MAC Gold Deposit Mineralise Skin Finish

11 March

A picture of MAC MSF Gold Deposit

When I picked up the MAC MSF in Stereo Rose, I decided to also pick up Gold Deposit. Whenever I've asked on Twitter which MSF bloggers thought would suit a more tanned complexion, so many people recommend Gold Deposit for me. When I swatched it in store, I fell in love. I am a sucker for a good bronzer, and this is exactly the type of bronzer I like. 

A picture of MAC MSF Gold Deposit

With the tell-tale shimmer and highlight qualities of a MAC MSF, Gold Deposit is a beautiful golden bronze shade that works perfectly as a highlight and to give my cheeks a change from blushes. It applies easily and is so heavenly to blend, it also feels weightless on my skin and is super long lasting, rarely needing to re-apply. For this and Stereo Rose to be my first experiences of using a MAC MSF, I can honestly say I am a fan. I just wish the permanent line had a bigger variety of shades.

MAC MSF in Gold Deposit costs £21.50 and you can find it on the MAC website. 

Have you tried a MAC MSF? Let me know what you're thoughts to them are and what your favourite shade is! 

A picture of MAC MSF Gold Deposit

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