Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson

25 Mar 2013

Beautysets - Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson

When I had my Origins facial done a couple of weeks ago, I booked myself in to get my makeup done afterwards over at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter in House of Fraser, Nottingham. Bobbi Brown do a variety of makeup sessions, which they refer to as lessons. The lessons are free; but you are requested to buy a product afterwards. I decided to pick up the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual for mine, which I will be reviewing soon once I have had a proper read.

I wanted to do a post on the makeup I had done at the Bobbi Brown counter, despite not having photos of my actual makeup from the day, as I really enjoyed it and I was really impressed with the look I finished with. I opted for the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson, and I had my makeup done by the lovely Katherine. She was super nice, shared lots of information and taught me lots of new tips and tricks; a true credit to both Bobbi Brown and House of Fraser. Before my Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson, I had only ever tried one makeup product from Bobbi Brown and that is my now holy grail gel eye liner; the Long-Wear Gel Liner in Black Ink. Since having my makeup done at the Bobbi Brown Counter, I have ordered two Bobbi Brown products; the Extreme Party Mascara, and the Powder Blush in Almond. Overall, it took around 45 minutes!

The Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson

Step 1.
Step 1 was using the Hydrating Face Tonic which is a toner. This felt lovely and soothing on my skin, and had a lovely scent.

Step 2.
Step 2 was using the Hydrating Eye Cream. Such a luxurious eye cream, it felt super hydrating with a lovely scent and beautiful texture.

Step 3.
Step 3 was using the Hydrating Face Cream. This face cream has such a hydrating feel, but is also lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on the skin.

Step 4.
Step 4 was using under eye correctors and concealers. The under eye corrector used for me was Light Peach, which neutralises under-eye darkness and is designed to be used before the Creamy Concealer. The Creamy Concealer shade used for me was Beige. A yellow based concealer, it instantly camourflages dark circles, with a quick, just-right coverage. I've heard such rave reviews of both of these products and I loved how they looked on my skin!

Step 5.
Step 5 was the Longwear Even Finish Foundation in shade Warm Beige. This is probably the closest match of a foundation shade I have ever had. It's beautiful, and it's definitely on my wish list to pick up when I am next on the hunt for a new foundation! 

Step 6.
Step 6 was applying Bronzer, in shade Golden Light. This was subtly applied all over my face, and used to lightly contour. 

Step 7.
Step 7 was blush, of which two were used on me. Swept across my cheeks was the shade Almond, whilst for a pop of colour on the cheeks, the shade Apricot. I was surprised by how much I liked Almond, a very subtle and natural brown shade blush. And Apricot created a perfect pop of colour on my cheeks! I've ordered Almond to use myself, and may add Apricot to my collection soon too! 

Step 8.
Step 8 was eye-shadow, of which two shades were used! As an all over base shade, Champagne Quartz, and as a shadow pencil liner, Velvet Plum. Both metallic shadows, I really liked the look of the two combined, particularly with Velvet Plum on the crease and used to smoke out the liner.

Step 9.
Step 9 was the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink. My favourite gel liner! With a subtle winged liner and only used on my upper lash line, this looked so lovely! And far more toned down to my usual eyeliner!

Step 10.
The final step was using the Extreme Party Mascara. Boy did I fall in love with this mascara! I've ordered one, as I just couldn't believe how amazing my lashes looked. They've never looked better than with this mascara! 

So, that was my Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson! I realise this has turned out to be a super long post... But I really enjoyed having my makeup done. In fact, it's the first time anyone else has ever done my makeup and I was so chuffed with the result. I learnt lots from Katherine as she was doing my makeup, and have been getting lost in a dream World of makeup reading the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. Bobbi Brown is definitely a brand I want to branch out to more.