Benefit's World Famous Neutrals Eye Kits

18 March

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When the UK release date for the new Benefit World Famous Neutrals came around, I'm pretty sure all Benefit fans let out squeals of excitement - I know I did. The one thing I was yet to try from Benefit was any of their eyeshadows, so I was excited by the look of these gorgeous gypsy palettes, each promising to be perfect for a neutral eye. 

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There are three kits and each comes with four Longwear powder eyeshadows and two Creaseless Cream eyeshadows, as well as a handy little Tips & Tricks booklet, and a built in mirror. So perfect for anyone from beginners to makeup professionals, and even more perfect for on the go!

A picture of Benefit Easiest Nudes Ever World Famous Neutrals Kit
*Apologies for the mis-spelling of Pinky Swear in the swatches!

Eyenessa's Easiest Nudes Ever helps you get your Goddess on with a mix of nude, rose gold and bronzed shades. Call My Buff might look yellow in the kit, but it's a very subtle nude shade on. Thanks a Latte has a touch of shimmer and is a very light neutral bronze shade. Pinky Swear is a pretty pale pink and Quick, Look Busy is a deeper bronze shade. As for the Creaseless Cream shadows, R.S.V.P is a very pretty deep rose gold shade, with No Pressure! being a warmer chocolate bronze. I think this is a perfectly wearable kit for any skin tone, perfect for day time but easy to mix up to a night look with a pop of Quick, Look Busy in the crease.

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Eyenessa's Sexiest Nudes Ever are more dramatic and daring, making sexy totally wearable! With cool toned white and silver shimmer shades, a deep and sultry mauve shade and a beautiful deep pink for the Longwear powder shadows, and a gorgeous yellow gold and deep charcoal grey for the Creaseless Cream shadows, this kit is certainly more for those a fan of the smokey eye and sure to be the perfect kit for a night out! 

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My favourite kit of the three is Eyenessa's Most Glamorous Nudes Ever. When they arrived, I thought that Eyenessa's Sexiest Nudes Ever would be my favourite - I'm a self confessed addict of a smokey eye. But Eyenessa's Most Glamorous Nudes Ever really won me over. Perfect for a truly bronzed eye, with incredibly wearable shades for day or night, this kit is the kit I think will be the biggest hit for the warmer months ahead, the perfect kit to compliment a tan and one which will bring a bit of glamour anyone.

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Call My Buff is a subtle cream nude shade, perfect for all over the lid. Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy is my favourite shade from the kit, a beautiful warm chocolate brown with bronze shimmer to it. It's Complicated is a perfect champagne pink shade and reminds me very much of a favourite French Connection eyeshadow I had growing up, and Guil-y Pleasure is a perfect pop of gold for adding a touch of Cleopatra like glamour to your eyes. The Creasless Cream shadows are the perfect base, Birthday Suit a light brown with touches of rose, and My Two Cents, a beautiful gold bronze. 

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I think these kits are brilliant! For my first time trying Benefit eyeshadows, both powder and cream, I am really impressed. I find the Creaseless Cream shadows work perfectly as a base and the Longwear Powder shadows have fab pigmentation with a dreamy soft and easy to blend formula. Lasting power wise, these last just as long as my beloved Urban Decay shadows, holding up all day with no problem! These kits are perfect for anyone and I also think they'd make a lovely gift. You can happily get away with just one kit, but if you're an eyeshadow addict like me, having all three is a dream! What I love most about these kits is that all the shades in the kits are so wearable, go so well together and also the price. For just £23.50 a kit, they are super affordable! You can find them on the Benefit website here! Which one will you be picking up?


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