Instead of a Beauty Box # 3

14 Mar 2013

A Picture of L'Oreal Topcoat Confetti

Picking a product for my March Instead of a Beauty Box post was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Having indulged in the high-street new releases in January and February which had caught my eye, I was at a loss as to what product would make the perfect addition to my Instead of a Beauty Box posts. And then it hit me... There was one product I was lusting after that I was yet to pick up.

So during a recent shopping day in Nottingham, I went to every Boots and Superdrug I could to find the new L'Oreal Paris Confetti top coat. It is the newest in a line of four, with the other shades being Sapphire Lurex, Gold Lurex and Diamond Lurex. I don't own any of the other shades, but this one caught my eye as it's very similar to shades newly released by Illamasqua in their I'mperfection collection, which contains as well as other makeup pieces, five beautiful speckled polishes. But the Illamasqua polishes are £14.50 each, and whereas this L'Oreal top coat is just a top coat and not a shade with confetti in it, it's still a quarter of the price at just £4.99.

I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting to be wowed by this top coat, but I actually love it! It's a really beautiful top coat, with large pieces of matte black and white confetti, and a touch of very, very subtle irridescent glitter which is almost hard to see. It works really well as a top coat, keeping my nail polish chip free. And I think the finished effect when used on top of my Lime Crime polish in Once in a Blue Mousse, isn't too far off of those of the Illamasqua shades!

What product would you suggest for my April Instead of a Beauty Box post? You can find the L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat on the Boots website here!

A picture of a Illamasqua Speckled Polish Dupe