture of Budget Beauty Products

Last night's #bbloggers chat over on Twitter was "Having a good beauty blog on a budget; tips, ideas, thoughts etc." Personally, I really enjoyed the chat! There were lots of tips flying around of where to get the best beauty buys as well as ideas for posts which don't involve going out and buying new products. Some of the main points I made last night during the chat were using what you already have; regularly 'shopping your stash' not only reminds you of products you may have forgotten about, but is a great way to blog about much-loved products, particularly 'Shop the Stash' posts. I also note down products I am lusting after and wait for 3 for 2 or buy one get one free offers in Boots - you can save loads! Another thing I mentioned during the chat was restraining yourself with hyped up products and new collections. I know I'm a sucker for a MAC collection, but where high-street collections and new ranges are concerned I like to pick just a couple of products which I think will really work for me, rather than buying every collection and latest range there is! 

The chat last night inspired my makeup today - a makeup look using entirely high-street 'budget' beauty products. This is pretty easy for me; yes, I own my fair few high-end products, but more than half of my collection is high-street buys, who doesn't love a good beauty bargain? So I thought I would share the makeup with you that I used for today's face. 

To start was of course, concealer. I used two concealers today. For my under eye I used my beloved Soap & Glory Kiss Ass Concealer, £10. This has two shades in it and I love it for my under eye area, and also think it's a great dupe for the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer! Anywhere that needed concealing elsewhere on my face, I used my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, £5.49. This is a pretty good coverage concealer, which doesn't crease or dry out. Great for lighter makeup days too! Foundation wise today I picked my Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, £5.99, as I'm trying to use this up! It's not my favourite foundation, I find it hard to blend and it can often flake if you over-powder. But for a lazy day with no exciting plans, it does the job! 

A picture of Budget Beauty Products

Once my base was on, next up was cheeks! I used the W7 Bronze Matte Compact, £1.25*, to contour. This is one of the best bronzers I've ever used and it's made me really curious about the other products W7 have to offer! I also used a touch of the Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing Powder, £1.99, as a golden highlight on my upper cheekbones, and then Miliani Baked Blush in Luminoso, $7.99, on my cheeks! Unfortunately Miliani isn't available in the UK as it is an American brand! To powder I used my absolute favourite, the Ben Nye Banana Powder, £8.99, which as you can see - I've popped some from the huge bottle into a little travel pot! 

For my eyes I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe, £4.99, as a base, followed by three shades from the MUA Glamour Days Palette, £4. Glamour Days is one of my favourite palettes for Spring, as I just love the shades in it! I used the first pale nude shade on the top row all over my lid, the turquoise next to it in the center of my lid and the mauve shade next to that, in the crease of my eye. I also used this palette to do my eyebrows, as I don't actually have any high-street brow products. I used the dark grey brown shade on the bottom row, which actually worked out perfectly! For eyeliner I opted for the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Brown, £7.99, I love these liners and think they are a perfect high-street alternative to the Bobbi Brown gel liners, and the Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara, £7.99, for my lashes! This is by far my favourite mascara at the moment! And finally, on my lips I used the Revlon Lip Butter in Brown Sugar, £7.99, which I think is a fairly new shade. It's just a gorgeous neutral shade perfect for everyday wear, and definitely looks like brown sugar! 

A picture of Budget Beauty Products

If you would like to see what the finished look was, you can take a look on this Instagram picture. You can also follow me on Instagram, 'tattooedtealady', for lots of makeup, foody, lifey and 'me' photos! 

What are your favourite budget beauty buys? Let me know!

Origins Peeper Pleasers Reviewed!

I recently shared my thoughts on Origins bases; the Plantscription foundation and matching concealer. I'm a big fan, but something I am even more a fan of is their Peeper Pleases powder eye-shadows! I have been trying out two shades from the range, which consisted of ten shades. A beautiful golden bronze shade aptly named Golden Ticket and a gorgeous grey toned mauve shade, Cocoa Powder. The Origins Peeper Pleasers eye-shadows can be found on the Origins website or at any Origins counter, and retail for £14 each!

The Origins Peeper Pleasers are buttery soft, powder shadows which have massive colour pay off - particularly with Golden Ticket. With a formula that's a dream to blend and shades which have enough pigmentation to be used alone or even as a pop of colour on the center of your lid to bring out your eyes, these shadows have been a dream to work with. My only wish is that the shade range was more expansive! My favourite of the two is definitely Golden Ticket. I've really enjoyed adding a touch of Golden Ticket to the center of my lid on a more neutral smokey eye, to really brighten up the look. I also find it the most beautiful complimentary shade with my chocolate brown eyes. 

Would I recommend Origins Peeper Pleasers eye-shadows? Yes! Would I add more to my collection? I think it's safe to say that I want the entire shade range! 



28 April 2013

MAC Fashion Sets lipsticks review and swatches!

A picture of MAC Fashion Sets Lipsticks Swatches
When MAC released news of there Spring Fashion Sets collection I was like a girl on a mission. I needed this collection in my life! The collection, which like all MAC collections is limited edition, consists of four shades; Silly, a delightfully bright baby pink, Ablaze, a gorgeous bright coral with pink undertones, Embrace Me, another bright pink with more depth to it, and Heroine, a deep, bright violet purple. The Fashion Sets collection has a wonderful idea behind it. Each colour has a matching lipstick (all are matte shades), lip pencil, eye-shadow and nail polish. All exactly the same shade! The theory behind the collection is getting products which match, for example, we all have a favourite lipstick, but do you have a lip liner that matches it perfectly? Probably not. So the Fashion Sets collection aims to give you a set (or four!) of matching products! 

A picture of MAC Fashion Sets Lipsticks Swatches

Originally when I saw this collection, I had my eyes set on the matching lipstick and lip pencil for the shades Ablaze and Embrace Me. I waited and waited for the collection to come out, expecting an email from MAC when it was released online - this is something they usually do if you are subscribed to their newsletter, so if you want to keep on top of the latest MAC news and collections then you can sign up for the MAC newsletter! This time unfortunately (unless I missed it which is very possible as I'm a clutz like that) I didn't get an email notification! I did however by chance notice the collection was online when I was checking out the MAC Baking Beauties collection! As soon as I realised the Fashion Sets collection was also up, I scoured the Internet for good, clear swatches of the lipsticks as it had been a while since I had last researched them. As ever, with most products I lust after, the best swatches and information was found over on Temptalia - If you are not already following this blog, then what rock have you been hiding under? It's my one-stop-shop for all things new, latest ranges and collections, perfect swatches and amazing attention to detail! 

A picture of MAC Fashion Sets Lipsticks Swatches

In the end I had to reign myself in. It was clear from the photos and swatches over on Temptalia that I wasn't going to be able to pick just two shades. I loved the look of each shade in the collection! But to get the lipsticks and the lip pencils would have been horrendously expensive - four lipsticks is expensive enough as it is! So I decided that as I already have quite a few MAC lip pencils that I didn't really need to buy the matching lip liners. Lip pencils are fantastic and really help bring out your lipstick shade as well as keeping it in place longer and can even really transform a lipstick. But I already have quite a big MAC lip pencil collection, and I can easily make do with the ones I have! 

A picture of MAC Fashion Sets Lipsticks Swatches

So I ordered each of the lipsticks from the collection! There's no denying it - I am a massive MAC lipstick fan. With an already extensive Mac lipstick collection, MAC is the one brand I continously gravitate towards when I want a new lipstick! Each of the lipsticks in the Fashion Sets collection is matte, which also just so happens to be my favourite finish! When the shades arrived on my door step yesterday, I was instantly besotted. Although the swatches on Temptalia were pretty spot on, they are just that touch more beautiful in person! I'm glad I decided to pick up all four shades, even if it does mean I need to start thinking about checking myself into MAC lipstick rehab! The MAC Fashion Sets lipsticks cost £14 each and unfortunately they are sold out on the MAC website. But keep an eye out on the Selfridge's, Debenhams and House of Fraser websites as I haven't seen them on those sites yet and they usually get the collections too! You can also pop to your local MAC store to see if they have them in-store, as this isn't (as far as I am aware) an online-only collection! 

A picture of MAC Fashion Sets Lipsticks Swatches

What do you think to the Fashion Sets collection? Did you manage to pick anything up? What's your favourite shade from the lipsticks? Let me know! 

27 April 2013

Origins Drink Up Intensive - Worth the hype?

A picture of Origins Drink Up Intensive

Considering Origins have a total of six different face masks, the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask seems to be the one I hear the most about. I've been trying this for the past few weeks and seeing whether it really is as good as everyone says for an overnight skin pamper.

Water plays a huge part in our skin and the condition of our skin, which is why it's super important to make sure you are getting your recommended two liters of water a day. With our bodies made up of up to 60% water, our skin depends on water for it's youthful functioning. Throughout the day though, our skin loses vital moisture and the busier your day, the more it loses. The Origins Drink Up Intensive is a moisture replacement mask which deeply quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a 'reservoir for tomorrow'. With ingredients of Japanese Seaweed which repairs the skin's barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature aging, this mask is a mask designed to pamper your skin and rejuvenate it overnight.

A picture of Origins Drink Up Intensive

Origins recommend you use this mask once or twice a week, gently massaging it onto clean skin just before you get into bed. The first thing you notice about this mask is the scent - like all Origins products, it is heavenly. A fruity scent which is pretty darn addictive! The mask itself is easy to apply; I apply it like I would any other mask. My skin doesn't feel sticky whilst it's on, which is great, and by morning the majority of it has been well and truly drunk up by my skin! This mask does leave my skin looking and feeling more supple, fuller and hydrated. But it doesn't quite beat my Dr Jart+ Water-max Sleeping Mask, which is my holy grail overnight face mask. I would say this mask is suitable for all skin types and at £20 for a huge 100ml tube, it's going to last you months. I'd recommend this mask particularly for those with dry skin types and anyone suffering from dehydrated skin! You can find it on the Origins website here!

A picture of Origins Drink Up Intensive



26 April 2013

MAC Style Blush Review

I am starting to find myself seriously addicted to MAC blushes. I just love how they look and feel on my skin and although there isn't a huge shade range of colours I think suit my particular skin tone, there are a few absolute beauties. 

After picking up MAC Springsheen blush and falling absolutely in love, I decided to give MAC Style a go. Like Springsheen, Style is a sheertone shimmer blush. A bright coral shade, this blush is one I find myself reaching for more and more now the weather is finally feeling a bit more like Spring. I adore the pop of colour this brings to my cheeks and I also love using this for a touch of colour as an eyeshadow, which it works wonderfully for. I adore teaming this with my more coral based lipsticks too and find it beautiful either with a natural, subtle eye, to a more dramatic smokey eye! You can find it on the MAC website here and it costs £17.50.


24 April 2013

Tangle Teezer - Why it's NOT worth the hype!

A picture of a Tangle Teezer

When the Tangle Teezer first hit the UK last year it was raved about so much that I saw beauty bloggers in swarms buying every single one they could get their hands on. Everyone loved this quirky new product and it wasn't long until I wanted to give it a go too. But it was actually nearly a year until I finally decided to pick it up. At £10.99, it's not exactly cheap. Particularly for a relatively new brand. A brand like Denman for example, I'll happily shed the cash for. But, eventually, I decided to pick it up this January and after a few months of giving it go after go after go.... I wish I'd saved my £10.99!!

Let me describe my hair for you. It's thin, limp and lifeless. When wet if not blow-dried or brushed a lot throughout the time it takes to dry, it can get knotty. I also play with my hair a lot, which can cause even more knots and tangles. So, surely a product which is advertised and supposedly designed to get rid of tangles, should be good with my hair, right? Wrong.

I am not one to shy away from writing a negative review. I think it's massively important that bloggers are always honest about their experiences with products. I didn't know whether to even blog about this as it just sits on my dresser and if anything, is more an annoyance to have but cost too much to discard. I really don't like this product. The reason I dislike it is because it is actually no better than any comb or brush i already own. It doesnt do anything miraculous. Its not special. I've seen no positives to using this compared to my paddle brushes! I think it has been designed and marketed perfectly, a cheap gimmick, to get as many sales as possible. I understand lots of people love this, and I'm probably getting death stares from Tangle Teezer devotees right now, but for me? This is just a complete gimmick. It was a waste of money and I would never recommend anyone buy it.

Woah negativity. But seriously - Don't waste your money.

You can find the 'infamous' Tangle Teezer on the Boots website for £10.99.

A picture of a Tangle Teezer


23 April 2013

Organic Surge Lavender Meadow range!

A picture of Organic Surge Lavender Meadow

Organic Surge is a brand which often features here on the blog, as I really adore their products. One range I have recently been trying out is the Lavender Meadow range and I've been putting their Lavender Meadow Hand Wash and Lavender Meadow Hand and Nail Cream, both with pure lavender and geranium essential oils, to the test!

The Lavender Meadow Hand Wash, which retails at £4.09 for 250ml, has a natural foaming action which is free from SLS, and works to cleanse the hands without stripping them of their natural moisture. It has key ingredients of natural glycerine to moisturise and soften the skin, vitamin E, a natural skin healer and lavender essential oil to soothe and calm the skin, whilst geranium essential oil help's to improve the skin's complexion. A super soft hand wash, this is one which leaves my hands clean, cleansed and soft. Perfectly ready for it's partner in beauty, the Lavender Meadow Hand and Nail Cream. The Lavender Meadow Hand and Nail Cream is an intensive moisturising product which is quickly absorbed to provide comfort and hydration, working to prevent moisture loss and leaving your hands softened and rejuvenated. After using this hand and nail cream my hands are left soft, moisturised and feeling super supple. The duo work together perfectly, and the scent is utterly divine! It retails at £4.09 for a 75ml tube! 

Organic Surge never lets me down, with products which do exactly what they say they will, leaving my skin feel lovely and with amazingly beautiful scents. Another Organic Surge winner for me, you can find both of these products on the Organic Surge website here!

A picture of Organic Surge Lavender Meadow



22 April 2013

MAC Lip Pencil Collection

Back in February I shared my MAC lipstick collection and before then, I didn't own any MAC lip pencils. Since then, I have added six to my collection and every time I use one I sit there and wonder to myself, 'Why did it take me so long to buy these?!'. A good lip liner will help keep your lipstick in place, will make your lipstick look more flawless and can also bring a new dimension of colour to a lipstick. 

As I enjoyed sharing my MAC lipstick collection so much, I figured I would share with you my MAC lip pencil collection!

I actually find it harder to pick a lip pencil than I do a lipstick. It has to be perfect for more than one shade, it has to work with my natural lip colour and it has to be a shade that ultimately I think is going to make my lipsticks look better, not just work well as a liner. A lot of the time when picking a new lip pencil I have bombarded Twitter with questions and asked for colour recommendations and suggestions, and every time I have had dozens of ideas thrown at me which has given me somewhere to start when in store swatching. I wanted a lip pencil for each colour 'range' of my lipsticks. So one for reds, darker reds, corals, pinks, purples and nudes.

For my true red shades like Ruby Woo and Lady Danger, I picked up Cherry. A perfectly bright yet not overly vivid red pencil which perfectly lines my lips for a red lipstick, and is a pretty darn close match, if not perfect match, for my true red lipsticks. For my darker, more deep, warm reds such as Charmed I'm Sure and Deeply Adore, I picked up Beet. It's the perfect red beetroot shade to compliment a warmer red lip, and also works well to darken up my brighter purple lipsticks if I want to change them up a little bit. For my pink lipsticks I found Hip 'N' Happy which is a perfect partner in crime for Pink Plaid and Snob! Boldy Bare is a really warm nude lip pencil and it's an almost perfect match for Velvet Teddy, but also works really well with my other nude shades. Magenta is the perfect shade for my purple lipsticks like Rebel, Up the Amp and Daddy's Little Girl and can work well to either brighten up a more dull, deeper purple, or add even more oomph to an already bright shade. And last but not least, Lasting Sensation. Beautiful teamed with my vivid orange lipstick Morange, but also perfect with my more toned-down coral shades like Betty Bright, Sail La Via and can even work great with Lady Danger. 

I adore my MAC lip pencils. They are soft, can be worn with lipstick or even alone with a pop of lipgloss. They don't have to be used with MAC lipsticks and work just as well with my high-street or more high-end lipsticks, and they are so super long lasting. For me, these six shades are the staple of my collection and if I add anymore they would just be extras - as each of these six shades can be used with any of the lipstick shades in my MAC lipstick collection!

Do you have any MAC lip pencils? What are your favourite shades?


21 April 2013

Sigma Powder Eyeshadows Review

A picture of Sigma Individual Powder Eyeshadows

Sigma is one of my favourite brands and nothing I try from them lets me down. I am besotted with their brushes, I love their brush cleaning glove and their makeup? Boy do I wish I could own everything in their makeup range! I have been trying out three of their new single powder eye-shadows. And I am seriously impressed!

A picture of Sigma Individual Powder Eyeshadows

The Sigma single eyeshadows feature a versatile assortment of shades and finishes from their best-selling eyeshadow palettes. Each eyeshadow has a rich pigmentation and long-lasting wear. There are four finishes in the collection; matte, frost, sheen and 3 dimensional frost. I have been trying out Notre Dame, a 3 dimensional frost shade, Snoop, a matte shade and Resist, a frost shade.

A picture of Sigma Individual Powder Eyeshadows

Snoop is a beautiful matte slate shade which I absolutely adore for all over the lid or used in the crease to create a sultry smokey eye. Snoop is packed with massive pigmentation and has great colour pay off, meaning a little is needed for your entire lid to create an impact of colour. Notre Dame is a 3 dimensional frost lavender shade with hints of rose gold which is just utterly gorgeous. The level of frost in the finish of this shade makes it beautiful and stand out and really finishes off a look nicely. Resist is just as gorgeous, a frost light and warm plum shade, I love this teamed with Notre Dame for a warm, day-time smokey eye.

I have been using these three shadows a lot. Both individually and teamed together. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the pigmentation, formula and lasting power, and the colour pay off is amazing! I actually think these are better than Urban Decay - who up until now have held the top spot as my favourite brand for eyeshadows. I cannot recommend Sigma powder eyeshadows enough! You can find Snoop, Resist and Notre Dame along with 26 other shades in the collection over on the Beauty Chamber website here and each individual eyeshadow costs £9.50. I plan to pick up Louvre, Grasp, Control and Chase next!

A picture of Sigma Individual Powder Eyeshadows


20 April 2013

& Other Stories Marrabas Orange Review

A picture of Marrabas Orange blush & Other Stories

When & Other Stories first opened in London, in fact I think it was only this month or maybe late March, I kind of dismissed it. I didn't automatically dismiss it, but I did have a look on the website and if I am honest, I was a bit shocked by the prices of their makeup range. A sister (or is it mother, grandmother, daughter? It all confuses me) store of H&M, I wasn't quite expecting the prices I saw. But, none the less, when I was in London on Monday for the London Beauty Blogger Meetup, me and the girls decided to take a little wonder in to & Other Stories to see what all the fuss was about. 

& Other Stories itself isn't really a shop I would make an effort to visit if it wasn't for their beauty range. The clothes are, let's just say, not designed for those who like to eat excessive amounts, and the jewellery is far more for someone whose willing to part money for excessive mark ups. But their beauty range is pretty darn expansive in their London store (which I also believe is their only store) and I was more than squealing in delight, in fact probably having a happiness meltdown, when I saw as well as their own beauty range, & Other Stories stock an expansive range of theBalm! Heaven? With a cherry on top! Once I had gotten over the 'ooohhhing' and 'ahhhing' over pretty scents, theBalm being stocked and an amazing body scrub which left the back of my hand feeling beyond amazing, I headed over to the blush section. 

A picture of Marrabas Orange blush & Other Stories

I had a particular blush in mind, after seeing it in reviews, on Instagram and in YouTube videos, and that was the shade I ended up leaving with, Marrabas Orange. In the pan it's a delightfully bright orange with very subtle, warm peachy undertones. When I swatched it in store I was pretty impressed with how pigmented it was, but then my heart dropped a little bit when I picked up one of the & Other Stories blusher brush, which was cleverly on hand in the tester area, and found it was impossible to blend. I ended up with this horrendously bright orange patch on my hand that did not want to budge or blend! So why did I go ahead and buy it, might you ask? Well, I quite like my makeup brushes and I had a sneaky suspicion that with the right brush, this blusher might actually be a tale of love. And I was right! When used with my Real Techniques blusher brush, this blush is a dream. It's the perfect orange coral shade I have spent months looking for and I'm that impressed with it, that I am even considering adding a few other & Other Stories blushes to my collection. And can we also just swoon here at the packaging? Clear, simple, stand out, and the beautiful Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet quote embossed on the blush. This blush is a blush which has made a pretty positive addition to my makeup collection, and left me a pretty darn happy Tealady!

A picture of Marrabas Orange blush & Other Stories

You can find Marrabas Orange on the & Other Stories website and it costs £12! Have you tried anything from & Other Stories? Are there any pieces you want to add to your makeup collection? Let me know! 


19 April 2013

Instead of a Beauty Box # 4

A picture of Lush Melting Marshmallow Moment

It's time for my April Instead of a Beauty Box post and this month I am here with a product which has several uses in it, but costs just a fraction of the price of a beauty box! If you're been reading these posts monthly you will know that I have been finding products each month which cost the equivalent as my old SheSaidBeauty boxes did (they stopped making them, hence the inspiration for these posts!) which was £11.95. Each month I've managed to find products for the same amount of less, and this one is just £3.85!! 

The Melting Marshmallow Moment from Lush is great for dry skin, with almond oil and cocoa butter which work together to leave your skin silky smooth! It also has ingredients like chamomile, marigold and marshmallow, which work alongside each other to calm irritated or delicate skin. The scent of this is mouth watering - it smells exactly like Snow Fairy! To use I simply crumble a bit into a bath of running water, then sink in and relax! It makes my bath smell absolutely delightful, leaves my skin soft and smooth and the scent lingers on my skin too, so you smell yummy for ages afterwards! I've had quite a few baths with this already and I've hardly used any, so I'd estimate you can get a good six baths at least out of it! Definitely worth the purse-friendly £3.85! You can find it on the Lush website here!

A picture of Lush Melting Marshmallow Moment


18 April 2013

London #bbloggers meetup & evening event

The start of the meetup at Selfridge's on Oxford Street, London!

Back in January Lisa from Lisaah-Jayne and I decided to throw a London Beauty Bloggers Meetup in Central London at Selfridge's on Oxford Street. We were massively surprised by how many people showed interest in coming along and we certainly got a lot more interest than we expected. What started out as a simple meetup at Selfridge's, giving bloggers the chance to meetup and talk beauty whilst shopping the infamous Selfridge's beauty hall, soon became more than any of us could imagine. Sophie from Candy Cane Heart and I had an exciting meeting in February with the wonderful SheSaidBeauty team who told us they wanted to put an event on for our meetup, how exciting! This post shares snippets of the meetup and the evening event at SheSaidBeauty HQ!

Kristina giving Milly from Mini Adventures the HD Brow look!

The meetup was at 3:30pm at Selfridge's and I was surpised by the turn out. As well as the 30 of us heading over to SheSaidBeauty HQ for the evening event, we had an extra 15 or so beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers pop along to Selfridge's to meet fellow bloggers and shop! I didn't manage to get many photos of the meetup as Selfridge's doesn't allow photography inside! But it was great to see so many faces I recognised as well as meeting bloggers I'd chatted to online for ages! I also got to say hello and chat to girls whose blog I adore reading, bloggers who I talk to regularly in the #bbloggers chats over on Twitter and meet newer bloggers! In the run up to the big day lots of people were nervous, many were coming alone having never met anyone before. But that is the beauty of blogging - Even those of us who had never met bloggers before had a great time and were soon put at ease. It really was lovely to see so many people there all with the same passion! I just wish we had longer together! We shopped the beauty hall for an hour before those of us off to SheSaidBeauty tried to find our taxi's (which was an adventure in itself!) 

The girls at the event!

When we arrived at SheSaidBeauty HQ we were greeted by the ever smiley and cheerful team, and handed glasses of bubbly and offered yummy cupcakes! We were then briefly introduced to the brands who had come to pamper us for the evening! We had the amazingly talented Illamasqua team, with exceptional makeup artists and lust worthy products, the fabulous HD Brows fronted by the gorgeous and massively helpful Kristina, a fab duo team for Millie Mackintosh lashes ready to add a bit of glam to our looks and the wonderful Filthy Gorgeous girls ready to pamper us with mini manicures. Heaven! 

Sophie from Candy Cane Heart, Kelsey from Burnt Cookie, Hannah from Bailey Cakes and Milly from Mini Adventures!

The whole evening was a perfect opportunity to chat to bloggers, network, get to know one another better and chat beauty, all whilst being pampered. There was an amazing mix of bloggers and girls there, and there was certainly some star struck moments! I for one was thrilled to finally meet Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3, whose blog and YouTube I have adored for a long, long time (and yes, I maybe did squeal in her face several times when I met her), Brogan from Brogan Tate xo who was one of the very first bloggers and YouTubers I followed and Zoe from The London Lipgloss who is amazingly lovely in person. 

Lisa from Lisahh-Jayne, Bex from Futures and Louise from Inspire Magazine.

As well as adoring meeting everyone and chatting beauty, like any beauty blogger, I loved getting the opportunity to get to to chat to some amazing brands one on one as well as being pampered. I adored learning more about Illasmqua from Rose, one of the nicest girls I have met and a true credit to Illasmqua, getting the infamous speckled eyeliner from their talented makeup artists and getting my skin matched to their coveted Skin Base foundation. I had some gorgeous ''Portobello' lashes applied by the Millie Mackintosh team and the lovely Kristina gave me some gorgeous HD Brows, and even gave me some tips and advice on how to get my brows that HD-perfect! I also had the most gorgeous shade popped on my nails by Filthy Gorgeous, Grunge, which I am determined to pick up and add to my collection! 

Luce from Bonjour Luce, Zoe from The London Lipgloss and Allie from Rush and Teal

Some cool things that happened on the night included ping pong table games, far too much bubbly and also a huge live screen displaying all the #LDNBBMeet tweets from Twitter, live! We got to see everyone's tweets from the day, tweets from people at the meet and the event and those who were just tweeting along with our excitement. It was pretty darn cool! (And I know want to do the same on my wall, somehow!) I really loved the whole day. I met some lovely girls and to be in a room with so many inspiring ladies whose blogs I adore and respect massively, well it was pretty darn lovely.

Laura from Lolaandbehold getting her nails done by Filthy Gorgeous! 

The biggest thank you to the SheSaidBeauty team for throwing us a truly pampering, exciting and fun filled evening, and to the wonderful brands Illamasqua, Millie Mackintosh Lashes, HD Brows and Filthy Gorgeous for treating all of us to some much-needed pampering! We also got to take home some fab goody bags at the end of the night which was amazingly generous of the SheSaidBeauty team, thanks so much! And massive thanks to everyone who came to the meetup and the event, I hope you had fun!!

You can find out more about SheSaidBeauty over on their website. It's the UK's number 1 beauty website and I love spending away my hours on there! 

Charlotte from Carlotta's Beauty Spot getting her makeup done at Illamasqua!

*All event photos courtesy of SheSaidBeauty

17 April 2013

Alpha H Liquid Gold - Worth the hype?

A picture of Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alpha H Liquid Gold has got to me one of the most talked about skincare products in the blogosphere and as a skin care fanatic  this is one product I really wanted to try! I've been trialing it for about six weeks now, using it roughly three times a week. And I don't know if I'm sold...

So what exactly is this product everyone raves about? Alpha H Liquid Gold is a skin resurfacing treatment which uses state of the art, low pH delivery system which works effectively to diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. It has a glycolic based formula which works like an overnight facial, brightening and reinitialize tired, ageing skin and helping to improve the complexion. It's best advised for those with mature, sun damaged, prematurely ageing or acne scarred skin. To use you would cleanse and tone as usual, apply your eye cream, then apply a moderate amount of the Alpha H Liqud Gold (which is in liquid form) to a cotton pad, before applying all over your face and neck but avoiding the delicate eye area. At first it can leave you with a little bit of a stinging sensation, but after more use this diminishes and is nothing to fret over. When I use this my skin looks brighter in the mornings, but that seems to be the only effect I see. Other reviews I have read and people I have spoken to who adore this have said their skin feels smoother, softer and scars have reduced. So it definitely works better for others than it has me. But at the same time, I kind of like using it, seeing a brighter, clearer complexion in the morning. I don't have massive skin concerns, but if I did I think I'd see more benefits.

The Alpha H Eye Complex is a lifting and perfecting serum which has been uniquely designed to be applied to lash level and over the entire lid to combat dark circles, dark shadows, puffiness, hooded lids and fine lines. It has natural flower acids from hibiscus petals to smooth and brighten the skin, whilst hyaluronic acid and tetrapeptides lift and plump the eye contour. Although advertised as a serum I would say this is more a gel, and once applied I found this just to be far too watery. Unfortunately I didn't see any effects from this and I can't say how it has compared to other people's experiences as it's also a product I've not really seen reviewed.

Alpha H was one of those products I always heard about, but didn't know whether it would benefit my skin. I have seen it work absolute wonders for so many people, so I definitely wouldn't say it was a bad product. And on the odd occasion I have a spot or blemish coming through, if I use this that night, by morning my skin is clear. Would I repurchase? I'm not sure. But I think it would take a fair few months to get to before I'd need to think about whether this was a staple product for my skincare routine. The Eye Complex on the other hand just didn't work for me, but I am used to massively intensive overnight eye-creams. Like with all skincare products - everyone's skin is different and it all depends on the individual. I think Alpha H Liquid Gold is one of those products people need to try to really see how it works for them! 

You can find the Alpha H Liquid Gold duo, which has both the infamous Alpha H Liquid Gold and the Alph H Eye Complex, over on QVC for a pretty darn reasonable introductory price of £28.50. If you decide to give this a go, let me know what you think, esp if we have a similar skin type! As it'd be nice to see how it compares for others!

A picture of Alpha H Liquid Gold

My 'The Diner' experience!

So many people seem to rave and rave about The Diner, which there are seven of in London, so I thought as I have now been there a few times, I'd do a little post on my latest visit! The first time I went to The Diner was when I met Kelsey who runs Burnt Cookie for the first time. I was pretty excited to go; The Diner keeps popping up on everyone's Instagram and lots of people go on about it on Twitter! So you can imagine how excited I was to try it out for myself! 

Kelsey and Laura

As Sophie from Candy Cane Heart and I were in London early for the #LDNBBMeet (London Beauty Bloggers Meetup!) we had planned to go to lunch. Straight away I suggested we head to The Diner, as I wanted to go there again after my first visit which I really enjoyed. We were joined by Kelsey, the lovely Laura from Lolaandbehold and Sophie's friend, Amy. It was my first time meeting Laura and it was lovely to chat and get to know each other properly before the meetup and evening event, as we have chatted online for months. Safe to say she is just as lovely (and absolutely stunning) in person as she is online!

Amy and Sophie

It was also lovely to meet Amy, a friend of Sophie's, they went to school together so had known each other years. A girl with amazing style and impeccable hair and makeup, I was in lust! She's a super talented makeup artist, so there was lots of beauty chat and product recommendations. If you get a chance definitely check her out on her website here.

For this particular visit, I decided to break all my foody rules. I seem to have an absolute phobia of burgers. I have no idea why, but the idea of eating a burger in front of people terrifies me. But for the first time in probably well over a decade, I took the plunge, after deciding that the Diablo Burger just sounded too good to pass up! It was massive; The Diner's signature burger, it is full to the brim with an 8OZ USDA burger made from rib, sirloin, filet and chuck on a diner bun topped with bacon, jalapeno mayonnaise and US cheese. I had a side of Diner fries with it! I also tried some of Kelsey's sweet potato fries, and will definitely be sticking to those from now on because they were amazing! I also tried my first ever coke float! It wasn't quite what I expected, but I did really like it and next time I might try the cherry version! 

The food at The Diner is nice, although it's not amazing (although the sweet potato fries definitely were!) I think it's pretty reasonably priced for a central London establishment, but it is somewhere I'd only go 'for a treat' as you're looking at around £15 for a meal and one drink! The only one I've visited has been the Soho one and the staff there are really lovely! It's definitely worth a visit if you're down in London for the day and want somewhere nice to eat!

Have you been to The Diner? What do you think to it? 


16 April 2013


So yesterday was the #LDNBBMeet - London Beauty Bloggers Meetup! I have a few posts on that coming up, of a lovely meal I had with some lovely girls and also on the meetup itself as well as the evening event which happened over at SheSaidBeauty. 

The meetup was planned for 3:30pm-4:30pm at Selfridge's on Oxford Street, London. Lots of lovely girls turned up and we all enjoyed some shopping and swatching of the massive beauty hall that Selfridge's has to offer!

What did I wear?
Primark Leggings - £3
New Look Biker Boots - £34.99
New Look Swallow Print Sleeveless Dress - £12.99

This is now the 3rd OOTD post I have done, and I'm still not quite used to standing in the street and posing - hence me pulling faces. I'll get there eventually 

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