John Lewis Wishlist

8 Mar 2013

Beautysets - Wanting something special   

Money. It burns a whole in your pocket. But something which burns an even bigger hole in my pockets, is vouchers. Whenever I have a voucher I feel an insane rush to spend it, despite not having to use it straight away. It's like "I have a voucher, I must buy something, now, now, NOW!" And so having a John Lewis voucher for the past week, boy has it been on my mind. I'm going in to Nottingham tomorrow, so plan on popping in to John Lewis then and frivallously spending it away. But I've spent hours, literally hours, browsing the John Lewis website wondering what to spend it on. And so, of course, a perfect opportunity for another wish list post! I quite enjoy sharing wish list posts with you all and figured if anything, you could all tell me what you would buy from my wish list, and help me narrow it down!

I have never tried anything from Bobbi Brown but it's certainly a brand I hear a lot about. I always gravitate towards Bobbi Brown counters in department stores, but I think overall, I'm just overwhelmed. It's a brand I've never dabbled in, so how do I know what to try? But I really like the look of the Bobbi Brown Blushes and the huge selection of colours they have, and at £16.20, they aren't exactly un-affordable. Another beauty brand I have never tried is Estee Lauder and I must admit, I'm really liking the shades in their nail polish range. Nail polish is never something I've paid more than £5 for really, but the Estee Lauder polishes at £13.05 look gorgeous enough to invest in! I am a big fan of Benefit, but I have never tried their lipsticks. So these too are something I'd love to try, and at just £12.60. their even cheaper than MAC!

I'm one of those girls who likes to fill every last inch of space with niknaks. And something I probably own the most of, is pretty, ornate and unique photo frames, they fill practically every surface and space I have! But I like having photos out on display, memories which make me smile. And with my nephew's 2nd birthday coming up next month, I think some new photo frames would be lovely to remember his special day. I particularly like the typically girly pink frame which is only £4, the set of three white hanging frames for a super cheap £12 and a huge black wall piece which has seven frames for £35.

Another thing I am a sucker for is stationary and growing up, I had a fascination (OK obsession) with fountain pens. I'd love to treat myself to a proper Parker fountain pen, particularly this magenta one which is £33. And of course, a pretty Rob Ryan notebook to go with it! 

Makeup Bags
The last thing I've been considering to spend my vouchers on, is a new makeup bag. Oh, I have my fair share. But these three are so pretty! The ever popular Cath Kidston makeup bag, £10, a beautiful Disaster Designs makeup bag, £15, and this utterly stunning Wanderlust makeup bag by Wild and Wolf, £15.