D'Eden Unwind Dead Sea Bath Salts

9 Mar 2013

A picture of D'Eden Unwind Dead Sea Bath Salts

D'Eden is a very new brand to me, but when I saw their range of Dead Sea Bath Salts, I was completely enticed by the packaging. When it comes to bath products, I like something that looks interesting, unique and different. And the glass bottles filled with beautiful ingredients certainly caught my eye.

Renewing Centuries-old traditions, D'Eden offers 100% natural treats which are beautifully hand crafted in London. Their products are 100% free from chemicals, natural in constituents and very modern and sophisticated. With a huge variety of bath, body and face products, D'Eden is one which has really caught my eye. 

The D'Eden Dead Sea Bath Salts are a relaxing blend of pure lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot essential oils with dead sea salts which help to revive your body, mind and spirit from over work, tension and stress. It is the perfect relaxing treat for when you're feeling tired and in need of a little revitilsation, helping to rebalance the bodies system. With salts that are harvested from the Dead Sea in Jordan using traditional methods, D'Edens dead sea salts are renowned for their healing and rejuventating qualities. They are mineral-rich which help to regulate moisture levels, promote healing to the skin, relax the muscles and relieve skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. 

To use, simply add your desired amount (two handfuls is recommended) to hot running water in your bath. This has a heavenly scent not too far off of that of my favourite bubble bath, the NEOM Tranqulity Organic Bath Foam, of beautiful lavender. The ylang ylang and bergamot (one of my favourite scents) also shine through. Personally, I love bath salts and find them really nourishing on my skin. Like a detox. Using these bath salts really makes my baths more enjoyable. And when you need to unwind, this is one of those products I'd really recommend.

D'Eden have three bath salts in their range, Unwind, Detox and Indulge, and each comes in a beautiful glass bottle costing £16. You can find them on the D'Eden website here.

A picture of D'Eden Unwind Dead Sea Bath Salts