Can you marry a scent?

18 Mar 2013

A picture of the Balance Me Super Toning range

Oh Balance Me, is there a product you could ever make that I wouldn't love? I strongly doubt it!

I adore Balance Me. I'm used to their products doing wonderful things to my skin, but the Super Toning range is quite clearly, where body care is concerned, in a league of it's own. If not just for the scent which literally drives me wild with happiness - a truly intoxicating scent featuring beauties such as juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender. Balance Me's first bespoke blend, I am truly addicted to the scent of this range and hold my hands up now to cast my vote and say "Please make a perfume in this scent, pretty, pretty please!" It's just that divine. 

But enough about the scent which lingers all day and makes me feel oh so pretty wonderful. What about the products? There are three products in the Balance Me Super Toning range and I have been lucky enough to try out all three! Although I am sure they work just as wonderfully alone, I think with ranges like this it's super important to use a range in it's entirity to get the full effects of wonderfulness. 

The Super Toning range aims to tone your skin day after day and helps to target those areas we hate, which are prone to cellulite and dimples. I'm a big girl, so cellulite is no stranger to me. And I also don't have particularly the smoothest skin on my upper arms, despite being a member of the BSA (body scrubs anonymous, to those wondering) so I was really intrigued to try the range out and see if it could really do anything to help my poor skin out! And it has!

Let's be realistic - No product is going to be that miracle product which makes your cellulite, dimples or any other skin concern you have completely vanish as if a lovely, delightful wicca from a Disney fairy tale has cast a spell to solve your problems. But, products (and treatments) can help. Has this range ridded me of my cellulite and rougher-than-I'd-like-skin? No. But I have seen improvements. My skin feels lot smoother since using this range, something I think is massively down to the Super Toning Body Oil. The Super Toning Body Cream leaves my skin soft and nourished the entire day, and the scent from all three products (did I mention how amazing the scent is?) lingers all day long like no product before. I'm a fan. In fact, I'm smitten. Combined, I think the range work marvellously together. My skin feels and looks smoother, taughter and softer. That for me, is a result! 

You can find the Balance Me Super Toning range on their website, here

A picture of the Balance Me Super Toning range