Bdellium Tools Smokey Eyes Step-by-step

22 Mar 2013

I have a bit of a different post for you all today! I've teamed up with in doing a post over on their blog. The post is a step-by-step guide to the Bdellium Smokey Eyes Five Piece Brush Step. You can check out my post over on the CuteCosmetics blog here!

I thought it'd be good to also share the post on here! 

Bdellium Tools is a professional eco-friendly makeup brush brand, whose brushes are made from sustainable bamboo handles, all vegan soft synthetic bristles and are 100% cruelty free! The Bdellium Tools Yellow Bamboo Vegan Smokey Eyes 5 Piece Brush Set contains five brushes perfect for creating any smokey eye your heart desires! Today I am going to share with you the best ways to use these brushes to your advantage for a beautiful smokey eye! 

Step 1
The Bdellium Tools 777 brush is an all round eye-shadow brush, perfect for applying shadow across your entire lid. You can use this to apply colour over your lid, as well as adding highlight to your brow bone. This brush is also perfect for adding a pop of colour on to the center of your lid to finish off a look.
Step 2
The Bdellium Toolas 716 brush has the perfect shape for creating a smoky look around the inner corner of your eye. You can use this brush to subtly apply a lighter shimmer shade, opening up your eyes and making them appear bigger and brighter.
Step 3
The Bdellium 781 brush is a crafted brush shaped for applying colour to the crease of your eye. This brush works perfectly to apply a darker shade through your crease without making a mess or altering the paler shades used more towards the inner third of your lid. It’s also great for using your darker shadow shades to subtly line your lower lash line.
Step 4
The Bdellium 769 brush is a sharp angled brush for contouring with intense colour. You can use this brush to apply a darker shade on the outer crease of your eye, and it works perfectly to blend shades through making your eyeshadow look effortlessly and professionally put together.
Step 5
The final brush in the set is the Bdellium Tools 760 brush. This brush is perfect for lining both your upper and lower lash line and can be used to create anything from a slim, subtle liner to a more wide, intense winged liner. You can even use this brush with cream and gel products as well as powder!

By using this brush set and following my five simple steps, you can create a gorgeous smokey eye for anytime of day or night. It’s the perfect set of brushes not only for a smokey eye, but for general eyeshadow application and at just £24.99 it’s a bargain set! You can find it on the CuteCosmetics website here.

Be sure to check out the CuteCosmetics blog and website, the blog is great and filled with guest posts from bloggers, latest news of new products on the website and lots of eco, animal and planet friendly products! And the website also stocks some great brands as well as some hard to find in the UK American brands, so definitely worth a look!