Lush Nottingham Bloggers Evening 2013

27 Mar 2013

A picture of Lush Bath Bombs

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a small, intimate beauty bloggers evening at Lush, Nottingham. I popped along for an evening of testing out products, finding out about new products and formulas, and getting to know more about the history of Lush and their products. As a big fan of Lush for over a decade now, this was a really enjoyable evening for me - I love finding out more about brands I adore!

A picture of Lush massage bars

So what's so special about Lush?
Lush is a cruelty free brand who not only produces cruelty free products down to every last ingredient, but also works tirelessly to campaign for new Laws to stop animal testing. Lush products, and all ingredients in their products, are cruelty free and ingredients are sourced from ethical, cruelty free companies. Lush invents their own products and fragrances, making them fresh by hand using as little preservatives and packaging as possible, using only vegetarian ingredients and a lot of their products are also vegan! Lush believe that words like 'fresh' and 'organic' are important, but to Lush they are more than words used in marketing - making them a brand whose strong ethics really focus on fresh, organic and cruelty free products which smell great, look great and feel great!

A picture of Lush solid shampoo bars

When most people think of Lush, they think of bath bombs and strong, seductive, sweet scents. But Lush is far more than pretty bath bombs. They cover every aspect of body care, skincare, hair care and even makeup. Which a huge array of products covering every last bit of beauty you could imagine, there's always going to be something for everyone in Lush!

The event itself was super relaxed - We were told we could go around the store and try and experiment with any of the products we liked, as well as seperate stations being set up around the store for us to get more information on certain aspects of Lush products and try them hands on. There was an Emotional Brilliance area, covering Lush's makeup range, a body care area covering massage bars, body butter bars, shower gels. shower jellies and shower smoothies, as well as body creams and lotions, a perfume area, covering all of Lush's very expansive and unique Gorilla perfume range, as well as general testing spots around the store. 

A picture of Lush fresh face masks

I enjoyed having both of my hands and arms massaged with two different massage bars; Each Peach and Peace, and utterly fell in love with the scent of Each Peace. Whilst getting my hand and arm massages I found out a bit about the Lush fair trade products. Proceeds from each of the fair trade products sold in Lush goes to a specific charity (and that means all the proceeds! minus the VAT) As well as some products helping specific areas and Countries which need it, like the Peace massage bar, other products sold in Lush help the local communities. Such as the Charity Pot which the proceeds from sales of it go to local charities and communities who need it. 

If you're a fan of the Charity Pot, be sure to let your local Lush know which local charities you support, as they love hearing where Lush customers want the money to go and who Lush customers think needs the help the most!

A picture of Lush Gorilla perfume

One range which really caught my eye during the evening is the new Gorilla perfume range. The bottles and displays caught my attention with their bright colours and stand-out, uniquely shaped bottles. So I popped on over to see what they were all about. With 12 scents within the range (two of which are incense scents), each of the bottles are right up my street. With designs not far off of the swinging sixties and everything looking a little bit wild and medicinal, the bottles are beautifully decorated with unusual, unique and hip and happy pictures, each telling a story of the scents they hold inside. My favourite scent was Sun; orange, tangerine and sandalwood, a truly stunning, refreshing scent.

A picture of Lush Sun perfume

I could literally go on and on telling you all about the products I enjoyed testing out, the new products creating a storm in Lush stores and all about the new formulas for some of the products, but we'd be here all day! All of us were lucky enough to be given goody bags personalised to our tastes with products to try out, and I also bought a couple of products on my way out, so be sure to keep an eye out for lots of exciting Lush reviews to come on the blog very soon! I also had a browse of the Lush website before bed and ended up making a cheeky Retro order, which I'll be sure to share too!

Overall the evening was absolutely lovely - A wonderful and enthusiastic team who really knew their stuff, bubbling with information and passion for Lush as a brand as well as all Lush products. I had a truly wonderful, relaxed and fun evening and I cannot thank the Lush team enough. 

A picture of Lush bubble bars

When you're next passing by a Lush, pop in! Try out some products which catch your eye, find something you wouldn't normally go for and give it a go, ask questions - the staff are always happy to help! And if you want to find out more behind the brand and their products, the Official Lush website is full to the brim with brand and product information as well as handy little videos of how products are made and how to use them! You could literally spend a whole night on there (as I did last night!)