Get beautiful brows with Sigma

21 Mar 2013

A picture of Sigma Beauty Brows

Sigma is a brand I probably wish out of all the American brands, would branch out to the UK the most. Why they haven't already opened up a UK website or store is beyond me. I genuinely think their products would sell like wild fire! I've shared a few Sigma products over the months, such as a review of five Sigma makeup brushes as well as a review of the Sigma Eyes Kit brush set! I am a big, big fan of their brushes and reach for them over all other brushes. They are just unbeatable! So imagine my excitement when I realised Sigma did brow products too! I knew Sigma had a makeup range, and I'm hoping their new powder shadows and bases will soon reach the one place in the UK I can count on for a sneaky Sigma purchase; Beauty Chamber. But although I knew they had a makeup range, I didn't know about these two beauties. And I don't say beauties lightly. These have become holy grail, daily use products for me. 

A picture of Sigma Brow Gel

The Sigma Brow Gel is perfect for keeping unruly brows in place. A dual ended brow gel, one end is a clear gel which can be used to tame your brows and give a natural look, whilst the tinted end can be used to intensify and add colour to your brows. The clear end admittedly hasn't had a whole lot of use from me - I like my brows to stand out loud and proud! But for those who don't use products to fill their brows in, the clear end would work perfectly to keep your brows in place. The tinted end however has seen a lot of use from me! If I am just staying home for the day or only popping down the village, the tinted end is perfect for use alone to give my brows a bit more colour whilst also creating shape and keeping them in place. I also like using the tinted end to finish off my brows when I have used my Benefit Browzings. It just finishes them off nicely and ensures that on a busy day when I'm out of the house all day, that my brows don't decide to get a life of their own! This is my first experience of using a brow gel and I'm really happy with it. What's even better is it is a super reasonable price of just £10.95. You can find it on the Beauty Chamber website here

A picture of Sigma Highlighting Pencil

My favourite of the two Sigma brow products is the Sigma Highlighting Pencil. Again with two different finishes, one end is a matte brightening pink shade whereas the other is a more golden shimmer shade. In the swatches above you can see how intense the colours are, but once applied on my brow bone, simply blending them in using my finger tips makes them subtle, leaving a lovely highlight and making my brow bone look more sculptured  I love it! My favourite is the matte end which I just find perfect for every day use and if I am off out for an evening, then I opt for the shimmer end. Again, for just £10.95, you can find the Sigma Highlighting Pencil on the Beauty Chamber website here

I'm really impressed with both of these products and I am excited to explore the Sigma Beauty Makeup range more and try out a few more pieces! 

What do you like to use on your brows?